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PSYsolution Series 1: ARTICLE 9 of 15: STAGES OF DISEASES - as per Pure Nature Cure (PART 1)

In this topic, we shall cover, Phases of disease, Stages of disease and finally The Convergence of Idea of disease as per Pure Nature Cure.

The body is the best friend of an individual.
Indeed, it is!

Whatever an individual does, the body tries to give the individual always a NEUTRAL STATE and considers the individual as the master to please always, until it goes beyond the limit.

That is why the body surfaces any problem only when it is grossly unmanageable from inside.

Providing a state of homeostasis is the objective of our body, always.

What we perceive as the diseases are examples of the endeavours of the body to bring back the homeostasis. The body works extensively from inside to repair and at the surface, we feel discomforts and help the body to conserve vitality, so that the body gets more conserved vitality for its work.

We cannot avoid toxin inputs in our body, completely!

Toxins are being generated within us due to different reasons, 24x7, e.g. pollution in the air, pesticides in food, lack of physical activities, faulty sleep patterns, negative and irrational thought processes etc.


Nature has equipped us with the measures of eliminating the toxins on a regular basis.

We have millions of pores in our body which are used in this process.

The regular output of waste materials happens through breathing, stool, urine, sweat, mucus depositions in nose, eyes and genitals etc.

Whenever the toxin-generation and accumulation go proportionally high in comparison to the output and our body does not have enough vitality to throw those extra toxins, our body starts a few special elimination processes.

Those are considered as Acute diseases.

Those special arrangements are generally happening with Fever. The experiences of Flu, Loose-motions, skin rashes and acute pain are those special elimination.

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These states are discomforting states, programmatically leading us to rest ourselves to conserve more and more vitality. So that the initiative of the body does not go in vain. In an average, these healing crises stay for 3 days or 72 hrs. Often these healing crises are accompanied by higher than the normal temperature (>37 deg C).

Vitality conservation is only conscious help that we can extend to our body during these healing crises or special eliminations. It means RESTING is the need in these conditions. The Rest in three ways – Physically, Physiologically and Psychologically.

  • Physically we should just go to bed and rest.
  • Physiologically we should stop eating so that we don’t use our vitality in the process of digestion and delay the healing process.
  • Psychologically we need to maintain a neutral state.

Corresponding indications are very relatable and evidential of the needs of the body. Physically we feel tired. Physiological we feel tastelessness in our tongue, Psychological neutral state calms us in discomforts.


Now comes the next phase, Chronic.
The Acute disease gets converted into Chronic when we continue suppressing the discomforting symptoms and defy the programmatic instructions of the body of RESTING ourselves during an Acute phase.

As it is understood that our body tries hard to give us a neutral experience every moment unless we cross the limits, whenever we suppress any Acute disease in terms of the application of any type of suppression of the symptoms e.g. by administering medicine or supplements and even heavy food in the acute state. This gives a pseudo feeling of a cure for some time. But because of the reason of NOT addressing the CAUSE of the problem, the problem evolves as a chronic disease in the long term.

In a recent workshop on the same topic, it was asked by one of the participants that

“If Ihave a flight to catch and unable to move due to fever, shouldn’t I take a PCM and get rid of the fever?”

Here is the response in accordance to Pure Nature Cure:

"Nature doesn’t know about your flight appointment, it may have more important tasks to perform! At that very moment it hassensed that you need a healing crisis to maintain your homeostasis and it triggers the same. Ideally, you should cancel your trip and rest. Due to some specific conditioning, if you think it is impossible to cancel, then go ahead with your decision of suppressing a fever but do remember to come back to Nature’s norm in next possible future. Nature will trigger the fever (read, acute state) again in next possible opportunity. Remember, the emergency situations are creations of our mind and never be permanent. We should take control of our lives naturally whenever you get a chance and hold it tight!"

Now let’s understand the stages of the disease. It also will include the process of eruption of acute disease to the conversion of acute disease to chronic disease.

These are the stages of how disease progresses.

  • Stage 1 - Enervation
  • Stage 2 - Toxaemia
  • Stage 3 - Irritation
  • Stage 4 - Inflammation
  • Stage 5 - Ulceration
  • Stage 6 - Induration (Hardening)
  • Stage 7 - Fungation or Cancer




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