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Why Do We Cough & What Should We Do?

Irritated with the cough that doesn’t seem to go away? All symptoms are the body’s way of throwing out toxins and getting back to health. Read on to know some natural home remedies you can use to soothe your cough without interfering with the healing taking place.

What is cough?

Common cough is a natural mechanism to throw out dust & any other particle which can be a foreign body or germs. Coughing is a life saving mechanism devised by the body for its own protection.

Here are a few natural remedies you can use to get relief naturally, without interfering with the body’s innate healing mechanism:

  1. The most commonly known – have honey with few drops of ginger juice. Make sure to procure least processed,raw and pure honey.

    You can slightly heat the honey. Few variations:

    1. Have honey with few drops of tulsi juice
    2. Take a pinch of cinnamon with a spoon of honey & few drops of ginger juice
    3. Squeeze a lemon, add a spoon of honey, few drops of ginger juice, a pinch or two of haldi
  2. Feel like keeping something in your mouth, like cough lozenges, to soothe the throat? You can put a small piece of dal chini & keep sucking.

  3. Boil tulsi leaves in water & keep sipping the concoction.

Soothe your cough by using remedies that don’t interfere with the body’s natural process, rather facilitate it... Interference may lead to other health issues, facilitation will lead to good health in the long run.

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