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The Conscious Consistent Conservation of Vitality is the basis of Nature Cure. A majority of our activities happen beyond our conscious level in a programmatic way while a few activities we do consciously. Our conscious choices need to sync with our beyond conscious activity-wise, to reduce conflicts and attain a better state of Conservation of Vitality.

The conscious activities that we choose to do can be termed as Physical Activities.


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For example, we eat, walk, play, dance, conduct meetings, talk, choose to listen etc. all the activities we perform with our conscious decisions.

The beyond conscious activities that we perform are termed as Physiological Activities.

For example, we feel hunger, we digest, excrete, feel tired, sleep, we sense sexual drives etc. These happen in an autonomous way beyond our conscious choices.

Apart from these two activities, Psychological Activities are also an important aspect.

In this article, we shall try and synchronize our physical activities with our physiological activities.

The objective is to reduce conflicts between conscious and beyond conscious levels which eventually would reduce enervation to restore better elimination to attain a better state of wellness.

If we look at our all activities, those can be segregated into 3 main buckets.


Receiving – Repairing – Releasing

  1. Receiving is when we receive raw materials from the external environment.
  2. Repairing is when we repair ourselves from inside.
  3. Releasing is when we excrete waste materials after the repairing is done.

These activities need to be done in the order as mentioned, to maintain the balance and homeostasis of the body. Repairing is supported by the Receiving; it means without Receiving, Repairing cannot be done through metabolic actions. Releasing of waste matters is another action of metabolism which happens alongside the Repairing but final expulsion from the body happens post Repairing as exclusive actions.

We shall discuss, Circadian Cycle as a recommendation to bring our activities in sync with this natural order.

It’s a Latin word. Circa means around, dian means day!

Mathematically, we have 24 hrs, if we split it into 3 parts, we get 8 hrs for each activity.

[Here we are talking about the predominance of activities because we cannot stop other activities completely at any moment.]

Consciously, we can help in prioritizing the activities.

Now we know the order and the duration.

But how to decide the specific period of the day, that means, at which time we should what?

While Receiving RAW material, eating food is a Conscious Physical activity. The Vitality-spent is remarkably reduced in eating and digestion process when the environmental light and temperature are more.

When the ambient temperature is high, it helps our body to conserve vitality in the process of maintaining the body temperature. The conserved vitality helps us to execute the eating process effortlessly.

Noon 12 pm to 8 pm, the temperature of the earth is maximum, irrespective to the climatic condition or geographical location.

To bring ourselves into the sync with Nature, we need to align our Conscious Receiving activities (which is primarily eating) during this duration. Once the Receiving is done, the other two activities fall in the order, one after another.

Now let’s see what the Circadian Cycle proposes:

Receiving: It is recommended that the time period from 12 noon to 8 pm when the natural light and temperature is the highest we should align our conscious receiving activities in terms of eating. Hence, we need to bring our EATING time during this phase to get the maximum benefits of conservation of vitality. During this time, the vitality spend is minimum in our digestion process, comparing to the other time of the day.

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Repairing: After we align our vitality spends in receiving the needed food (the RAW materials), the body needs to focus on other physiological works, mainly related to maintenance of the body via metabolic actions. We can call that process as Repairing. For this repairing work, the body does not need much of the environmental light and temperature. The next 8 hrs has the least ambient light and temperature i.e. from 8 pm to 4 am time is the best time for us to opt conscious REST so that our body can work internally at the beyond conscious level. This time period is also known as the darkest hour of the day. More we sleep during this period, better for the repairing process and our health.

Releasing: After the maintenance is done by the body from inside, the ELIMINATION of waste material is initiated by the body. During the next 8 hrs. when the natural light and temperature is in increasing mode i..e. from 4 am to 12 noon, we need to facilitate our body to channelize the vitality in releasing the waste materials. We can consciously involve ourselves in physical works like exercising, gardening, doing house chores without indulging ourselves in unnecessary eating during this time. Itis an effective support in the elimination process.

This conscious alignment process brings better levels of Vitality Conservation and our wellness back to us, for sure.

Thank you...


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