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Yes, humbly, I want to make it loud and clear:

Unmindful and superstitious use of TONA/ENEMA has to be stopped to help the body to retain and maintain the real independent health.

TONA is the smaller version of ENEMA, often recommended as remedies even by many Nature Cure practitioners to get rid of the problem of incidental-constipation, during the ACUTE conditions! Pure Nature Cure is not about remedies. We need to dive deeper into the Physics of VITALITY, to understand the dialectics of the incidental-constipation.

The vitality is the energy with innate intelligence!

Most of the rules of observatory-physics can be applied to explain the functioning of vitality.

  • Energy is the capacity to work.
  • Work is directly proportional to the force.
  • Force is directly proportional to the pressure.

According to Gay-Lussac’s law about the relation between the pressure and temperature of gases, the pressure is directly proportional to the temperature.

  • Temperature is dependent on the heat-content.
  • Heat is a form of energy!
  • Thermodynamically, the pressure and the heat in a system are directly proportional to each other.
  • An increase inpressure will increase the heat vi’s a vis, increase the temperature of the system.

The acute condition of the body is an intelligent action initiated by the body to expel toxins.

During an acute condition, the body expels the bodily evolved toxins out.

The toxin expulsion happens by lowering the density of toxin.

Lowering the density needs increment in the heat so that the toxins can easily be expelled with the pressure in the forms of semi-liquid, liquid or gaseous forms.

In the acute condition, bodily evolved toxins are expelled using lungs, kidney and skin. In this condition, the heat within the body increases and often we experience the bliss of fever which is the primary weapon of the body to bring back the homeostasis by eliminating the accumulated toxins.

To increase the heat and temperature, during an acute condition, the body often needs to increase the pressure.

In this direction, many a time, the body opts to stop evacuation, to increase the pressure within the body so that the heat can be increased.

Then the individual may experience incidental-constipation during the acute condition.
This phenomenon is absolutely normal and the intelligent choice of the body to get rid of the accumulated toxins.

In an acute condition, we would surely suffer discomforts. That is the message of the body to help the body consciously in the process of conservation of vitality.

We just need to REST ENOUGH to support the action of special elimination initiated by the body in the form of an acute condition.

The discomforts get reduced when the body finishes its work of elimination of toxins and breaks the fever (if any) on its own. The incidental-constipation gets reversed when the acute condition is over.

When we resort to TONA during the acute condition, the pressure within the body is reduced by triggering the evacuation. The reduction in the pressure reduces the heat within the body and the initiative of the body to expel toxin gets SUPPRESSED.

The individual might experience a pseudo sense of relief from the discomfort of acute condition but the CURE is deterred.

This phenomenon is quite similar to the medicinal intervention to get rid of the symptomatic discomforts.

In Nature Cure, we work with the body, not against the body.

When the body opts incidental-constipation, we need to acknowledge it to get actually CURED.

Just REST well, the body is at work;

It will take care of the things and open the intestinal gate (the anus) when it feels needed.

Please consult your therapist and discuss these dialectics whenever you are advised to use TONA, next time!

Thank you...


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