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Breast feeding v/s baby foods

Babies should be breast fed

We of the school of basic nature - cure have always been recommending breastfeeding of babies, for this is how nature intends babies to be brought up.
Of late, even the W.H.O. and the U.N.I.C.E.F. have started urging that babies be breastfed in the interest of improving the standard of health of society as a whole The Member states of W.H.O. are in a sense, committed to the policy of encouraging breastfeeding of babies by their mothers, for an as long time as possible.

Mother's health matters

At present, the unnatural ways of living adopted by many women during their pre and postnatal stages are responsible for the lowering of their health - level to an extent where breastfeeding by them becomes impossible beyond, at the most, a few weeks. In certain cases, infants have to be kept on bottle feeding straight from the day of the birth as their mothers are very poor in health.

Contrast this with those who follow our advice and adopt in their daily lives the principle of vegetablarianism, non- violence and vital economy are able to breastfeed their babies for many many months, even upto two years or more.

Can packaged milk products be a substitute?
If one were to think [fed on allopathic way of living] that the baby milk products manufactured in drug stores, bottled and packaged in eye-catching and flashy tins, bottles having synthetic vitamins and minerals, dry milk powder etc, are able to substitute the breast milk, live in their own world of false perception.
Let it be remembered that their is no substitute to breast feeding. It benefits both the infants and their mothers . If the proposed product becomes popular, women should suffer in health.

Important points to note about breast milk

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  1. The composition of mother's milk is adjusted by her organism to meet the changing and challenging nutritive needs of the baby. Obviously, the '' formula -milk'' producer cannot do this. The manufactured product may not suit many infants and may even be harmful to their health.
  2. When the infant is having some acute disease, e.g. fever, loose motions, cold and cough ,etc, automatically the mother's organism produces a ''LIGHTER MILK '' on those days so that the infant can continue to digest this lighter variety of the milk. The '' formula feed [milk] '' producer can not help here.
  3. If a woman feeds each of her child , during infancy for as long as a period as possible, her breasts will be healthy and there is no possibility of her developing breast cancer later in life. Similarly, with the sucking period kept up in respect of her infants, her uterus will  also be in tone. There is also no possibility of her developing at any time, conditions like the prolapse of the uterus or uterine tumor or uterine cancer. Obviously, the woman who switches her infant to the formula- milk can not benefit herself in this direction.
  4. Breast feeding also gives a psychological satisfaction to the infant, which the bottle can not. This psychological satisfaction be it noted helps the infant in developing its mental health , so very necessary. Let your love for the child flow through the breast milk rather than from a sham "bottle".
  5. As the constitution endowed on the infant at the time of birth and during it's period of infancy is a very vital factor in life and later adulthood, breastfed persons owe great strength in their remaining life. Let the future generations be better in health, physical and mental than the preceding one. Let us plan this for this health-ward progress sensibly

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