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A complete guide to cure diabetes : Part 2 - FAQs

There are many myths and confusions about diabetes and implementation challenges of what to eat, how much to eat and how to manage medicines. Here, in Part 2 of the blog series on diabetes, Nature Cure expert Swati Dhariwal addresses these FAQs.

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1) What diet should one take for diabetes?

Raw vegan diet is the best for diabetics. Fresh and seasonal raw fruits and vegetables grown locally are the most suitable food.

Raw vegan diet means only fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and soaked groundnuts, chana, moong etc. They can be eaten as salads or individual fruits or consumed in form or juices smoothies.

Why vegan?

Because our digestive system is designed in such a way that it can digest plant based food faster than animal based foods. Animal based foods including milk and curd are highly mucous forming and toxin forming. Meat takes so much time to be processed through our intestines that by the time it reaches the large intestine it would have produced a lot of toxins.

Why Raw?

Raw food is the easiest to digest. The body doesn't use up much of its vitality to process, digest and assimilate the raw food. Whereas Cooked food ( dead food) uses lots of our energy to digest than it can gives after processing and digesting.

For people who are not able to transition into fully raw easily, they could try to start their day with fresh juicy fruits followed by a simple lunch cooked in the least or no oil, with more vegetables and less roti or rice. The rotis would be better if made from millets than wheat. Dinner could be a vegetable salad with lots of green leaves. Finish the dinner before sunset. As the digestive system doesn't work well after sunset. Just like all living creatures, human beings too need to relax completely after sunset.

2) What should we eat & how?

Eat fibrous and juicy fruit and vegetables. Don't eat before fully hungry again. Don't overeat. Chew your food well. Masticate till the solids turn into liquids. Eat when your mind is peaceful and happy.

3) Why is exercise important for diabetics?

Exercise helps our body in absorbing the blood sugars helping in lowering the blood sugar levels. This way your body is able to manage its glucose levels.

Exercise also helps in improving our metabolism. It helps in digestion and assimilation.

Exercise helps in improving the mobility of the whole body especially all muscles and joints

4) How should I manage and reduce medicine dosage when I am on a natural lifestyle?

This is best done under the guidance of a competent naturopath. ( Sometimes the complications have been fatal as the person trying to heal took wrong decisions due to lack of knowledge)

5) How often should I keep monitoring sugar levels?

If you are on a natural lifestyle, then monitoring once in 15 days initially, and as the levels stabilize you could monitor once in three months followed by once in six months. After a year, if you are still following the right lifestyle, you will not need to monitor your blood sugar levels

6) Will the same changes work for Type 1 diabetes too?


7) Sometimes, if I eat heavy food or take some sweets, should I pop in a sugar pill just to be safe?

No. Keep your system clean and healthy. After that, indulging rarely will not pose any risk and with time you wouldn't enjoy indulging in the wrong foods as your body would be so used to the right foods that it will not enjoy the foods that are not right for your body. And still if someone ends up eating heavily or over indulging in sweets or food, it is best to go into fasting the following day or stay completely raw. At the same time, consciously one must NOT eat without proper hunger at all.

8) My sugar levels shoot up if I get an infection. What should I do then?

Get onto a clean and hygienic lifestyle. it will help you control both the infection and the sugar levels. Clean eating would mean eating only raw fruits and vegetables. And being clean would further mean that one has to eat only when hungry. Keep the bowel movements active regularly. Eliminate more than you eat

9) Are banana, jackfruit and mangoes also ok to eat?

All fruits are ok to eat as the sugars in all fruits are in a very basic form which doesn't need much assistance from our body to digest or assimilate. But it's better to include the above fruits after three weeks or a month of cleansing with juicy fruits and vegetables. Most fruits have a low glycemic index value,so they are safe, but only as long as you are on a nature-based healthy lifestyle. Because it is not only the diet which determines your health but every other aspect of our daily lifestyle matters too.

Image credit: tookapic via Pixabay

10) Is it necessary to cook oil free?

Yes, it is best to cook oil free. But still, if one hasn't transitioned to raw completely yet then he could use a very minimum level of cold pressed oils.

Oils are best consumed in the way they have been packaged and served to us by nature in their full forms through nuts and fatty fruits. Why? Because oil is easily digested when consumed with the fibre and other vitamins and minerals that make a part of the fruit. Nature know how best the oils could reach where ever it is needed and so has packaged it accordingly.

11) If I have been diabetic for many decades, how long will it take to bring the levels to normal?

Everybody is different. We cannot give an exact period of the time frame in which a body will cleanse and heal.

12) I am thin but still have diabetes. Why is that?

Excess body weight contributes towards ones sugar levels getting upset But that doesn't mean that a thin person cannot be diabetic. Diabetes is a reflection of the state of your internal health. And a thin person can still be carrying a lot of toxins in his system, resulting in malfunctioning of the system.

13) My Parents are both diabetics. Will I get diabetes too? Diabetes is hereditary in my family. Is there a chance for me to get rid of this problem?

Yes, you can get diabetes if both your parents have it - if you are following the same lifestyle as they did all through their life. You need to change your lifestyle completely to break the cycle.

You could easily opt out of it by changing your lifestyle completely and staying clean and healthy.

To know more about nature cure's approach to treat diabetes, read my blog - A complete guide to cure diabetes : Part 1

(About the author Swati Dhariwal - I am a Nature Cure Practitioner, practising at Kayakalp Nature Cure Center at Arcot in Vellore, Tamilnadu. I was brought up in a household where nature-based lifestyle was the norm. I was initially trained in practical nature cure under my father, late Dr B Premchand Banthia at Sri Guru Ganesha Nature Cure Sanatorium in Chennai. There I have seen first hand how nature could help people overcome all types of health issues from Chronic cold to cancer, including diabetes, mental disturbances, etc.)

Disclaimer: The health journeys, blogs, videos and all other content on Wellcure is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered a ‘medical advice’ ‘prescription’ or a ‘cure’ for diseases. Any specific changes by users, in medication, food & lifestyle, must be done under the guidance of licensed health practitioners. The views expressed by the users are their personal views and Wellcure claims no responsibility for them.

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