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How to increase longevity?

If there is more retention of air in lungs , it is fully utilized,  give better power to blood and body. This will also mean that less breaths are taken . According  to Indian philosophy , our life span is fixed and is measured bot in minutes, days and months / years but in the total no. If breaths . Now by doing pranayam and retaining  air in lungs for a longer time we reduce total no. Of breaths during the  day . THIS WILL INCREASE  OUR LONGEVITY.

1st Method (Sun Pranayam) : For increasing heat in the body , close the left nostril  , inhale the right nostril and exhale through it whilst counting 1 to 4/10 as mentioned  above .As the  right nostril is connected  with Sun (Pingala Nadi) inhaling and exhaling  through it will produce heat in the body. Therefore , such pranayama is very useful in winter and monsoon and for diseases  like cold , asthma , paralysis , polio and  many more . Do this ten times or more.

2nd  Method (Moon pranayama) : For increasing  coolness  in the body , close the right nostril  , inhale and exhale through  the left nostril  whilst counting  as above . The left nostril  is connected  with the moon ( Ida ) . So , it produces coolness in the bode . Therefore , such pranayama  is useful  in disease  like fever , sunstroke and momy more , where in coolness is necessary.  Do this ten  times or more

3rd Method (For balancing  of heat and cold ) : Inhale through  the right nostril  and exhale  from left nostril  and then inhale through  left nostril  and exhale  from right nostril. 
 During the period  the breath is held inside , pull the stomach  inside  for more effective  results  as well as for REDUCING THE TUMMY.
Please see to it that while inhaling , your chest should expand be 5 to 7 cm . Better results  can be obtained  be breathing  as above. Pranayama  can be done in comfortable posture  , by sitting  upright  on the ground or a chair/sofa or can be done standing  position  or even while walking. 
Breathing from the desired  nostril  - right or left - can be effected be closing the other nostril . Otherwise , if you lie down on the left side of the body , the breath will flow from the right nostril.  In INDIA  people  are advised  to lie down  for 10 to 15 minutes  on the left side after lunch or dinner so that the breath is linked with the sun , producing  heat in the body and helping digestion . Similarly  , if you lie down on the right side , the breath will flow from the left nostril  which is useful  during too much heat or fever.

4th Method (kapalbhati ) :Sit upright in quiet place . Inhale and exhale very fast through  the nostrils . Start with 10 times and go up to 50 times in a min . Do this pranayama for 2 min/ twice a day.

5th Method (Bhastrika) :Open the mouth, inhale slowly through  it and then immediately  blow out hard through nostrils . Do it for 10-15 times . Do this pranayama  every time after you do Kapalbhati . That will clear your congestion  in the head .
Regular practice  of pranayama  and breathing exercises  will ensure proper  oxygenation  of all parts of the body and cure many diseases. Proper oxygenation helps in purifying the blood  and removal of toxins and CO² from the body . This , in turn , will reduce the unnecessary  burden on kidney , reducing  the possibility  of skin diseases and failure  of kidney . Moreover , pure blood enables proper functioning  of all the organs and thereby  increases  vigour and vitality. 
These breathing  exercises  are beneficial  to all and should  practiced daily. However  these exercises are a must  for the treatment  of cold,  cough , asthma , T.B.  and mental disorders  like polio , meningitis, nervous  breakdown,  muscular  dystrophy, etc.

TIME : Pranayama should be done on an empty  stomach  or two hours after meals . Mudras can be done any time.

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