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Healthy hair – Nourish your crowning glory from within

Worried about your hair loss, thinning or graying hair? Tried all kinds of shampoos, gels, gharelu nuskas, hair serums and nothing works? As a normal phenomeno, the average human scalp sheds between 50 and 100 hairs a day. However, when the rate of falling exceeds the rate of replenishment, it becomes a cause to tear your hair in frustration! Well, there may be a reason. Keep your hair on and read on.

Truth behind healthy hair

The state of health of a person is reflected in the state of the hair too. Our hair gets its nutrition from within. There are living cells in the hair bulb which get their nourishment from the blood to make good healthy hair. Taking care of the body’s needs – physiological, mental and emotional needs with the correct lifestyle results in superior quality of blood which feeds the cells of the hair. When the quality of blood supplying the nutrition is good, the quality and colour of hair is good too.

Did you know that hair growth and regeneration happens naturally in a cycle? There is a period of growth, a resting phase and then release of hair from the hair follicle which we experience as shedding of hair every day. Problems with hair are experienced when this cycle is disrupted.

Different reasons for hairfall

  • In natural hygiene, there is a ‘Law of Distribution’ which states that ‘The power of the body, whether great or little, distributes in a manner proportionate to the importance and needs of the various organs and tissues of the body.’ So the body’s innate intelligence distributes nutrients to the most important organs for survival viz heart, brain, lungs before addressing the needs of the less important parts like nail, hairs and skin. Excess hairfall can mean that the body does not have enough reserves to address the needs of the hair.
  • Underlying medical conditions like PCOD, thyroid problems and hormonal imbalances can cause hairfall.
  • A fast paced lifestyle with lot of stress and no time for rest can cause premature greying and thinning of hair.
  • A diet deficient in natural foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds but high in processed foods, sugar, refined grains, oils and animal products provides insufficient nutrition needed by the body.
  • Inadequate sleep, stress and worry may cause increased hairfall and premature graying as the body cannot do its job of toxin elimination well and the quality of blood supplying nutrients to the hair gets affected.
  • Chemicals in shampoos – The harsh chemicals in shampoos damage the hair shaft and follicle. The chemicals may also be absorbed by the scalp and cause toxicity. Strong shampoos also rob the hair of its natural oils, make them dry, brittle and prone to breaking.
  • Quality of water – The quality of water being used to wash one’s hair sometimes damages the hair. Hard water causes calcification of the hair shaft or hair root causing hair loss.
  • Dust and pollution – Particulate matter in the air settle on the hair making it grimy, brittle and also cause toxicity.
  • Effect of medications – Hairfall may be the effect of some medicines or medical treatments. Please check with your doctor in that case.
  • Over treatment of hair with hair colourings, application of heat, tight braids and hair styling products damage the hair resulting in hairfall.

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How can hairfall be reversed?

All tenets of natural healing involving lifestyle, which in turn improve the quality of blood and increase nutrition available to the hair follicles, will arrest and reverse hairfall and premature graying.

  • In terms of food – High quality, water rich fruits and vegetables in raw form, sprouts, nuts and seeds should be had as they improve the quality of blood. These foods being full of natural water and nutrients aid in proper hydration of the body and circulation of blood so that the nutrition is able to reach the extremities of the body and nourish the cells of the hair. Avoid commercial packaged food, sugar, refined oils etc and focus on increasing your intake of Natural Foods . Packaged products are high in chemicals, sugar and salt and rob your body of vital nutrients needed for good hair growth and repair.
  • In terms of activity – Keep a well poised active lifestyle with good amount of 1) exercise to improve blood circulation and aid in toxin removal & 2) outdoor time to soak in sunlight and fresh air.
  • In terms of rest and recreation – Make sure to get good quality sleep everyday and adopt stress management techniques. This cannot be stressed enough! Repair and growth happens best in a relaxed state.

Care of hair

  • Make it a habit to brush your hair everyday to distribute the natural oil uniformly and dislodge dandruff and dirt. Make sure that your hairbrush does not have hard bristles which can damage the hair root.
  • Massage your hair with your fingertips everyday(not with your nails) for 5 minutes to stimulate good blood circulation.
  • Bath routine – Give your hair and scalp a good bath with lukewarm or cold water. Avoid using hot water on your hair as it robs your hair of natural oils and damages it. Use a natural hair cleaner like this one or reetha. Even normal water is fine too. As a natural conditioner, coconut milk, fruit purees are good conditioners as opposed to harsh, chemical conditioners. Post wash, gently dry your hair preferably in sunlight as opposed to a hair dryer.
  • In case you wish to use off the shelf hair products, make sure to check the labels for ingredients. Choose the one which has natural ingredients and shun those with lot of chemicals in them. Nowadays, there are many small time players in the market selling natural hair care products. You can also try out a natural shampoo using bioenzyme and soapnuts as detailed in this blog.
  • Shoulder and neck rotations, inverted positions in yoga help in good blood circulation to the head area and will provide the nutrition to the hair follicles.


There is a lot we can do in terms of lifestyle improvements and daily care for the health of our hair.

In natural hygiene, The Law of Quality Selection states - ‘When the quality of nutriment received by living organisms exists higher than that present in living tissue, organisms will discard lower-grade cells to make room to use the superior materials in new healthy tissue.- remove old stuff to build new. ‘

There may be a period of excess hairfall during a detox period. This is the reason you may have observed increased hairfall after a bout of illness. The good news is that this is temporary and soon hair growth restarts - this time smoother and more in volume.

Hence a good overall lifestyle as suggested above results in improving the quality of nourishment received by the cells and will help in arresting hairfall and in many cases also increase the volume and texture.

Rest assured, nature is doing its job. It may take time to see results. The hairfall you see today is the result of wrong lifestyle of the past few months. Be patient and soon you will experience improvements in your crowning glory.


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12:34 AM | 07-08-2019

I make my own hair and body wash using reecho, amla, shikakai, bhrami and bhrigraj. I have stopped using shampoo and soap completely. Also I use bentonite clay for hair and body wash. These natural products have given me amazing results.

Nilam Suthar

12:34 AM | 07-08-2019

Plz share recipe

03:47 PM | 18-06-2019

In aliexpress I buy some shampoo soaps that are natural and handmade are round you think they are good?

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