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FOOD and VITALITY - the debate continues

A friend of mine brings a gift for me.

An ashtray made out of white marble stone!

Beautifully crafted!

She is beaming with excitement while gifting it to me.

I am a bit shocked than surprised!

What should I do with it?

I nor smoke neither allow any visitor to smoke in our house!

She argues that I am not appreciating the gift as she expected me to do!

I appreciate the craft!
Indeed, it is a good work, embossed delicately.
This could be a good showpiece but not an ashtray for me.
She perhaps sensed the untold statement in my eyes - “The ashtray cannot be considered useful for me for its actual purpose!”
She gets annoyed!

I am helpless to help her…

This article is in continuation with the dialectical understanding of food NOT giving energy or VITALITY.

Well, the statement, many times, has been countered intelligently and repeatedly during my interactions with people.

One of the recent interactions raised a very intelligent question. The questioner agrees on the aspects of living foods, as in Fruits and Vegetables, in its original state, are the best food. But she questions that if these do not have VITALITY, then how a separated branch of a plant grows up as another plant when that gets direct R-A-W (Radiation-Air-Water) and the assistance of the Soil.

Unarguably, it is a fact!

Certainly, the parts of the plant contain VITALITY even after they are detached from the plant.

Then how can we accept this fact that the food that we consume do not give us VITALITY?

The beauty of dialectic understanding is that; it progresses to a deeper level with questioning.

Questioning should not be stopped while keeping an open mind of understanding the rational and dialectic aspects of cause and effect.

This particular question can be simplified with the argument of the consumption of seeds and nuts.

Image credit:Famifranquoivia

We know, the seeds can be sprouted and sowed into plants. That means ‘the seeds have VITALITY’ is an evidential fact, proven by the life that grows from a seed to a plant.

The human consumption of sprout is very common and approved by Nature Cure also, though, in less quantity.

Then where that VITALITY goes when we consume it?

The answer is not known, where it goes, but definitely, it does not get ‘absorbed’ by us.

It is just an assumption that we have the capability to assimilate VITALITY from an external substance.

No organism has that capability or the functionality to assimilate VITALITY from outside of the body.

The formation of life is a highly critical process.

The VITALITY can only be synthesized in the process of conception, in case of heterotrophic organisms.

In case of an autotrophic organism, soil plays the role of facilitator in the process of growth of the body of the plant using the nascent VITALITY available within the seed.

It is not possible in a normal state for an organism to synthesize and assimilate the VITALITY for itself.

To execute the fusion of VITALITY a tremendous amount of energy is needed. In a normal state, no organisms possess that quantum of energy.

Programmatically, in Nature, no organism is designed to perform the enhancement of VITALITY-QUOTIENT within the body. This capability would have spoilt the homeostasis of the universe, in the run of VITALITY-ENHANCEMENT by each and all organism of the universe.

The strive to enhance the VITALITY-QUOTIENT is conditioning due to different misconceptions. It is not dialectically evaluated and established.

With some non-correlated aspects such as the calorie-concept of food, the VITALITY-ENHANCEMENT has been proposed by physical science.

The calorie concept is attained just by burning food in a device called, calorie-meter while correlating the produced amount of heat with a human-created unit of heat-measurement called Calorie! The energy-transfer concept of physical science has been imposed on VITALITY without evaluating its dialectic applicability. This has got nothing to do with the real existence and enhancement of VITALITY.

Image credit: marvorel  via Pixabay

Few substances (food) do give a sense of enhanced energy in the organism due to the stimulating properties of those substances. Those deplete the VITALITY instead of enhancing it.

Irrespective of the fact, that the food has the VITALITY inside it or not, no food can increase organism’s VITALITY.

The idea of VITALITY-ENHANCEMENT is a superstitious and misleading concept.

This leads to the acceptance of the supplementation and the idea of healing power exist outside the body.

It topples the foundation of understanding of Nature Cure and its application, dialectically.

As shared in the incident at the beginning, irrespective of the aspect of the beautiful look of the Ashtray, it is of no use for me. The aesthetic existence of the craftsmanship can just be used as a showpiece.

But that cannot establish its utility.

The VITALITY in food serves towards the perishability of the food. Perishability is a useful identifier. But it is not something that helps our VITALITY to increase but conserve.

The mere existence of VITALITY in the food does not establish the VITALITY-ENHANCEMENT.

Thank you…


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