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The raw materials needed by each and every organism are R-A-W:
For the solar galaxy, the primary natural radiation is the Sunlight, then the Air and the Water.

Organisms are of two types – Autotrophs and Heterotrophs.

Autotrophs, the plants, can produce their food by integrating R-A-W with the help of soil.
Heterotrophs, we, can absorb direct R-A-W but also need solid food. We depend upon the autotrophs for the solid foods.

We disintegrate solid foodinto the qualities of R-A-W.
Then we reintegrate the disintegrated R-A-W into our body cells.

The R-A-W undergoes at least 3-steps, Integration by autotrophs, Disintegration and Reintegration by our body to form our body cells.

Our VITALITY executes the last two steps.

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Let us take an example of a mango. It is an integrated (1) form of R-A-W by a mango tree. Then when we consume it, we disintegrate (2) and reintegrate (3)to convert it into our body cells. The simple three (1 to 3) steps.

Now, let’s take a mango to a factory. The factory will disintegrate (2) and reintegrate (3)with chemicals etc. to convert it into mango jam. Then when we consume that jam, we again disintegrate (4) and reintegrate (5)that into our body cells. Here we see, two steps extra. Total five (1 to 5) steps.

Longer the chain, higher the VITALITY spend by us in the last two steps.

Now, let us take an example of a chicken. Chicken eats grain, which is an integrated (1) form of R-A-W by a plant. Then the chicken disintegrates (2) it to reintegrate (3) into its body cells. Then the chicken is taken to the kitchen to disintegrate (4) and reintegrate (5) into a chicken curry. Then when we consume that chicken curry, we again disintegrate (6) and reintegrate (7) into our body cells. Here we see four steps extra. Total seven (1 to 7) steps.

It is obvious that there is no need to explain further about which one is the wiser food choice to conserve our VITALITY.














The indicators of the respective habits are shown here. More the green, more the VITALITY CONSERVATION. More the red more the ENERVATION. Hence our endeavours should be to make our lives with a lot of greens in relation to the following indicators of the different aspects of habit.

All the recommendations are based on the REGULAR and CONSISTENT HABIT measures.












In this table, we see a total of 8 choices of this specific habit. If we can stay outside a lot of time in the morning, we benefit ourselves with a lot of vitality conservations. If we are not in a position to do that, at least, the benefit of dusking soothing sunlight is the next best alternative. If we are not able to do this also, at least, staying outside of a long hour helps next. If we opt the moonlight only, that’s a so-so measure of vitality management. Then coming to the Bad to very bad to DETRIMENTAL to highly DETRIMENTAL options with Less exposure, No exposure, Confined stay and Exposure to artificially configured radiations, respectively.












In this table, we see the different choices of air intakes as a habit. The best is if we spend a lot of time within greens in A NON-POLLUTED place. Cities are limited to provide this to us, then the next best is, at least staying within the green in the morning hour. Because, in the morning hour greens start photosynthesis and release fresh air; staying within green in the morning hour, even if in the city, get us the benefit of fresh air. Then on the table progressively you see that spending time outside as much as possible in the morning is beneficial in general also if the greens are not available in our surroundings. In the absence of these three options, at least spending time outside during the day is somewhat ok. Then you see the red zone which goes from less exposure to chemically treated environment progressively from bad to highly DETRIMENTAL zone.












In the table of Water intake, we see the natural spring water as the best! Rainwater is the next, river water can also be considered good. But in all these cases sun irradiation is a good habit. You can just store your water in an earthen pot and keep it in the sun for a few hours before consumption. That enhances the quality of the water. Obviously, in city lives, underground water is the main resort, which is a so-so option. Over-treated water, chemically treated water, polluted water are in the red zone. The most dangerous is the TASTE-ENHANCED water, that includes all types of additives in the water. Also, there are water purifiers on the market claiming to enhance the taste of water which a big health hazard.











In the table of food intake, I have added a column of Examples to facilitate you the proper correlation. Not uprooted autotrophic produce is the best food of all. We need to have it as much as possible. All the food values are available in this category. Next-best is the uprooted autotrophs. Mild processing of the first two categories is placed as a good option. Then comes to the category of autotrophs which we cannot consume without heating – the starch category primarily, this is a so-so kind of food, which should be taken sparingly. I have not placed the seed category separately considering that the first category contains the edible seeds in abundance. Listening to the voice of organism help us to decide the edibility of the seeds. The milk is a bad food; it is placed as the produce of heterotrophs. Then goes from the raw forms of heterotrophs to processed to industry processed food from very bad to DETRIMENTAL to highly DETRIMENTAL food, respectively.

This table is again prepared with the foundation of vitality conservation and the concentration of food, dialectically.


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