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Practical tips for handling fever in children.

Fever is the top most among the eliminations that are termed as acute in the nature cure. When the body decides to rise the temperature beyond 98.4F, we define that as a fever.

In this article, Kalyan from PSYSolution has discussed about the underlying causes of cold / cough / fever. However, as a health educator and a mother of two, when it comes to kids I have constantly battled practically implementing natural healing vs knowing the theoretical aspects. The below-mentioned tips can be followed for adults too.

What causes fevers?

Accumulation of toxins, also called toxaemia are the reasons why body initiates a fever to eliminate the toxins. In today’s fast world, when both parents are working and foods like chips, pizza, burgers, candies, ice-creams, biscuits, chocolates, fried foods etc are easily available for snacking.lack of time makes it a challenge to constantly make healthy food available for school snacks / after school snacking/ weekend needs. Such fake foods affect digestion and is the root cause of toxaemia.

The body throws out toxins in its needs to maintain homeostasis. This can be from any orifice of the body – cold from the respiratory organs, loose-motions from the excretory organs, flareups from the skin, fever when the temperature of the body is risen to handle the crisis.

Are all fevers the same?

Typically speaking, different fevers have different symptoms, but in all conditions of fever, the patient feels weak, feels cold and this feeling of weakness is what causes a fright. In cases when fevers reach greater than 103F, not only the patient, but the people around them get frightened. Even those who normally tend to follow nature cure, get unnerved and seek to depend on medications to suppress the rising temperatures with the hope that in future they will detox.

Food and medicine leads to suppression

The commonly practiced ways of handling a fever is typically to feed them digestion intensive foods such as porridge made from grains and processed sweeteners like jaggery and sugar loaded with dairy fats such as ghee, fermented Idly made with grains, Refined flour breads with dairy milk, grain-based kichadi, dairy based coffee and broken wheat based porridge. These foods are hard to digest and put further load on the body already battling with existing toxins.

Allopathy, homeopathy or ayurvedic medicines are known to suppress as soon as the fever starts. Even occasional use of drugs is bad for health and its aftereffects far from desirable. The body continues to strive for homeostasis even when chemicals are introduced and fever is suppressed. It will always find the next opportunity to try and eliminate again. More often than not, the next time the severity is usually more.

Typical symptoms of fever in kids (remember, kids may not be able to express all symptoms verbally!)

Before an onset of fever /cold, the following symptoms can be seen in kids –

• Throwing tantrums,

• Feel unusually tired, droopy-eyed and muscular pains

• Loss of appetite,

• Coated tongue and constipation

• Clogged nose and sore throat

• General uneasiness

Usually, mothers are quick to notice such symptoms in their children and know something’s up!

Taking action at the right time!

As soon as feverishness sets in and the symptoms listed above are seen, its best to take action.

1) Appetite disappears in cases of most fevers and its best to fast the fever with dry or water fasting. However, in kids, it’s highly unlikely that parents agree or kids themselves agree to go on such a fast. Hence it's best that the child is kept high on pulp-free liquids such as lime water, tender coconut water, pomegranate juice, pineapple juice, watermelon juice, ash-gourd juice, carrot juice, moosambi / orange juice, grapes juice or sugarcane juice. The juice has to come from fruits, vegetables or naturally growing and has to be free of pulp to ensure that the digestive system gets a break and body also is flushed to aid the body in cleaning the system. This also balances the body thermostat and does not counter-interfere in elimination, unlike medicines. Hence liquids are highly recommended even when temperatures are high. This has been shown to be very effective in handling conditions such as febrile seizures which is what people fear when temperatures soar.

2) For one full day, continue to keep the child on liquids on and off as per the child’s request. In most cases, the fever will continue and reduce the following day. When temperatures don’t seem to drop, parents are advised to stay calm and trust the body’s inherent nature of healing itself.

3) In some cases, mothers have complained that their child asked for cooked food even though the body is asking for a fast. Simple steamed vegetables will help improve their mood though the body would have still asked for a fast.

Onset of fever and handling different scenarios

In spite of the above actions, when the bodily impurities may be too much, if the fever does appear, it would be mild and controllable as some detoxification would already have happened during two or three days of feverishness. The body might not have the level of toxaemia necessitating the appearance of complicated fevers such as pneumonia, typhoid, polio, viral arthritis, malaria, dengue, chikungunya or many more names for fever that is in vogue today.

1) In many cases when the toxin accumulations have been severe, fever may not reduce in one single day. Fruits are the next best food when it comes to keeping the digestive system less loaded so that it focuses on detoxing. So continue to keep the child on liquids if they are old enough to be managed or keep them on juicy fruits in combination with liquids.

2) Continue water enema of 100-200ml twice a day

3) Fever accompanied with a cold / sore-throat- If fevers or feverishness is accompanied with a cold or a sore throat, in addition to the usual steps described above, the child is advised to gargle as many times as possible with warm salt and turmeric water.

4) Fever accompanied by diarrhoea - its best to keep the child on liquids. This will continue the call to pass motions, Even if the child passed motions multiple times in a day, refrain from using sugar-laden additives like flavoured glucose, ORS and such drinks.

5) Fever with ear-aches, ear infections, pus, leaks – Some kids tend to eliminate mucus via the ears too. To handle such issues when it happens, kindly keep the child high on liquids first and if needed on fruits.

