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PSYsolution Series 1: ARTICLE 15 of 15: MIND MATTERS


The debate, “Which is more important, Mind or Matter?” is a perennial debate!

The Mind is invisible; whereas, Matter is visible.

If we perceive this aspect, neutrally and naturally, we shall find that the wellness of the human organism can be primarily correlated to the matters.

Improvement of matters, bodily matters, brings wellness back to the individual substantially, even without the involvement of the mind.

It means, if an individual suffers from some bodily ailments and changes the food intake in-sync with nature, the problem gets improved substantially, for most of the cases.

On the other hand, in similar cases, if the food is not changed but thought-wise, the individual conserves a lot of vitality, the possibilities of improvement are rare!

Having said, the primary importance of Matters, we must acknowledge the ultimate importance of Mind. Because, for the sustainability of the opted change in food (the matter), the involvement of Mind is highly important. The rational engagement of the mind determines the focus of the individual. The depth of understanding shields the peripheral attractions of the Matters (food etc.) via Mind. Hence, dealing with matters for a long term needs active involvement of mind, unarguably.


Self-image is the image that an individual retains for the self.

The connection to the perception and the self-image is inter-related.

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  • A rational perception creates a neutral self-image.
  • An irrational perception creates a negative self-image.

On the other hand,

  • A neutral self-image helps the individual to perceive an event, effectively.
  • A negative self-image deters the actual perception and brings assumption-based understandings about reality.

Now the question is:

How the self-image becomes negative?

Let’s do some event analysis:

Any event can be assumed in three ways: considering it positive, negative or neutral.

This process of assumption affects the self-image.

  • In the event of negative assumption, the self-image is impacted negatively for sure.
  • In the event of positive assumption, there are chances of impacting the self-image positively. But the falsified positive assumption has got its own negative impact.
  • In the case of Neutral assumption, the self-image grows positively for sure! Because it does not receive any polarity and remains stress-free, all organisms grow in their own natural progression, neutrally.

As we discuss nature, it is neutral, hence it is positive.

The forward progression necessarily happens in a neutral state.

This is true for the mind, as well.


In the training of the rational mind, Dr Albert Ellis, an American psychotherapist, and psychologist is considered to be an authority.

He introduced Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), previously called rational therapy and rational emotive therapy.

REBT is a comprehensive, active-directive, philosophically and empirically based psychotherapy which focuses on resolving emotional and behavioural problems and disturbances.

It enables people to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

REBT was introduced in the 1950s but still, the research is a continued process.

Rational Analysis leads us to reduce your thoughts remarkably.

And the reduction of thoughts means the reduction in enervation.

Hence health…

There are many methods described in REBT to adopt rational analysis in life.

Disrupting the irrational thought process is the key to adopting rationality in life.

‘WHY’ is the tool of Rational Analysis!

Every ‘Why’ should be followed by another ‘Why’!

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Whenever we accept anything without questioning, we invite irrationality in our lives.

  • Questioning is the primary faculty of the human being.
  • Questioning helps us to reach to the core of the issue,
  • Unless we reach the core, we cannot extend our intellects.
  • Questioning helps us to analyze and connect the dots with our perseverance and intelligence.

It helps us to connect the cause and effects of any phenomenon.

Rational Analysis makes the thing simple and acceptable!

The average number of thoughts, in our mind, is approximately 240 thoughts per second!

Consciously, 10-20 thoughts at a time can be identified but the rest of the thoughts always run in our mind without our conscious knowledge and this consumes a lot of energy.

A lot of enervation happens due to these thoughts.

Rational Analysis reduces the number of thoughts from the mind. So that one can conserve more vitality.

Irrational acceptance of any aspect is just opposite to that!

We tend to increase the number of thoughts through irrational processing of thoughts.

If we increase thoughts in our mind, we tend to increase enervation with jeopardized the thought process and invite different ailments.


Let’s try and understand how does a habit form

The process by which new behaviours become automatic habit formation. Old habitsare hard to break and new habits arehard to form because the behavioural patterns we repeat are imprinted in our neural pathways.

