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Introduction to greens - Green your life program - Day 1

Introduction to greens

The edible leaves of various plants like spinach, herbs like dhania and methi or leaves of vegetables like radish, beetroot, cauliflower etc all fall under the category of leafy greens.

Do you know the power of greens due to the wonder pigment chlorophyll?

Greens get their colour from a natural pigment called chlorophyll. Did you know the protein hemoglobin in our blood which gives it the red colour and the pigment cholorphyll in plants have a very similar chemical structure? The green of chlorophyll aids the red of blood bringing us super health.

There are so many varieties of greens which were being used by our forefathers but this knowledge is forgotten today. Check the Wellcure ready reckoner on greens below to see how many of these greens you eat regularly? We hope you realize there is so much more you can add to your plate! Stick it on your fridge or save it on your phone/laptop as a reminder to add diversity on your plate.

Read more about greens, their benefits and variety from our article here.

So, let’s load up on greens and add more variety. Which is your favourite green? What does your family like? Will you try a new green? Post your comments below.

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