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Say Goodbye to Acidity Forever, Simply & Naturally: Part 2/2

Lifestyle and dietary changes are effective tools to put an end to acidity permanently. Learn which foods to include, which to avoid, and what habits to break – to win the battle against heartburn and acid reflux, naturally and holistically.

Acidity and heartburn have been steadily increasing in the worldwide population over the last few decades and over 15 million Americans suffer from it daily. The good news here is that – by adopting a natural lifestyle and making a few tweaks to your eating habits, you can get rid of this uncomfortable post-meal sensation forever.

For the what’s and why’s of acidity and quick remedies for relieving acidity symptoms, check the first part of this post.

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Holistic Ways to Get Rid of Acidity and Heartburn

Dietary Changes

1. Embrace a Natural Diet
To sum it up in a nutshell – you experience acidity, heartburn and acid reflux when your body’s pH levels lean towards the acidic side. Achieving acid-alkaline balance in your body is easy when you power it with the right foods.

Dairy, non-veg, tea, coffee, sugar, refined grains, processed oils, and packaged and refined foods laden with artificial ingredients (chemicals, preservatives, taste-enhancers, etc.), are difficult to digest and leave behind an acidic residue after digestion.

By including natural foods like raw vegetables, fruits, sprouts, along with healthy servings of nuts, seeds, and natural drinks like vegetable juice, herbal teas, lemon water, and nut-milks, you can maintain your body’s pH levels at the ideal range.

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2. Choose Smart, Easy Alternatives to aid your Journey to Natural Health

It’s all about making smart choices especially when you are just switching to a healthier lifestyle.

For instance, opt for sun-dried fruits instead of sugary desserts when you get a sweet craving, green vegetable juices instead of colas. Rather than buying unhealthy dips for the next party, you can make green chutney at home that also helps you keep your gut healthy.

Use this natural food chart to make smart replacements in your kitchen. The chart isn't exhaustive but provides you with a good starting point.

Take inspiration from our wellness journeys on how to include natural, healthy foods amidst busy schedules.

3. Learn the Art of Balancing
In today’s modern lifestyle, it can be indeed challenging to follow a healthy diet at all times. For instance, there may be work and social situations like a party where you have to consume on-the-go meals and “not so healthy” snacks.

It’s all about balance. Make sure to have healthy snacks like – raw fruits, green salads before you head out. This will ensure your acid/alkaline balance is well-maintained and you also have lesser cravings for calorie-rich processed foods.

Lifestyle Changes

1. Don’t Skip Sleep & Sleep Right

Sleep is rightly called as the natural doctor. A lot is happening behind the scenes in our body while we are asleep. When you are sleeping, the body is hard at work, repairing old cells, eliminating toxins from our body, and assimilating nutrients.

When you don’t get adequate and quality sleep, the body doesn’t have time to maintain these housekeeping tasks. This causes waste to start accumulating, causing higher acidic levels in the bloodstream.

Adults require 6 to 8 hours of undisturbed sleep every night to enjoy various health benefits, including maintaining a healthy acid/ alkaline balance.

2. Eliminate Stress – Let your Mind and Body be at Peace

From butterflies in the stomach to loose motions before a big event at work, there is a direct link between our gut health and our emotions. When you experience fear, worry and other emotionally draining feelings your body increases the production of cortisol (the stress hormone) which disturbs the acid-alkali balance in your body.

Half the battle here is recognizing the causes of stress. Learn the art of mindfulness – the practice of recognizing what’s challenging you and working out ways to alter your mind’s response. You can inculcate mindfulness by practising yoga, deep breathing, and meditation.

Also, make exercises a regular part of your daily routine to overcome stress and boost the production of happy hormones.

3. Stay Tuned to your Body’s Signals

Did you know that your body talks to you? Diseases, pain, and other illnesses are all signals from your body, alerting you to get back to balance. The human body is a miracle and is always striving to ensure that we enjoy the best health.

Try to learn the art of interpreting your body’s signals. For example, you should eat only when hungry and not when you are feeling lonely, depressed, happy, etc. And, remember to stop eating when you are slightly full.

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4. Soak up the Sunshine

It may be surprising, but safe sun exposure can be your ally in treating acidity. Sunbathing as part of your morning ritual helps your body boost the production of Vitamin D, which plays a crucial role in fighting gastric irregularities.

Overcome Acidity with Conscious Lifestyle and Dietary Changes

Mother Nature gives us plenty of foods that help us keep our body in its optimum state, free from illnesses. With the right diet and certain tweaks to your daily routine, you can keep acidity at bay, forever.

Now, it’s time for myth buster!

Myth Buster – Milk does not help in treating Acidity!

You may have heard that drinking milk helps to treat acidity, or you may have even experienced relief from painful acidity symptoms when you drink a cold glass of milk.

Drinking milk provides only temporary symptomatic relief - it doesn’t address the underlying issue.

When you drink milk, the body diverts its energies from healing acidity to digesting milk. This may cause the symptoms to disappear for a short time. What actually happens is milk leaves behind an acidic residue creating toxic mucus, which further delays healing of acidity.

Don’t let Heartburn Burn your Happiness!

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