In many cases I have come across, the parents get procedures done to drain the ears via external tubes. In such cases, a whole food plant based lifestyle after eliminating all animal products such as dairy will reduce the frequency of such issues. In addition to this when they introduce fruits in their diets, the restored vitality of the body will prevent such occurrences in future.

6) Fever with tonsillitis – Tonsillitis is the name given when the tonsils are inflamed. This is usually seen with a fever/ sore-throat / severe pains / trouble swallowing / unable to talk and swelling in some cases. Its again advised to keep the child on liquids, gargle with salt and turmeric as frequently as possible, sip on warm lime water and in addition to this tie a wet cloth around the neck for as long as possible for few days for the water-based healing to work on the inflammations.

7) Complex fevers such as dengue/chikungunya/viral arthritis / rashes / pains et al – The lifecycle of some of these naturally take about 5-10 days. These typically are seen in kids and adults who are high on animal products in the majority of the cases or vegans who eat out a lot. When my own kids were on dairy, they eliminated toxins with dengue one summer. Since I was already aware of natural ways of healing, for 3 days I kept them on liquids. They had no appetite for solids. It's best to give them options of juices and give them any fruit juice of their choice. Kids love tender coconut. Fevers tend to stay high for 3 days, but there will not be any complications such as pains. When the fever in dengue leaves the body on the 5th day, rashes seem to appear and that’s the natural lifecycle and the virus leaves the body without leaving it's after-effects such as joint pains. Even if some cooked food is given when the child asks, switch back to fruits and liquids after the one-off feed of cooked. Parents are advised to be aware that feeding cooked will delay the recovery. No medicines are necessary for as long as the fever takes to leave the body.

8) High fevers leading to Febrile seizures – In cases where I have seen children with febrile seizures, typically, suppression of the fever repeatedly would have led to this condition. When the body is suppressed during a mild fever of 101F, the next time the fever tends to reach 102F and so on. Over time, the body tends to continue to take steps to increase the temperature to kill off the invaders such as virus and bacteria that have come to feed on the toxin accumulation in the body. Beyond this, if it's suppressed, the viruses tend to release their by-products such as neurotoxins that tend to cause nerve inflammation which is commonly known as seizures or epilepsy. The body vitality would have been low to sense this attack. Once the body realizes that there is an attack, it counter attacks. The symptom stops at that time. Even in this condition, the body tends to protect us.The way to heal is to ensure that the child is kept high on liquids. The fevers will continue to come and go along with seizures over the next few months. At this time, it’s the job of the mother to take a brave step and break the cycle of giving any medication. The longer the child depends on crutches such as medicines, the longer is the time taken for healing. As the mother continues to handle it naturally even if medicines were used in the first few times, the flushing action of the liquids tends to reduce the severity and frequency of occurrence overtime. The ultimate goal here is to handle this medicine free and let the body heal the condition naturally.

9) Fevers during constipations – When a child is constipated, the fever remains internal, restricted to some parts of the body alone. Here the temperature is unequally distributed. In such cases, the fever needs to be brought out to the whole body for better handling. So wet packs are given on the abdomen to ease the fever, improve blood flow and ease constipation. Where accumulation is more, there is a potential localized fever. Hydrotherapy in addition to positive natural diet management helps in managing a fever naturally without any external interventions.

10) Fevers accompanied with Urinary tract symptoms – In some kids who are chronically constipated, urinary tract infections are common. Kids who have foods that are high on animal fats tend to complain of stomach aches, burning sensation during urination, frequent urge to urinate accompanied with mild fevers. It’s always suggested to keep the child exceptionally high on juices and particularly fresh or frozen cranberry home-made juice is better able to handle the situation effectively. It’s important that the child avoids solid food until the issue is resolved. Cooling wet packs are given on the abdomen to ease the fever, improve blood flow and ease the inflammation of the urinary tract.


Parents must note that if a child tends to get a certain type of elimination or discharge via the skin/ear/nose/tongue/ sore eyes/throat, that’s the way their body chooses to eliminate. Since we don’t live in a sterile environment, the objective is to heal medicine-free and naturally let the body do its job without any form of suppression.

Any form of repeatedly occurring acute illness such as fever is an indication that the lifestyle is inherently incorrect. In most of the cases, animal foods such as dairy, meat, eggs, fish, processed and refined bakery foods, medications for suppression are some of the leading factors for the accumulation of toxins. Eliminating these fake foods and resorting to consuming more positive foods such as whole food plant-based lifestyle with more focus on fruits, vegetables and greens will conserve vitality and overtime make the body strong enough to handle the minor attacks without a fever.

Please do note that it is not only food but other aspects like fresh air and sunlight are very much necessary, not only daily but also during fevers. Exposing the child to fresh air and gentlesunlight will help in the healing process.

(About myself: Formerly I was with the IT industry for 2 decades and also have my own venture on healthy vegan bakingI I have suffered life threatening allergies and survived twice. I learnt to heal naturally and applied the same on both my kids aged 13 &10 . We as a family live a healthy, disease free lifestyle.Based on my experience and what I have gained from reading, I help others in reversing their ailments naturally.)

Disclaimer: The health journeys, blogs, videos and all other content on Wellcure is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered a ‘medical advice’ ‘prescription’ or a ‘cure’ for diseases. Any specific changes by users, in medication, food & lifestyle, must be done under the guidance of licensed health practitioners. The views expressed by the users are their personal views and Wellcure claims no responsibility for them.

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