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Do You Fear Fever?

Do you panic everytime you get a fever? What is the body trying to signal when we experience elevated body temperature? It is the body’s innate intelligence at work to remove toxins. Learn the cause of fever and how to effectively deal with it through rest , hydrating food, sun therapy and other factors.

What is fever?

Fever is body’s natural mechanism to fight germs & purify blood. Just as we boil water to kill germs, body raises the temperature to kill the germs. Our body has innate intelligence to be in-health all the time! It has an internal thermostat and ability to heal.

What should you do when you have fever?

Nothing much…yes that’s tough to do, but that’s exactly what the body indicates when it has fever! That’s why you feel low on energy, low on appetite and feel like sleeping.

Hence support your body naturally. Here is how to ‘act’ during times of fever:

  • Digestive rest: Body wants to focus its energies on the ‘fight-at-hand’ rather than digestion. Thus support it with complete digestive rest.
    • Hydrate yourself with fruits every 2 hours, or when hungry. You can also have nimboo paani & coconut water.
    • Be off cooked meals, grains, dairy and meats.
  • Mental & physical: The more you sleep and rest, the faster your recovery for only in sleep can repair occur. Don’t take stress, stay calm & happy.
  • See the sun: After all it’s the natural anti-biotic! Diligently soak it for 15 minutes or more early morning or evening.

What should we do when kids have fever?

Children often get fevers, as the body builds immunity in the growing years. Fever need not be feared. Here is how to support your child when he/ she has fever.

1. Don’t force feed

Children often lose appetite when they have fever. It is body's way of focusing on repair. Appetite will return when the infection & fever subsides. During periods of illness, body wants to channelize all its energy into the important task at hand – i.e. purifying the blood and fighting the germs. Support the body, by reducing the digestion load and helping body conserve energy.

Read our article on why body feels low appetite and hunger during ill-health.

2. Keep the little one hydrated

Give fruits, fruit smoothies (without milk or curd), homemade juices, coconut water every 2hours or when hungry. These nourish our cells directly. And also do not create load on the digestive system.

3. Rest the child well

Rest & sleep are the key. If the child is bouncing about, let him but make sure he gets more rest than usual. When resting, body conserves the energy and diverts it to repairing, restoring and healing. Support your child’s body by giving him ample opportunities to rest.

4. Comfort the child

Put him to rest in cool room. You could also bathe him in lukewarm water. This works better than cold pattis which kids usually hate. Know that the child will be clingy. So comfort him and explain to him in simple terms what the body is trying to do. Do not try to suppress the symptoms, instead address the root cause naturally. Inculcate faith in the body’s healing process from a young age. Rest yourself well too. Take some time away from the child to recharge your own batteries. Remember that your energies will rub off on your child too!!

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