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PSYsolution Series 1: ARTICLE 3 of 15: Health Myths (Part 2)

Continuing our previous part on Health Myths, here are a few more myths that we suffer from.

Myth 9: Nature Cure is herbalism!

Fact: In herbalism, herbs are considered as medicines. Nature Cure does not recommend any specific herbs to treat any specific health problem.

Explanation:On this topic, I would like to quote Acharya Lakshmana Sarma, who is considered as the father of Nature Cure in India. He opined...

“...'Pathy' means disease. Because of this meaning of 'pathy‘, it is wrong to call Nature-Cure 'Naturopathy'...”

The treatment streams end with ‘pathy’ offers remedies to diseases whereas Nature Cure educates you to attain overall health.

Myth 10: All old traditional practices are as per Nature Cure science!

Fact: There are lot many traditional practices which defy the norms of Nature Cure. Blind acceptance of any practice just on the basis of when and who practices it, is a foolish choice.

Explanation: Rational Analysis of practices is the basis of Nature Cure practice.

Nature Cure is eternal, whereas human civilization is just few thousand years old. Due to survival strives initially, then due to a lot of socio-cultural practices traditionally we have defied Nature Cure norms, many times. If we start accepting aspects just on the basis of tradition that may lead us to health issues unknowingly. Nature Cure always encourages analyze before acceptance habit. This would reduce the tendency to embrace any habit without understanding the health impact in it.

Myth 11: Nature Cure offers Remedies!

Fact: On the contrary, Nature Cure discards remedies. Immediate remedies to the symptoms is harmful for the body. Nature Cure helps to reverse the causes by which symptoms go away as a by-product.

Explanation:Disease is a natural response of body to its internal imbalance.

By eruption of disease body tries to come back to its equilibrium. Symptoms are just indicators of body’s efforts.

The rationale of the discomforts occurred during disease is to obtain rest from the beholder.

At the acute stage of the disease if the individual rests well, the body gets cured by its own curative capability.

Remedial actions to suppress the symptoms of the disease mismanages body’s efforts and complicate the problem in long run.

Myth 12: Nature Cure is best adopted when you are sick!

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Fact: In sick condition, adopting Nature Cure is usually under pressure without much of understanding. Nature Cure is best adopted with rational understanding.

Explanation: In emergency condition adopting Nature Cure is usually short-term.

The reason behind is, the lack of cognitive involvement.

Unless the rational understanding is involved in the process, individual will always be prone to go back to the unhealthy lifestyle after overcoming the sick condition.

It is, therefore, always advisable that a sick person should continue Nature Cure expert consultation for some time even if the sick condition is over.

Myth 13: Nature Cure lifestyle is expensive!

Fact: Even if we remove the savings in the medical expenses then also, in the basic food expenditure, the differences are huge. Nature Cure lifestyle is an inexpensive option despite all type inflations.

Explanation:Eventually, you tend to reduce the cost of your Milk, Non-vegetarian food, oil, grains, grocery, cooking gas, eating out etc. while increasing the expenditure in your fruits, vegetables, and dry fruits.

The overall yield is average savings of 1,000 to 2,000 Indian rupees per head per month in a non-metro city of India when you switch to Nature Cure lifestyle on only the food expenses.

Myth 14: Nature Cure is ineffective if you have taken medicines!

Fact: Nature Cure works always, eternally. Just that medicine consumption delays the curing process.

Explanation:You might have heard about that homeopathy does not work along with allopathy etc. In the similar fashion, people arrive at an assumption that Nature Cure does not work with medicines.

Whatever you put inside your body, body works on it as it works on the food. If it is a food full of toxins the enervation is more hence the vitality reduces in the body. This happens in the case of medicine consumptions.

But it is not true that Nature Cure stops working when medicines are introduced.

It is always recommended not to use medicines to enhance the curing process of the body and to get the benefits of own vitality.

Myth 15: Constipation is the CAUSE of all diseases.]

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Fact: Constipation is an EFFECT of TOXAEMIA.

Explanation:This is one of the biggest myths that even many ‘Naturalists’ also suffer from. The primary health problem is routed through VITALITY depletion or ENERVATION. Due to Enervation, the body suffers a condition called reduced elimination. Elimination of the body happens through three channels, Lungs, Kidneys and Skin. These 3 organs filter the blood to purify and maintain the homeostasis of the body. When the body does not have enough VITALITY to complete its elimination in these 3 channels, the body retains toxin in its blood, that state is called TOXAEMIA.

In toxaemic state the body suffers further low vitality and many times it stops proper excretion. The stool is the excretion that gets affected due to enervation and toxaemia. Our digestive system does not have any capability and possibility to filter the toxic blood, it is not an eliminating organ but an excretory organ of our body. The state of CONSTIPATION is an EFFECT of the toxaemia not a CAUSE. It is just a symptom like any other symptoms of ill-health. If we target constipation to get rid of health problems DIRECTLY, we would choose suppression, not cure. When we opt CONSCIOUS CONSERVATION OF VITALITY, CONSISTENTLY, we would attain the needed level of conserved vitality which would cure the CONSTIPATION as an after effect. In this, use of ENEMA or TONA is not a Nature Cure routes to address the problems.


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