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Working in an air conditioned environment? Take care of health the natural way

Air-conditioned rooms are highly polluted

A newspaper report based on a research says - ''If you think you are breathing purely filtered air in an air-conditioned room, you are in for a rude shock. The air is not pure and harmless. It is found containing suspended metallic aluminium particles, which constitute a health hazard. Aluminium is chosen for air-conditioning mainly because of its high resistance to corrosion. On exposure to air, it forms a protective layer (oxide film) on the surface and this impedes further reaction. It is now speculated that this circulating air somehow activates the reaction of carbon dioxide and water with oxide film and underlying metal is affected.

Reporting in environmental science technology, Canadian scientists say “Aluminium particles from corroded air-conditioner raise the pollution in the room to extremely high levels. Inhalation of aluminium dust gives rise to pulmonary fibrosis and causes structural changes in the lungs, causing breathing troubles.''

Nature cure centres should be situated in a natural setting

Note: - Some of Nature cure centres/ sanatoriums/ hospitals in our country have become high-tech. With great pride, they boast of air-conditioned facilities to the patients and charge exorbitant charges comparable with 5-star commercial properties. In this context, it will not be out of place to mention that Mahatma Gandhi wanted Nature-Cure to be the system for the masses at the bottom of the pyramid. One fails to understand how A/C rooms cater to the requirements of Nature Cure where the ambience should be totally natural situated amongst trees, flora and fauna, with well-spread grass lawns and in a hygienic condition free from any polluting agents like stale air coming out of A/C. Gosh! In the name of Nature Cure what is being dished out to the masses?

Sickness due to air conditioning

People working in air-conditioned buildings are susceptible to blocked noses, dry throats, headache, lethargy, cold, cough, sneezing, etc. Those who have to work day after day in A/C buildings will have poor skin health. Skin, as an organ of elimination of waste, will have no opportunity at all to cleanse the body of waste. Here it is to be noted that skin is at par with kidneys as far as the elimination of waste of the body is concerned. It is more likely that the workers in such places wear clothes made of synthetic fibre and tight jeans, due to which skin health is bound to suffer further. Add to this, noise pollution, passive smoking, computer stress & other stressful situations, the constant consumption of tea, coffee, cola drinks & other ‘drugs’.

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The ''field'' is fertile enough for production of ''Chronic patients''. It may not, for obvious reasons, be possible for everyone to choose his working place.

What should then one do if he has to work in A\C rooms?

Here are some very useful tips for him:

  1. Avoid the use of synthetic fibre coarse fibres such as jeans which do not allow passage of air.
  2. Avoid completely the use of all stimulants, like tea, coffee, cola drinks.
  3. He should live in naturally ventilated homes outside his working hours.
  4. Adopt a strict diet plan, consisting mainly of plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Avoid food less foods such as fried snacks made of refined flour, packaged foods containing preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, chemicals i.e. all foods with a shelf life. He must take regular air baths, sun baths and nonviolent pranayamas.
  6. .He should relax sensibly either by taking a spinal bath or by taking part in some sensible recreation.
  7. As and when he gets some acute disease to cleanse the system of accumulated filth, he should treat it naturally without drugs.

If these precautions are taken, working in A\C buildings may not affect his health adversely.

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04:20 PM | 21-01-2020

Very good post. Everyone who is living in the Air-conditioned room in offices or in homes, should definitely follow the above mentioned tips.

Vijai Pawar

04:20 PM | 21-01-2020

Thanks Khushbu,

09:05 PM | 17-08-2019

I have already spelt 7 points to be adopted if one has to work in ac facility, in my post above. If you have any specific query, let me know pls.

Please refrain from using a/c facilities other than office space, even at home also it should be used to the bare minimum, walk daily in oxygen-rich garden, open spaces doing deep breathing, incorporating other nature cure laws for a disease-free life, countering ill effects of A/C.


10:13 PM | 17-08-2019

Thanks Sir 😊

Vijai Pawar

09:39 PM | 17-08-2019

Health seeker Urvashi, I have written a post on "Keeping Warm " wherein it is emphasized that to keep warmth even in most cold conditions it is the health of the skin which makes one to adjust to the extreme cold and hot conditions, for that you have to improve the quality of blood stream which should be quite thin so as to run through the capillaries of your skin. For improving this faculty you should eat highly positive diet of alkaline foods the likes of GLVS,means green leafy vegetables and basking in the sun as time and your lifestyle permits. Eating nuts and drinks of heat producing will be contra_indicating. Will induce more colds and cough and congested noses.


09:05 PM | 17-08-2019

I work in an AC environment and have been following steps mentioned by you. However sometimes it gets too cold, what can I do in such scenario. Any drinks/nuts you suggest I can have? Or any thing else that I should do to remain healthy and not be impacted with infections of others.

08:40 AM | 19-04-2019

This is good info. Any daily habits one can build which one should incorporate during working hours ?

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