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PSYsolution Series 1: ARTICLE 8 of 15: TOXAEMIA - how does it get formed?

If the body and the soil are compared, then we find the similarities between the respective transmuting capabilities of the body and the soil. The body tries to transmute and assimilate the food and converts it into the body; similarly, the soil too coverts whatever is thrown into it and makes a part of the soil.

The food which can easily be converted into the soil is loved by our body,

The vitality and obviously the digestive system are relaxed when those are subject to the food easily connected to the soil. Here the term easily is to be taken into consideration with the shortest time taken to get converted into the soil vis-a-vis the body.

Let's take an example of a Mango, the pulp of the mango gets converted into the soil faster than its skin and the seed. Similarly, the pulp of mangos loved by our body compared to the skin or the seed of the mango.

Now, we will be able to relate with other foods and get the answers ourselves, if that food is good for us or not.

The food which is not easily assimilated by the body, either stored as morbid matters or as toxins, if those are not effectively eliminated by the body.

This particular condition causes the occurrence of TOXAEMIA.

Unidentifiable inputs to our body are difficult to eliminate. On the other hand, bodily generated toxins (which are obvious for everyone in the process of metabolism) are not eliminated properly due to lack of available vitality.

Toxaemia is the accumulation of un-eliminated toxins within the body.

Toxins come from 2 sources:

(a) Internal toxins – These are created out of our own metabolism. Whenever our body is subject to ineffective metabolism, toxins are retained in the body.

(b) External toxins - Chemical-inputs in any form solid, air or liquid. Also Natural but irritative inputs cause toxins within the body. For our body whatever we put inside are considered as food and subjects to similar metabolism. For example, the body does not know about medicines, it consumes medicines as food and since it is not easily identified by the body, most of the time it is retained in the body as toxins.

It is repeatedly mentioned in this series of articles that our body is our best friend!

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In this Universe, every organism loves to maintain its existence in a state of homeostasis, that is the innate tendency and capability of every organism.

In the same direction, the bodyworks continuously - 24x7.
It never stops!

At every moment, our body tries to maintain its homeostasis or the balance with minute-precisions, under every situation.

It is applied to everybody.
Even, who abuses the body with wrong inputs, their bodies are also sincere enough to maintain the homeostasis to its threshold.
This threshold is the body’s limit to maintain the wellness for its master.

Continuous Elimination:
The toxin removal process operates continuously.
Breathing in and out process is a major example.

Normal or regular elimination and excretion:
Normal elimination happens through Urine, Sweat, Menstrual flow, mucus depositions in eyes, nose, genitals etc.
Normal excretion happens through stool.

What is coming out of the body other than the reproductive fluids and mother’s milk, are toxins.

Special Elimination:

When the body experiences OVERLOAD OF TOXINS AND LACK OF VITALITY DUE TO ENERVATION, it tries to trigger some acute conditions of fever, flu etc. to open up the special elimination process.
During these acute conditions, body asks the individual to rest, so that it can conserve more vitality to use the same in the curing process.

Rest is needed in three ways:
– We need to go to bed and lie down to take physical rest.
Physiologically – We need to eat less, preferably fast to conserve our vitality from the digestion process and associated metabolism.
Psychologically – We need to reduce the number of thoughts in our mind to conserve vitality from this major quota.

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If we continue avoiding the indications of the body (the voice of the organism), the toxins start getting accumulated because of the overspend of vitality and the acute stages get converted to chronic stages.
The toxin depositions happen in our bloodstreams, lymphatic fluids, joints, and in different organs of the body.

The Enervation or the depletion of energy and Toxaemia are connected in vicious circle.

Accumulation of toxins in the body consumes a lot of vitality as the body tries to eliminate it from the body, continuously.

When energy depletes beyond a limit it causes enervation, which is obviously different from person to person.
Enervation causes more and more toxin deposition due to the lack of availability of vitality to expel toxins if the lifestyle is not reversed.
Eventually, Toxaemia intensifies due to enervation.

When Toxaemia intensifies and the lifestyle is not reversed, enervation increases.

This cycle goes on and on if the reversal of lifestyle, to conserve vitality, does not happen.

The main point that we need to understand is, without mindful understanding, we torture our body, knowingly or unknowingly, which is the most obedient friend of ours.

Let’s take the responsibility and reverse our lifestyles and enjoy the wellness, ourselves.

Death is a fact which cannot be avoided but decayed to death is pleasurable than diseased to death.


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