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Health is the greatest wealth, which means that he who has health must cherish it with care, lest he should lose it. Unfortunately, it happens that most people do not know the value of health until it is lost.

Nature cure provides a window for everyone to judge his health level without resorting to costly diagnostic tests.

Medical professionals have a number of standards for checking the health level of a person. There are tables giving standards of height, weight, temperature, pulse-rate, blood pressure, respiration, so on and so forth. But all these show only a patient’s condition. The disease that is latent cannot be detected by any of these tests. Health is therefore far different. A healthy feeling is one in which the person does not feel the presence of his body, its weight at any part of presence of his body. Otherwise, weight at any part of the body is known by the presence of pain or uneasiness there, which is the indication of presence of cause of the disease.

In common parlance, in any of the Indian languages, when we refer to Health, we use the word ‘Arogya’, which denotes absence of disease, and that is a negative term. This term is based on something permanent behind it, viz Health. So, health is a positive condition and disease is opposite of it, which is only a symptom of fall in one's health-level.

Achrya k.Lakshmana Sharma describes a healthy body in a succinct form:-

1) ''Even warmth all over the body, lightness of feeling, keen hunger, sound and restful sleep, clarity of mind, ability of the body to work, freedom from laziness, and timely elimination of filth are the signs of good health''.

2) A healthy person enjoys simple food and is contented, because he experiences real hunger. He gets a satisfaction before eating to full capacity, which would have given a feeling of fullness and discomfort. Equally so, the process of digestion will be proper and organic. The person will be absolutely unaware and unconscious of it.

3) The healthy skin should not emit an unpleasant smell as does that of a carnivorous animal. The skin should be moist, but wet, should feel warm, be smooth to touch and have elasticity.

4) The lung function should be voluntary and without any difficulty, i.e. an unconscious routine breathing should be through the nose.

5) Sleep of a healthy person is soft, quiet and uninterrupted. On waking, one feels cheerful, bright and contented.

6) Deep mental emotions cannot long oppress a healthy man; he recuperates quickly.

Father of hydro therapy - LOUIS KUHNE has laid down the following:

“A healthy person has the sum of measure of neck [say 17 cms], the measure at the calf [say 15 cms] should be equal to the measure of abdomen at the naval [say 17 cms 15cms= 32cms]. The abdomen is not prominent. The leg are strongly build and straight.”


A healthy person does not have to strain much to clear his bowels, and this should not be laced with mucous.

I wish that everyone has the requisite health level.

(About V.S.Pawar:I am a 72 year old veteran practicing pure nature cure for 45 years.M.I.I.N.T (1980) certified. I lead a healthy life free from any disease and share my knowledge with others freely. Read more on, Photo courtesy:


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