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Weight loss or Self-love, What are we seeking?

In the age of Instagram. we want to look good every moment so that the pictures we post are worth the likes we will get. People will envy us, and we will try satisfying ourselves with a high rating. But what if our body and weight are not that good? What if we are not at all desirable and people tend to ignore us for our outer reality, what do we do?

Do we start hating ourselves for what we aren't? We have forgotten the role of ourselves in our life.

The "why's" to ask before you start.

To start with, how much do we know our body? Have you sat for 5 minutes and taken efforts to introspect what are the things which are making you decide to lose weight. So here let me give you the "why's" for you to start.

Why do you want to lose weight?

Let us say, your husband or boyfriend has started talking to you about your looks, they think you have grown in a certain way which is not good. Your kids or your aunties have begun to talk about your body shape. Are these the reasons behind your decision for weight loss or lack of self-confidence?

The relationship of your weight or your body figure is with yourself. It is about how you have seen yourself for all those years, and now you have been noticing a change in your lifestyle. Signs that you should consider for weight loss are:

1. Increasing Laziness.

2. Lack of Productivity in your work.

3. Any new illness for which weight gain is the risk factor

These are some of the concrete reasons for you to lose weight rather than people talking about it. Because that becomes your mental cause and you have to overcome it psychologically. This can be the reason you do not love yourself, or you like the society more than your being.

Why is there an issue with you accepting it?

If there is an issue accepting your weight, then where is it?

  • The first step to deal with is that you are going through - Denial. There are a lot of people who are in denial about their weight gain; they know that it is hampering their body and its mechanism, but they cannot resist their craving. Because they do not want to overcome it, as a person if you would have known your body, you wouldn't have tortured it with bad eating habits.
  • The second step is self-love is the first base of everything. It is your relation with your self, It is about already accepting your body the way it is. Years ago, people use to beautify themselves, and so right now people do take efforts to look desirable, the reason is people want to be appealing. And the shape of the body becomes an essential factor.

Now that we have dealt with the two essential causes in a relationship in the weight loss journey, it is time to learn self-admiration, self-confidence and self-love. Let's find out what the ways to love yourself are.

Four ways to self-love.

  • Know yourself.

Who are you? From where do you come? Take time to answer these questions to yourself. Meditation is a simple art of introspection. I have ever seen people who have successfully lost weight have a very much good hold on their self. For simple reasons, they have not worked on themselves at a body level but also at the mental level. This thing has always inspired me a lot as a person.

Thus, the relationship with your self should be part of your loss, not the one with your outer body and world.

  • Learn to love your food.

How many times have we taken conscious efforts to notice our food while eating? Our food goes through senses of see, smell, touch and taste just for that one morsel to digest healthily. But we have always avoided it, by distracting it with other activities.

Food needs to be indulged in, pleasured and relished at the same time. Hence, we need to develop that love towards food.

The people with eating disorders have either hated food, causing Anorexia or misused it for theiremotional pleasure causing Bulimia. Food needs to be eaten right and in a healthy way.

  • Commitment towards oneself

Committing towards oneself is by making habits of a day to a ritual for life. Let us goback towards the traditional lifestyle and learn how important it as to be disciplined towards oneself. We have made it a practice to inhibit ourselves from growing in this journey of life.

It is time to make ourselves remove the shackles and stop the habits which have limited use. It is time to prepare ourselves discipline and commit to a better life.

  • Acceptance.

The golden rule of achieving whatever we want is by accepting what we are; this was taught by the book "The Secret,". If we love and take our body the way it, we honour its being, we honour ourselves, and that makes our way towards achieving our goals more accessible.

You are not alone in this journey; there are many people with you. It is okay if you are not the best one, it is essential that it is you.

About the Author:

Dr Khushbu Suthar

(I am a Homeopathic Practitioner with specialisation in Diet Planning and Nutrition from Mumbai. I am holding a degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and by amalgamating these three, my aim in life is to research on mind, Body and Soul. Flamboyant colours of vegetables and Vivid Psychology of Human mind is what enchants me. An avid explorer of healing now practising in Bikaner is learning to get the best of both Beaches and dunes.)








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