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Ethical Dissonance and Compassionate Integrity

Scene 1

I met this vegan friend of mine in a supermarket, purchasing a few mosquito repellent sprays!

Scene 2

I met one of my vegetarian friends who chose vegetarianism to opt nonviolence against animals. I met him in a marriage counsellor's office, he was accused of beating his wife badly!

Scene 3

I met this secular Indian nationalist who I found very much rational in identifying that there is no difference between any religion – we all are same! He was giving a burning speech about how Chinese are bad!


Everywhere, the imposed ethical practices are full of dissonances. The simple reason is, ethics are illusionary and situation specific. It is an imaginary imposition.

Unless the choices are dialectically accepted by the individual, dissonances are obvious!

I was asked the other day that how am I so convinced about the dialectical approach?

Because the true dialectic does not differentiate in accordance with the situation or organism. It is a practice of absolute neutrality. If I understand nonviolence dialectically without any ethical imposition, I would practice it irrespective of the forms of life, irrespective of the organism, irrespective of collective individuals.

Why compassion and nonviolence are important?

Dialectically speaking, when one understands the meaning of THE VOICE OF THE ORGANISM and THE LAW OF UNITY, s/he understands how these two theories are the measures of aligning with Nature. Acknowledging just these two theories at the core makes the individual compassionate and nonviolent.

The INTENTION to harm is against Nature.

On the contrary, the choice of food may cause death.

Be it an animal or a plant - an organism is an organism!

The question comes, in the name of some ethical disposition should we starve ourselves?

Image credit:TeroVesalainen via Pixabay

The answer lies in finding WHY we eat?

The function called EATING is structured by Nature to give our body the RAW materials which would facilitate the health and growth of the body. The best of the AVAILABLE RAW materials would provide us with the best of health and growth.

The simplest available naturally tasty food is the best food, as far as the VITALITY CONSERVATION is concerned.

In a hypothetical situation, if all types of foods are available in front of us, FRUITS are the fittest food for the human organism. Fruit consumption does not cause harm to any organism, by default.

But in another hypothetical scary situation, if no other food is available other than the animal flesh! What would an individual do? S/he has to consume animal flesh to address the VOICE OF THE ORGANISM.

The ethical imposition of not killing any other organism will not hold water, in that situation. The dissonance occurs there! A state of dissonance is an unhealthy state. It enervates the individual from within – in a beyond conscious level. That proceeds further in many health hazards.

All in all, it is the dialectical acceptance which saves our vitality. A dialectically convinced person would prefer mosquito net over repellents. That would, by default, provide the fresh air without the intention of harming mosquitos, even!

Dialectically, if one has compassion and love for all, he cannot be violent towards his wife.

Dialectically, if one understands that all human beings are same, be it religion or region. These are just to facilitate some system of the civilization. Not to form some illusionary enmity.

Compassion enhances integrity while ethical imposition often creates substantial dissonance.

Dialectic is the answer.

Thank you…

A few glossaries of terms and their relevant definitions, used in this article:

ETHICS – The moral principles that govern a person's behaviour or the conducting of an activity.

DISSONANCE – Lack of agreement or harmony.

COMPASSION – Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings and/or misfortunes of others.

INTEGRITY – The state of being whole and undivided.


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