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The Importance of Eating Mindfully

Food has been the ultimate boon for mankind. It gives our body the required nutrition to perform our daily activities. When it comes to maintaining one's ideal weight, the one parameter that plays the most important role is – Food. However, it is not just what we eat but the way we consume it that plays a major role in its proper absorption and synthesis by our body.

You must've noticed people around you who are busy talking to one another while eating or engrossed in exchanging text messages on phones. Some are glued to the television while eating food and some even prefer to read during the same! All these distractions are signs of a mindless form of eating which leads to improper assimilation of nutrients by the body.

When we eat socially in a cosy setting, we start lagging in listening to our body and invariably overeat. Some people are also emotional eaters who resort to food during distressing times. Ideally, it’d be the best to skip eating when you are angry, tensed or upset. Extracting proper nutrition from food is essential to reap maximum benefits. To derive complete pleasure from the food, we should adopt the habit of mindful eating.


Mindful eating refers to the process of directing one's awareness to the food in front of him/her, relishing each bite slowly and appreciating its colour, texture, smell, the sound of eating, and its flavour. The aim here is to involve all our 5 senses in the process of consuming a meal that enables the correct digestive juices to get secreted in our body. This process not just satisfies one's hunger but also replenishes one's soul. It also aids the process of digestion as when one chews properly, the digestive juices are secreted in a better manner. Mindful eating also helps to slow down the speed of eating, thus creating the feeling of fullness in the stomach.


To eat mindfully, you should pay heed to the following points:

  • Begin your meal by setting up a visually enchanting table, with vases, candles, and crockery
  • Once you sit down to eat, start with the process of giving gratitude to the universe for the meal on your plate
  • Thank the ancestors who sowed the seeds of the crop, the farmer who nurtured it, the buyer who bought it, and finally the one who prepared your meal. Take your meal as a gift from the universe, a blessing of God. You'll begin to notice the differences in your eating experience as it will be wholesome and enjoyable at the same time
  • As you begin to eat, notice the colour of the meal, the way it has been plated, the smell of the food. As you take your first bite, pay attention to the sound of crunch as you eat your food and feel the texture of the ingredients in your mouth


It is not just a practice but a whole experience that transforms our way of living. Once we start noticing the details and thank the universe for them, we send good vibes to the universe. And being a true caretaker and protector or our well-being, the universe responds by giving us good health, satiety, and happiness. Eating mindfully allows us to eat only when we are hungry, not when we are bored. It creates a sense of awareness amongst us that relaxes our minds and we feel calmer by the end of the meal. This process also allows us to stop eating once our stomach is full as our senses give us the signal so as when to stop consuming more food.


To maintain the ideal body weight, it is not just mandatory to eat the right food but also important to correct the way we consume our meal. This would make us a thankful individual and once we start noticing the small things that nature offers us, miracles begin to happen, not just physically and mentally, but holistically as well.


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07:19 PM | 10-09-2019

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