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Roots: Our Saviour From Ancient Times

Roots have been part of our ancient diet since a very long time; they have been benefitting our body and mind with their highly nutritious content. Here we will talk about seven common roots which were always a part of our diet and how they have been serving us for a long time now.

We have been eating root vegetables in our diet for a very long time. What do you think is making them our basic choice? Let us keep it simple - Onions and Potatoes- both these vegetables are a part of almost 70-80% of our Indian household. What is so significant about them? Why are they our primary choice in Indian diet?

We have been putting a lot of pressure on eating seasonal food and understanding their importance on our body. Whenever we eat local and seasonal food, we tend to absorb things better in the body.

These root vegetables have always been part for most of our seasons, except a few, so it is time to explore them one by one.

Seven common root vegetables and why we eat them?

Here are some common root vegetables which we made part of our daily nutritive intake and how they have been helping us.


To start with, we have our mighty potatoes. We all love potatoes, but nowadays, potatoes have been surrounded by a lot of news regarding their high carbohydrate content. This has become a negative point for diabetics and people who want to lose weight. Due to this, we have been neglecting the important benefits of potatoes.

It has highly precious minerals, which are suitable for our brain health as well as keeping our body’s electrolyte balance at an optimum level. Potato is a critical mineral rich root vegetable.


A root which is high in fibre and full of antioxidants, you cannot forget it. We eat onions in any form be it cooked or raw and this always been an essential part of our diet. We do not even doubt its healing properties as it can cure high blood sugar levels and also prevents the invasion of cancer inside your body.

Though onions make you cry because of the high sulphur content, you do not have to worry as it helps you in gaining a lot of Vitamin C.


A right amount of Vitamin B9 folic acid is what beetroot is enriched with. They are also known to help high blood pressure level because they are high in nitrates.

Beetroot is one such root which helps in bringing our skin to good health. This is something I always recommend to brides-to-be as it helps in bringing a natural pink glow to the face similar to its own colour.


Be it medicinal properties or be it the anti-inflammatory properties, ginger has always proved to be beneficial for the body. It has proved to be one such vegetable which comes in the picture whenever we even think about cold or sore throat and guess what? It does have immediate effects.

Do we also know about how ginger has also been helpful when we talk about menstrual cramps? Oh, those days of worries! Have ginger crushed in warm water, and it will soothe your pain.


Garlic! We all love it in our Chinese dips, or that spicy chutney which we have with our food is what makes our daily diet! Of course, eating excess tasty food daily is harmful to health, and I am not recommending you to have it every day. But now it is time to know the benefit of this root.

Garlic has anti-inflammatory action present inside, which helps in fighting bacteria and making our immune system stronger. It has stronger effects in lowering cholesterol level in the body and also blood pressure levels.


Beta carotene is one such antioxidant which has multiple affection on our vision, skin and hair. This root vegetable is high in power due to its nutritive value being high in beta carotene.

Be it breast cancer or stomach cancer, their antioxidant can produce resistance and builds our immunity level. Carrot is again loaded with Vitamin A which is good for our vision, and Vitamin K which helps in clotting of blood.


Famous for its anti-inflammatory action, turmeric has always been part of our diet. Curcumin is the main active ingredient.

In case we have a cold or a cough, or we have an injury, by applying turmeric or consuming it, we get instant relief.

These root vegetables are entirely in sync with our system. It is time for you to share the knowledge of things which you have been eating for ages. Root vegetables are loaded with nutritive value, and definitely, you have savoured their taste.

About the Author:

Dr Khushbu Suthar

I am a Homeopathic Practitioner with specialisation in Diet Planning and Nutrition from Mumbai. I am holding a degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and by amalgamating these three, my aim in life is to research on mind, Body and Soul. Flamboyant colours of vegetables and Vivid Psychology of Human mind is what enchants me. An avid explorer of healing now practising in Bikaner is learning to get the best of both Beaches and dunes.


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