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PSYsolution Series 1: ARTICLE 5 of 15: Deficiency: a Nature’s explanation

The disintegrating business of modern science can never reach to the exact elemental details of the body.

The science is great in its exploration but not in its intervention.

The simple reason is the exploration of nature including organisms, can never be completed, that means whatever we human can do to explore the nature it will be an incomplete task only. These explorations are great realisation of knowledge but the application becomes questionable.

Now think about the risky proposition of intervention on the basis of a half-done research. Deficiency theory based interventions takes that risk, blindly!

Majority of medicines and supplements are based on this theory which is irrational in its completion.

Let us strive deeper into it.


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I am sure, we all have experienced this in our lifetime, personally or in family or friend circle. You are told that “You are suffering from x-deficiency”!

Nonetheless, we had been prescribed with some health supplements.

After some time surprisingly, we felt that we are Cured!

The process happens this way,

Step1: You are asked to get some component of your blood to be checked and found abnormalities.

Step 2: You are prescribed with some supplements for a period of time.

Step 3: You are asked to get the same component of blood checked again. This time (in most of the cases) you are termed as normal.

Step 4: In most of the cases, you are asked to continue with the drug to maintain this normal limit.

It happens with most of us! I am sure!

Here the parameters are – Two diagnostic processes and a few Health supplements.

Both approaches are in parts, these lack the holistic approach. As I was saying, we don’t require separate treatments for our little fingers and thumbs; we also don’t require separate treatments for a specific component of blood.

We are not parts but whole! The Deficiency theory is another scientific-superstition of human civilization!

Before going further, I shall tell you a story of a snake-charmer!

In my childhood I have seen these snake-charmers who come to your house from front door and tell you:

“In your home there is no peace, the reason is a snake in your backyard. Let me take that out, the peace will come back.”

Then you allow him to go to the backyard and surprisingly he finds a snake and take that with him along with some money from you.

Actually, he placed the snake in your backyard before approaching towards you.

You find a mock-relief from a tension which was put on you intentionally and then it was taken back, showing some expertise!

And you pay for it!

Do I need to establish the superstitious correlation with deficiency theory, here?

The problem was not only in cheating but in our understanding of peace also. Peace is an internal aspect, for which we may choose not to be dependent on snake-charmers.

Let’s go forward with our learning and diving deeper…

Let’s us now understand the constituents of organisms.

Whatever we put inside our body, our body is made up of those.

Three things are primary: Radiations, Air and Water.

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There are two types of organisms survive on these.

One category can assimilate these with the help of soil, we call them autotrophic organisms. they are always static and connected to the soil.

Another category is dependent on autotrophic and these three constituents also, we call them heterotrophic organisms. They are mobile in nature.

In heterotrophic organisms, the inputs or radiations, air, liquid and solid get transformed into bodily flesh, blood, filths etc.

Now, medical fraternity started analyzing blood, filth, flesh etc. in the lab, sometime they find one component under some set rules of chemistry; and shout out in the excitement of deciphering the nature’s mystery!

Next day, they find another component and so on… the excitement continues.

Every time it is thought that we understood the nature completely, next day it is found that it was not even a half-done!

For example, earlier it used to be told that “you have bone problem, you need calcium supplement” from last few years,

It is found that calcium cannot be absorbed without Vitamin D. So now, you are prescribed Vitamin D supplements with calcium supplements for better absorption. The story continues…

How far will we continue experimenting with our health? When there are easier, rational and valid routes of health available with us!

Instead of concentrating onto the blood, filths etc. if we concentrate on the input-ingredients, the health comes to us holistically, not in parts.

Our body and the soil both have the similar synthesizing capability.

The input elements to our body (Radiations, Air, Water, Solid Food) gets transformed and assimilated into Body.

Similarly, in the case of soil, whatever we put in the soil, it becomes soil.

We know and understand these synthesizing capabilities.

We have some special synthesizing components. We know about Placebo effect.

Let me give you an example: a doctor gives an injection of simple saline water to a patient suffering from severe pain saying it, a morphine, pain killer injection. Surprisingly the patient gets relief! – that is a Placebo effect.

We usually interpret this as psychological impact.

But the fact is the pain goes away PHYSIOLOGICALLY!

This happens because the brain of the patient synthesized the available chemical in the body and transmute to a morphine-like chemical to reduce the pain PHYSIOLOGICALLY.

THAT’S THE power we have inside our body!

We can make anything out of anything, if the substance is liked by us and directly from Nature!

The rationale behind this is, all natural substances are ultimately having every constituent in it!

We can extract, synthesize and transmute.

All in all, two simple rationales/dialectics:


The complete exploration of the elements that we have in our body, can never be possible! The origin of all the organism is same – R-A-W. Ingredient-wise there is no difference between the organisms.


Our body can synthesize anything from anything because everything has got everything needed by us! Provided we don’t malign the process by unnecessary human intelligence like ‘creation of taste’ or ‘producing supplements to cure deficiency’ etc.


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