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Ayurveda in our everyday life

Why is ayurveda important in our lifestyle?

  From the beginning of time, Ayurveda medicine has been playing an important part in our rich tradition. It is not just considered a medical field but also a way of life. Ayurvedic doctors advice people to follow the ‘Dinachary’ meaning the daily routine in Sanskrit, for a healthy life. The following steps explain how a person should spend his day the ayurvedic way.


How to spend the day?

   Waking up (vata) before sunrise is mandatory since it is the most pure and fresh time of the day. Due to their busy lifestyle, many people suffer from constipation. Waking up early in the morning and following the ‘Dinachary’ helps in curing this problem. Just two to three glasses of water in our empty stomachs is enough to clear out our bladder. Cleaning out our bowel and bladder is essential , else we are slow poisoning ourselves. After this, the next step is ‘Abhyanga’ which is deep oil massage preferably using sesame oil. This releases all the heat from our body and cools it.

   After this ‘Vyayama’ that is exercise should be done. This reduces the fat in our body and fills it with good ‘prana’. Next step is to take a bath and remove all the oil from our body. The following step which is meditation is the most essential one as it not only improves our physical health but also our mental health. A few minutes to an hour would suffice. This can be followed with breakfast and our routine work or study. 


'Ama' and how to remove it.

   We should avoid canned, processed or frozen foods since they create ‘ama’ which blocks out nature’s intelligence from reaching our cells. Drinking plenty of water flushes out all the unwanted ama from our body since water is an excellent healer. Going to bed early helps us maintain a good sleep cycle and wake up early the next day. By following this, we can see a tremendous change in our health.

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