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This article is dedicated to and inspired by Herbert McGolfin Shelton’s Natural Hygienic theories and the concept of STRUCTURE GOVERNS FUNCTIONS.

Shelton was an American Naturopath who used to say, "Hygienic care is the only rational and radical care that has ever been administered to the sick in any age of the world in any place."

[This is a line from his book, ‘Food Combining Made Easy’]

Let me start with a few facts, picked up from Medical analyses.

The percentage of water in our body –

A grown-up healthy adult would have an average of 60-70% water in the body.

[An infant would have approx. 80% water in the body.]

In healthy conditions,

  • Our muscles and kidneys contain more than 75% of water.
  • Our brain and heart contain more than 70% of water.
  • Our lung contains more than 80% of water.
  • Even, the bones contain more than 30% of water.
  • The healthy stool contains more than 75% of water.
  • Other eliminations like sweat, urine etc. has more than 95% of water.

Hence the density plays an important role in our body, constituent-wise and output-wise too.

Image credit: Olichel via Pixabay

We usually infer from this, that our INPUTS should also contain a lot of water. Which sometimes leads us to forceful consumption of a lot of water. Or mixing of water a lot in the cooked or processed food to compensate its lost density.


The missing link, here, is the EVOLVED COHESIVE EXISTENCE OF WATER, within the matters. INTENTIONAL MIXING of water cannot match up with the cohesion of water in the natural substance. The cohesive existence of water is an evolved presence of water through osmosis process. The humanly added water cannot ever match up with the QUALITY of the default water-content in any natural substance.

Our muscles, blood, flesh etc. are the products of our INPUT matters through the process of synthesis. The substantial existence of water in our body should be complemented by our food (the INPUT MATTERS).

When the food is subjected to additional heat and processing, it loses its major water content. To replenish that, sometimes, water is added to it. This additional water may modify the laboratory quantification of the density of the food but at a molecular level, the water is never ingrained into the substance. This affects the assimilation of the right elements by our body.

The raw food (read, primarily fruits) is perfectly infused with water in its structure at the molecular level.

This infusion governs its suitability as the right food for us.

The structure and the density of the food are the important factors, to retain its useful assimilability into our body.

We know, the density is the ratio of the mass and the volume.

D = M/V, Density = Mass/Volume

More the Mass, more the density.

More the volume, lesser the density.

On the other hand, the natural water-content is inversely proportional to the density of the food.

More the water, lesser the density.

Any kind of processing, including juicing of the food, reduce the volume of the food, remarkably! This is an unmindful act to modify the natural density vis-à-vis the volume of the food.

Image credit: silviarita via Pixabay

If we take the example of juices, the volume of the fruits gets reduced by manifolds and the naturally less-dense food becomes much denser when we juice it out.

Higher the density, higher the toll on our digestive system. We end up enervating ourselves, even if we claim to have raw juices.

The structure of the food is completely ignored in the process of modification of the food, including extraction of juices.

The natural structure of the food plays an important role in the healthy assimilation process.

The human organism is not a drinking animal; we are suckling animals. The over-consumption of water, separately, is an indication of our bad choice of food.

Our food should contain the natural water, which can be sucked by the peristaltic movement of our digestive system and other organs of the body to match up with corresponding density.

The repeated sense of thirst is an indication of wrong food consumption in terms of its density. We need to react to this by modifying our food habits to the less dense food in its natural state.

We need 50-60% of our food with least density, i.e. fruits.

We need 25-35% of our food with moderate density, i.e. vegetables.

We need 10-15% of our food with moderately higher density, i.e. starches.

We need 5-7% of our food with higher density, i.e. seeds or proteins.





These approximate suggestive percentages are in correlation with the water contents in our body and in the suggested food.

Needless to say, less the modification, better for our health and happiness.

Thank you…


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