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We need to compulsorily revisit the foundations of Nature Cure frequently to reinforce the dialectic understanding of Nature.

In PSYsolution Alumni group, the discussions are prolifically continued on different aspects of understanding Nature. The human understanding is uniquely pursued by each one of us. Some can understand difficult aspect easily, on the other hand, the same person can take longer to understand an easy aspect. The beauty of the collective strive to explore Nature is - we mutually contribute towards each other’s understanding, assimilation, execution and finally sharing to continue the chain of learning.

Recently, there is a revisit needed on Law of Unity – one of the basic concepts of Nature Cure. The debate was on the statement – “Everything has got everything and we have the capability to extract anything out of anything”.

“How can a bitter gourd and a potato be the same?”

The functional analysis indeed showcases the difference. This is evidential but this is superficial. The peripheral analysis is what we neglect in Nature Cure, we go deeper beyond the functional analysis to explore the structural origin. Origin reveals the originality.


We shall now proceed in a three-fold analysis of ORIGIN, DISINTEGRATION and REINTEGRATION.


All the living organisms, be it autotrophs or heterotrophs, are made up of R-A-W (Radiation-Air-Water) at the core! The process of building up of the structure of the physical entity of the organism starts with the assimilation of the R-A-W and then integrating those uniquely to form a body. Originally we are made up of the same elements but we form our unique existence with the elements, uniquely. It is a cue to the voice of the organism – which is uniquely honoured by each and every organism. Hence the proportion of the ingredient differs at its quality and quantity but the origins remain the same.


If we talk about the heterotrophs and in specific, mankind, we do absorb R-A-W directly also but that does not suffice the elemental requirements. Therefore, we need to eat solid food to supplement the R-A-W that we require. This supplementation is a complex process and undergoes a delicate and precise disintegration process. When the food enters our mouth and proceeds, it is subjected to a detailed disintegration process at the granular level. In this disintegration process, we reach the origin of the food to extract what we need from it. Our inherent intelligence has the knowledge of our requirements ingrained into it. The extraction of the needed elements is performed diligently, irrespective of the type of food inputs. The vitality needed in this process of disintegration differs based on the complexities of the food. More complex, the food is, the more vitality it needs. At the disintegrated level, the peripheral identity of the food in terms of its function or appearance gets vanished. It narrows down to its origin.


The original elements then processed within the organism with the assistance of multiple factors like direct supplements of R-A-W (Radiation-Air-Water), the genetic dispositions, the habitual attributions, the physical movements, the mental status, etc. The reintegration of the food inputs happens in further precision as per the sensed needs of the organism. The inherent intelligence of the organism plays a crucial and leading role in the process of reintegration. At any stage, the organisms are programmed to stay healthy and homeostatic. The elemental needs are adjusted with all the supplemental supports as stated, in the process of reintegration. The conscious input supply of solid food becomes just one of the supports in the process. The simplicity of the food is primary not the specification of the food. Simpler food conserves a lot of vitality which is used in the process of reintegration. That’s it! Further, the peripheral specification of the elemental existence in each food is not needed because of the original similarity. In the process of reintegration, the body can convert any element to any other element as per its requirements if the nerve force, vitality, is conserved well.

In this regard, the PLACEBO and NOCEBO effects are to be taken into consideration to understand the aspects of converting anything into anything. In Placebo, in the absence of the needed substance, the body can produce that particular substance whenever it needs. In Nocebo, in the presence of a substance, the body is well capable of producing its antidote to overcome the impact of that substance. It is nothing but the power of inherent intelligence and the conserved vitality which execute this effectively.

Finally, due to the similarity in the ORIGIN, the efficacy of the DISINTEGRATION process and intelligence in the REINTEGRATION process, we arrive at the conclusion that: “Everything has got everything and we have the capability to extract anything out of anything”.

The inquisitive strives shall continue and PSYsolution is committed to being with you on this journey.

Thank you…


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