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Each organism is programmed by nature to REPAIR, REPRODUCE & REACT.

These three capabilities are executed by each organism in their species-specific paths. Which means the REPAIRING happens uniquely, in connection to the maintenance of the universal homeostasis. In the process of repairing, the individual may experience disease or death. But in both, it is nothing but repairing. When it is beyond the possibility to bring back the homeostasis within an individual, it chooses to perish its body and maintains the universal homeostasis. We call that decision as death.

The species-specific REPRODUCTIVE execution means, a monkey will not be able to produce a dog, naturally!

The species-specific REACTION execution also differs from species to species. A bird will react differently to the same stimulus compared to how a snack reacts to that.

But everyone, in general, is equipped with these three capabilities, as a program.

This is an unarguable universal fact.

Now let’s see, how it is applied to mankind and how mankind intervenes her/his conscious choices against or for these natural capabilities. We shall also see, how it affects the individuals’ levels of Health & Happiness.


Execution of the REPAIRING (and growth) pertains to the UNO phase of life. When a baby is born, it is programmed to grow physically. It is the programmatic purpose of life in an individual. One can hardly compromise on that, in general. Every one of us is programmed to grow and maintain her physical health unless blocked, due to genetic/environmental/lifestyle disassociations. We need not make an effort to grow physically and stay physically healthy. It happens with spontaneity. The lack of health occurs due to the drifts from the natural programs. The UNO phase is the phase when our purpose of life is to grow physically. After the completion of physical growth, the UNO phases merges, naturally, to the UNION phase. The maintenance of physical health continues but the predominance of the importance of cell building diminishes. The UNO phase is connected to the FOOD. During this phase, a healthy individual will naturally be attracted towards food more than an individual who is in other phases of life. If one chooses (or supplied) unnatural foods during UNO phase of life, the individual will feel unsatiated lifelong and will be developing irrational exaggerated attractions towards food. The natural food habit of the individual in her UNO phase satisfies its programmatic-purpose of life. Hence, the irrational attractions towards the food diminishes when she completes her physical growth. After this phase, the food will be just a substance to maintain health and not a contributor to physical growth. Healthier the individual, lesser the attraction towards food after she completes her physical growth.


Once the UNO phase gets over, the individual will be naturally programmed to reproduce and will have a predominant attraction towards sex. This is naturally designed in a healthy individual. For mankind, the reproduction never ends at just the birth of the offspring. The reproduction merges to the procreation. Procreation is a continuum, it never ends! Unlike other species, Mankind is programmed to take care of the offspring after the birth of the offspring until the death of either the parent or the child. Perennially mankind is programmed to grow; physically and cognitively, both. Physical growth stops at a certain age. In this phase of UNION, the individual experience the predominance of cognitive growth. Where the individual starts experiencing love (also the attraction to make love) and builds connections with the individuals who are not related to them, earlier. The individual explores and forms relations, on her own, without a physical connection of family. This leads to cognitive growth of the individual as she starts seeing herself in others and forming relations with self. The best of the relations happens in this phase, when one has sex with another individual. This pleasure is structured to execute the second important capability of the organism, which is REPRODUCTION. The reproduction gives the higher pleasure of growth as the individual sees her own materialistic contribution (read, egg or sperm) growing in front of her. Growth satiates us! The phase of UNION merges to the UNISON phase, where the individual continues seeking cognitive growth by making more and more relations WITHOUT physical connections. When an individual, knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or beyond consciously, deviates from the satiation of the natural program of UNION, she feels unsatiated lifelong and will be developing irrational understandings of sex. The natural connection of sex with procreation in her UNION phase satiates her programmatic-purpose of life. Hence, the irrational attractions towards the sex diminishes when she actually experiences the higher level of pleasure in the process of procreation. After the rational connection of sex and procreation, the sex will continue to be a tendency in the individual but cease be an intentional execution. The act of sex would happen as spontaneity with the partner with whom the procreative association is continued. The procreative association is a natural partnership for mankind to experience and enjoy the combination of physical and cognitive growth. The offspring is an expression of PHYSICAL GROWTH who is a product of own physical part (the egg or the sperm). The offspring is also an expression of COGNITIVE GROWTH, with who the individual feels connected deeply, lifelong.


Once the individual gets satiated in her UNION phase, she naturally drifts to the UNISON phase. Unison phase is an execution of the third important capability of mankind which is REACTION. Reaction, at its highest level, is expressed through CREATIVITY. Creativity is the real cognitive growth in mankind for which she is programmed, naturally. This happens provided the individual sails through the previous phases SATIATION herself. Unsatiated previous phases create a vacuum within and leads to unwanted consumption of vitality in the beyond conscious process. In the phase of Unison, the individual realises the connection and synchronisation with the universe. This happens through a tremendous creative execution by the individual. In this phase, in a healthy state, the individual will be able to relate with anything and everything in this universe, naturally, effortlessly. The tremendous creative executions will be evolved with this realisation of the connections. If one has to put effort to experience this, there are programmatic chances of unsatiation in the previous phases, for sure. Conscious galloping or skipping the phases creates a vacuum and prone to health and/or happiness problems in life.

Followings are three pictorial depictions of possible-vacuums when one or other phases of life is irrationally and consciously ignored, due to different conditionings.





If the galloping or skipping happens due to the reasons which are beyond our conscious control, the irrational sufferings can be reduced easily, through dialectic analysis. It becomes tougher when the conscious decisions compel the individuals to skip a phase due to conditionings. This happens, because of the ignorance of programmatic-purpose of life.

Let us head towards the UNISON, without galloping the phases of UNO & UNION. the order is: first UNO, then UNION and then UNISON; not the other way around. In the UNO phase, one executes her intellectual and reasoning capability, more and more to start a life. In the UNION phase, one expands and makes her rational executions flexible and head towards the emergence of spirituality. In the UNISON phase, one experiences the spiritual projections in life, uniquely, which is beyond the scope of humane dialectics but a fact to be honoured and acknowledged. Embracing or imposing the experience of spirituality without executing the reasoning capability is unhealthy and it leads to overconsumption of vitality in this irrational explorations. Spirituality is a spontaneous achievement of an individual and cannot be imposed. It is our falsified and irrational understanding that spirituality starts with blind belief or trust or faith. It never happens that way! The programmatic purpose of life is executed when it starts with OBSERVATION, ANALYSIS, UNDERSTANDING and EMERGENCE OF AWARENESS. Belief/trust/faith cannot be an imposed sense, it emerges out from the higher levels of awareness and we need to wait for that.

Let’s take the path of rational exploration to finally merge into spirituality, but NEVER in the reverse order for better levels of Health & Happiness.

Thank you..

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