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This title is a biased one!

Pure Nature Cure (PNC) is known to be a MATERIALISTIC science.

The proposal of PNC is always matters first!

Let’s debate...

When we talk about MIND & MATTER and ask the perennial question:

“WHAT MATTERS THE MOST?”: we see prejudice in the proposal, which is, as if tilted towards the MATTER, in the question itself! :)

But on a serious note, the fact beneath is much deeper…

The other day a very respected mentor and a friend professor, in an online workshop on health and professional excellence, was proposing that “The food change is not very important. Our mind governs our body and not the other way around!” He was giving some empirical support to the proposed fact where people overcome their bodily ailments with their mind power, miraculously.

I did not oppose it, because this proposal was phenomenally motivating and inspiring the crowd.

A few years back, I too, used to think in the same line and used to energise/inspire/motivate myself and other fellow people around.

This message has got a great potentiality to charge people for many unfolded possibilities.

But then, there are scopes to dive deeper…

The dialectical conditioning of the fact that STRUCTURE GOVERNS FUNCTIONS, cannot die sooner or easily!

If something soothes us instantly from pain or discomfort, the possibility of that being TRUTH is lesser.

The theory of STRUCTURE GOVERNS FUNCTIONS proposes the reverse-proposal to the professor’s submission!

This theory says that the governance of the MIND happens through the BODY.

To decipher this puzzle of both the viewpoints we need to go back to the basic understandings of FORMLESS & FORM aspects.

We know,

FORM is visible (perceivable), finite, accountable, easily provable existential aspect!

FORMLESS is invisible (non-perceivable using our external five senses), infinite, and cannot be accountable or easily proved to confirm its definite existence.

But evidentially, the existence of both cannot be denied!

The relation between these two is cohesive in nature.

Any evolving event in this universe does have both of these integrated into it.

The validity and the longevity of any event are dependent upon how good these two are integrated with each other.

When we look at LIFE, it is basically has a FORM (visible - body) which is driven by a FORMLESS (invisible - vitality) aspect.

Without the FORMLESS, the FORM becomes dead or lifeless.

Without the FORM, the very existence of FORMLESS becomes meaningless, for that specific entity of the FORM.

Hence the interdependence of these two aspects cannot be denied.

Before going further deeper into the event-analysis, let us understand the correlation between the BODY & MIND and the related governing factors.

Image credit: geralt via Pixabay

Very rarely, it is seen that the MIND (Formless) reverses BODILY (Form) problems without acting on the direct changes in the Form-inputs (primarily, FOOD). The possibility of reversing the BODILY problems just by using MIND POWER is not commonly possible.

Whereas, in the majority of the cases of ailments (Physical and Psychological, both), FOOD change from conventional to nature-synced alternatives bring phenomenal improvements.

The clarity in thoughts comes with cellular improvement.

Cellular improvements come easily with better food choices.

As it is said that a HEALTHY MIND resides in a HEALTHY BODY.

An unhealthy body makes the mind sick too, in general!

There cannot be any denial of these two facts.

But now, for argument sake, let us take the case of the individual who exceptionally can reverse the wellness problems using her mind power only, without bringing a change in food choices etc..

For which, we need to understand how the body problems occur and how these can be reversed under the light of the dialectics of pure Nature Cure, once again!

It is nothing but the VITALITY EXAMINATION we need to do to understand this phenomenon.

VITALITY is that FORMLESS aspect which drives the FORM, the BODY.

Life is a metabolic response of VITALITY, which starts at the unicellular level and expands to multicellular existence.

When the distribution of VITALITY in the BODY is uniform and homeostatic in nature, the wellness prevails. Whenever we get drifted from wellness due to misalignment with NATURE, the distribution of VITALITY gets disturbed.

Image credit: mathey via Pixabay

The life runs healthy when the toxins, being built up in the body, is thrown out regularly without any substantial accumulation of toxin within the body.

Due to the state of uneven distribution of VITALITY, the body suffers reduced expulsion (read, elimination) of toxin and blood becomes toxic.

This state of TOXAEMIA is the common state of unwellness of each and every kind.

The state of toxaemia gets reversed only when the VITALITY is conserved to attain the effective expulsion of toxins. Given the fact that the VITALITY can be conserved through any route, be it Physical, Physiological or Psychological, theoretically, it can be attained via any of many of the three routes.

The conservation of VITALITY requires different levels of efforts in all three routes.

The Physical level is the easiest one.

The Physiological level is largely driven by physical choices.

The Psychological level remains the most complicated one.

The difference in the complication is due to the difficult convertibility of FORM and FORMLESS.

A Structure (FORM) when functions (FORMLESS), it converts its levels of existence from FORM to FORMLESS.

A structure is a physical existence.

A function always comes after the structure is formed.

Synthesizing function(s) into the structure(s) is a utopian dream and requires an inhumanly capacity to convert function(s) into the structure(s).

Even if in a few exceptional cases, the MIND POWER may show improvements in the BRAIN CELLS, it cannot be generally recommended! But the reverse is commonly possible because the improvement in the cellular STRUCTURE of the brain ought to improve the FUNCTION of the brain, may be slowly but surely!

On the other hand, physical ailments get easily sorted with the change in MATERIALISTIC supply in terms of food.

Now, for debate sake, if we consider that the improvement of health via MIND POWER ONLY is a fact, then we need to go back to the effort-analysis of VITALITY CONSERVATION. On the Physical level, the conservation would have been almost effortless as compared to the Psychological level. Hence, even if someone has got a ‘tremendous MIND POWER’, it is always wiser to sort her wellness problems in an effortless route which is syncing life with nature at the Physical level, to start with.

The body certainly governs mind!

Matter matters!


Thank you...


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