The neural pathways or the beyond-conscious mind learns a habit primarily in three ways.

  1. Modelling (by copying someone’s behavior)
  2. Classical Conditioning (through juxtaposing of events Vs behaviors with our peak emotions)
  3. Operant Conditioning (though the correlation of pleasure and pain Vs behaviors)

This is a general pathway of habit formation.

  1. We confront the fact first! Then we slowly assimilate it and it becomes our knowledge.
  2. Then we choose to implement that knowledge or discard it.
  3. A conscious repetition of the chosen implementation proceeds for permanency.
  4. Neural or beyond conscious imprints of the habits are the impact of repetitive implementation.

That’s how our habits form.

If we understood the physics of habit formation, we can imitate it to reverse the habits in a similar fashion.

Reversal of any habit can happen similar way!

Let us correlate the routes of habit formation.

Correlation of Modelling

Yes, modelling impacts a lot in our lives.

  • We reflect our peer groups. The choice of peer group plays an important role in our habit reformation.
  • Choose your peers wisely.

For example, in PSYsolution alumni group (those who have done any/many courses from PSYsolution), or in Wellcure community you will find people discussing similar challenges as yours. You will find people who will keep motivating you with their daily adoption of lifestyles. whenever you are in doubts,

  • Seek expert advice, do not procrastinate.
  • Take the responsibility of being a role model for your children, family and friends.

Correlation of Classical Conditioning

I am just picking up the peak emotion factor from the classical conditioning.

If we are able to consciously and rationally channelize our peak emotions to the right choices, it would be easier for our beyond conscious mind to accept it. Eventually, our undesired habits get reversed by the desired choices.

For example:

  • Whenever we are hungry, we should always eat fruits. If we have to eat cooked food, the initial hunger should be satiated by the fruits. Slowly the craving towards cooked food will be reduced because our beyond conscious mind will start recognising and accepting the fruits as our primary food.
  • Whenever we feel hot and irritated due to the climatic conditions, we should rest a while and take a cold shower instead of entering the AC room directly. Slowly our mind will identify water as a soothing agent and affinity towards Air Conditions etc. artificial measures will be reduced.
  • Whenever we feel tired we need to rest instead of going for any stimulating food like, tea or coffee. The tiredness is a peak of emotion that should be complemented by rest. The neural imprints towards rational habits will be intensified.
  • Going to the loo with your mobile phones! It is the biggest flaw in our sanitary habit. The passing stool is a physiological response which needs to be reciprocated with our mindful importance. Sticking to the mobile phones while in the loo also reduces the sense of importance towards this essential activity. It causes a lot of irregularities, including constipation.

Correlation of Operant Conditioning

Implement operant conditioning also to reform your habits.

For example:

  • Do not celebrate your joy or happiness with wrong choices. Like, let’s have pizza, because my kid has scored well in the exam.

Throw fruit party if you have to. The mind will take the reward cues and associate the fruit party as an attraction.

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  • Replace your holiday trips from the city visit to a village or a forest visit.
  • During weekends, if not daily, take out time to connect yourself with soil and the sun. Go out for a barefoot walk early in the morning in the grass. You will still find grasses, I am sure!
  • Try to indulge yourself with your friends and family by being gadget-free at least for some time in the day consciously.

A few final tips for habit modification:

  • Analyse the facts with your rational understanding
  • Question the fact till you are satisfied
  • Assimilate the knowledge to the core, when understood rationally
  • Acknowledge the fact as the better choices than what was there before
  • Do not ever justify your undesired habits.
  • Opt for a continuous self-counselling regarding the right choices.
  • You may choose to progress slowly but do not compromise with the rational steady approach.
  • Do not replace your bad habit with another irrational habit.
  • Allow slips in the transition, allowing slips will relax your craving while you progress with your self-counselling, consistently.

Finally, we must acknowledge the mind matters for a nature-synced lifestyle and its sustainability.

The mind-matters cannot be covered in a short article.

While we conclude this series of 15 articles, we commit to our readers to bring more in-depth encounters to sync our lives with Nature, consciously and mindfully.

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