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Recently, a friend has shared a promo of an upcoming movie (The game changer) where the plant-based diet is proposed better than the meat-based diet in terms of ‘gaining strength’ for the professions of muscle-building etc!

A dialogue by a bodybuilder who eats a plant-based diet:

“Someone asked me, ‘How could you get as strong as an ox without eating any meat?’ And my answer was, ‘Have you ever seen an ox eating meat?’”

Being a Nature Cure follower it could be a piece of delighting information because the plant-based diet is proposed better compared to a complex animal-based diet for mankind in Nature Cure. But ‘the dialectics’ restrict me to come to an immediate conclusion, whatsoever!

Let us understand what is the strength, first!

As it is defined, Strength is the property/quality of being strong.

That means it is a property directly connected to the vitality or the innate energy of the organism.

Dialectically, Vitality quotient is nowhere connected to anything external, be it food or something else.

Food is the building material for the body. Vitality acts on the food, not the opposite!

The vitality, through the voice of the organism (here, sense of hunger), indicates the need for food for the organism.

When the food is consumed, the vitality gets engaged to disintegrate the food to reintegrate it into the body cells and tissues.

The quality of tissues depends upon the compatibility of the food and amount of conserved vitality available in that specific organism.

The compatibility of the food is determined by the voice of the organism (the natural attraction or the taste of the food in its natural state). Which varies, species to species of the organisms.

‘Gaining strength’, in question (the promo), is a conditioned understanding of mankind with specific interests of becoming a bodybuilder or an athlete, for example. These professional choices are something cognitively sketched decisions of mankind as similar to any other professions. The preparation for any professional choice may include some comprises of natural health practices. Non-compromising lifestyle to natural health practices may sometimes lead to professional limitations, but those professional requirements cannot be justified as natural practices.

For professional excellence, one has to sketch the lifestyle delicately and dialectically so that compromises can be compensated intelligently.

For example, if someone has to spend vitality a lot in specific thinking processes, s/he has to conserve vitality in other thinking engagements so that the extra-spends can be compensated. Nonetheless, the justifications of that professional choice should be attained, case to case basis.

Now, in the cases of bodybuilding or physical ‘strength’ related professions, most of the defined goals can be achieved with stimulating performances.

The achievements of such goals can never be appreciated in Nature Cure science.

A true plant-based diet can never help anyone in achieving a stimulating performance. For the sake of establishing the superiority of the plant-based diet, if we blindly propose that the plant-based diet will make you stronger to achieve ‘such and such’ goals, it would be an absolute non-dialectic proposal.

For example, if a competition requires ‘x cm of biceps’ that can be easily assured by some supplements or even by the meat-based diet; but that can never be guaranteed by a plant-based diet.

The nature cure science and philosophy may not support you to achieve your cognitively sketched performance which is irrationally designed in the mind without keeping nature in sync with life.

But nature cure lifestyle can bring independence in your life in terms of understanding life.

The true independence is when we are not specifically dependent on anything be it, foods or actions or thoughts, as a whole.

In the run of proposing nature cure, we should never encourage or involve to compare our achievements with ‘an ox and its strength’!

An ox is an ox; the comparison between the different species of organism is anti-nature.

Every species has their levels of strength and limitations depending upon their anatomical, chemical and neural structure.

Let’s not compare but honour the individualistic existence.

Let’s be humanly strong, which lies in the cognitions more than anything else!

Thank you...


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