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Tension, anxiety and depression - Deal with it naturally

NO Tranquilizers, please

Consider today’s scenario, it is well nigh impossible to find a person who is free from tension, anxiety, and depression of some sort or other may be of a lesser degree.

For decades we have been declaring from rooftops that tranquillizers are no answer to the problem of tension.

What the patient suffering from a state of anxiety or tension needs is an intelligent guidance offered to him to enable him to make a sensible effort aimed at making him understand the real causes of his mental condition and a positive encouragement to him by a father-figure, a Guru-figure or a Mother- figure or that of a suhriday friend, so that he may get back his mental health the sane, safe and sure way.

The individual who chooses to become an addict to tranquillizers use every time he is mentally upset would only become worse and worse progressively & he would long reach the point of no return

Our view in this regard has been supported by leading psychologists of the west.

Presenting the results of his recent research at the British psychological society’s Conference in London, Dr Jeffrey Gray of Oxford observed that combating stress with tranquillizers or ''a quick trip to the doctor in search of therapeutic aid'' merely undermines resistance and takes the victim deeper into dependence and anxiety.

Dr, Gray discovered when comparable groups of animals are subjected to experimental stress, animals given no treatment develop a natural tolerance towards stress. They adjust and become happy. Those ‘protected ' by the so-called anti-anxiety drugs do not develop this natural tolerance. In the end, they are worse off because they are locked into the anxiety state.

Natural Cure

  • Let the patient suffering from such a condition keep away from the tranquillizers which would be-numb him more & more.
  • Let him take nature’s tranquillizers such as, tender coconut water, ash gourd juice etc, which are at-once foods and medicines.
  • The intake of such natural tranquillizers will calm down the individual and tone up his nerves.
  • He may take a spinal bath [a great application for toning up frittered nerves].
  • Let him do prayers in the mornings and evenings & listen to ennobling music of the type of Bhajans of Saints.

Hundreds of hundreds of patients sufferings from anxiety state, tension, etc. have been helped thus to get back to normalcy.

The only way to prolong life is to adopt methods that will not shorten it.

Return to reason and nature is long past due.

(About the author - Vijai Pawar - I am a 72 year old veteran practicing pure Nature Cure for 45 years. Poor inheritance of health in childhood, suppression of ailments with medicines made me a chronic sufferer by age 16. In adulthood, traveling and eating out caused more problems. From a state of being bed ridden, I became well under the guidance of Acharya Swaminathan, a great exponent of Divine science of Nature Cure . Now at the age of 72 I lead a healthy life free from any disease and share my knowledge with others freely.)

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03:04 PM | 09-08-2019

What is spinal bath

Anchal Kapur

03:04 PM | 09-08-2019

Already explained by vijai sir below.

02:02 PM | 06-05-2019

Spinal bath is invention of Acharya K.L Sarma, it's a nerve tonic to tone up the whole nervous system which is situated in the spine region, As far as it's use in domestic use is concerned, it's aimed to be used by every individual in his home quite conveniently without incurring great monetary expenses, very easy to operate without the help of any helper. Bathtub is available in many cities.


09:41 AM | 19-07-2019

Hello Sir. Can you pls explain what is spinal bath? Can it be taken at home?

Kapil Thote

09:41 AM | 19-07-2019

For what this is?








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