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The magical power of blessings, Case studies - Part 2

In Part 1 of the blog on blessings, I shared with you information on What is a blessing, How it works, The science behind it and How to do it. In this article, I am sharing with all of you case studies of blessings based on what people, whom I know, have shared with me.

(Names have been changed to respect privacy as only the experience matters)

In all cases, I would advise them to look within themselves for growth and not point fingers at anyone else because all experiences happen to teach us a lesson and grow our souls.

  • Sheetal leads a vegan lifestyle and her husband was a hardcore non-veg consumer. He would get it home and also feed the kids. One child had healed from severe respiratory conditions after going vegan and leading a healthy lifestyle. Sheetal herself had overcome many of her multiple health issues. But the daily challenges of dealing with her husband’s non-veg consumption and force-feeding the kids were creating conflicts at home. One day we spoke and I asked her to keep aside all her prejudices about him and just genuinely start blessing. Initially, it was mechanical and overtime the feelings became genuine. In 1.5 months, I got the news that Chirag, her husband saw a vegan documentary while browsing and turned vegan overnight. He now educates his family and friends on the ethical and healthy aspects of leading a healthy life.
  • Kavitha had been struggling with her in-laws for all her married life. When we started working on her health issues, I realized that this is more than just fixing the food. I explained to her that emotional conflicts can lead to physical health issues, so she must also work on that. She did not bless for many days even after knowing it’s the right thing to do as old experiences held her back. Finally, she decided to give it a go and started blessing forcibly like a parrot uttering few words. Overtime she told me that genuine love started pouring for them. She continues to bless and today she is leading a very happy life with them. Her in-laws don’t hurt her with their words and the experiences have been getting better as days pass by. She has now made it a part of her routine to bless a set of people in her life on a daily basis.
  • Chandrika had been taking care of a sick mother in law. She had issues dealing with sisters in law who would not acknowledge her service and would try to cause disruption in the relationships too. I told her few ways to work on this in her own thinking pattern and along with that, she started blessing. She did see things slowing down in terms of bad experiences. This gave her the motivation to continue. We are all not perfect and neither are we robots. Despite knowing things, we may not apply them. Conscious practice in every situation is what will make this work.

  • Swathi approached me for severe dandruff issues once and was healing naturally too.
    • Her marriage – She was emotionally disturbed that she was growing old and was unmarried. One can ask how can I help her on this aspect naturally? Yes, I believe that emotionally we are all connected too as described above. Emmett Fox in 1912, coined the term “mental equivalent”. He suggested forming an image in our mind of what we want. This image will be the inner reality or representation of what is desired. This image is the mental equivalent of what we want to attract. It can be anything -a healthy body, a house, a dream partner etc. Swathi was interested to get involved with a colleague and asked me how she can use the method to marry him. It is our ego that believes that someone is right for us when there are billions of potential bachelors waiting to become engaged. The ego thinks it knows everything. As per Fox, we form a mental image of a person who has the qualities she loves in a husband. I asked her to bless her future married life, her future husband and imagine that she is already happily married to her dream partner. The dream partner would be her mental equivalent – a vibrational match that she would attract. Within 1.5 months she gave me the news that she is getting engaged. It was an arranged marriage. I was so moved when she told me that I was her first wedding invitee. She came along with her parents to take my blessings. She is a happily married person also following a healthy vegan lifestyle.
    • Swathi, after realising the importance of blessing in her own life started blessing her mother/parents when her mother was sick recently in 2019. Her parents have been married for 34 yrs and her father has been the less responsible kind while the mother was shouldering all the responsibilities. He also did not tune in with her emotions or help during her suffering. Seeing her mother suffer from an emotionless husband would always bother Swathi. Recently she called me regarding this and I reminded her about the blessings. When things feel out of control, this is the best method to adopt. She started blessing her parents. She shared this with me when I shared with her about my intention for writing this article. Within days, before this got published, her father had turned over a new leaf. She says she never saw that caring side of her father. Her mother is now happy too.

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  • Chhaya daily blesses her car. She speaks affectionately to the car and it’s parts while she is driving a long journey alone. She shared that she had 2 near-miss accidents and although the other car driver was hurt, her car escaped scratch-free.
  • Arpitha experienced miracles in her life due to the power of blessings. Being a single mom at a young age after losing her husband to cancer, battling her own health issues, depression, anxiety, having to face property issues and with no support from anyone, her life was quite a challenge.
    • She did not have a close relationship with her grown-up daughter and there would be frequent disagreements about many things. They would go on for days without conversing with each other under the same roof. Arpitha had healed her own health issues and had started to believe in natural ways. She started blessing her daughter. She would also write positive things about her like "She is a responsible and caring person" brought about many
      changes. One day her daughter surprised her by cooking and bring her favourite dish. She also became responsible over the next few months and completed all her pending exams at college and they have developed a close bond.
    • Since her husband passed away, Arpitha had to deal with property issues with her in-laws. She had a difficult relationship with her brother-in-law living in the same premises in another apartment. Among many cold wars, she also faced trouble over water sharing though they stayed in the same property. He would switch off the water supply and created a water shortage which she managed silently but hated him inside herself. After seeing changes in her daughter, she started blessing him by thinking "May God bless you, I like you". I had told her not to use negativity while blessing such as “I don’t hate you anymore”. She did it for 1.5 years and changed her ill feelings towards him. The magic worked and today she doesn't experience any trouble from him over water sharing; water flows in abundance! He does not switch off the motor although they are yet to get to speaking terms. She, however, is seeing progress. Her mind is empty of all negative feelings towards him, only good remains. She is hopeful that someday the rest of the disputes will be resolved too.
    • She healed her relationship with her mother. Since childhood, her mother had been indifferent to her and criticizing her though showering love on her sister. She felt singled out. She became a stubborn child with her straightforward way of speaking which also worsened the already turbulent relationship. She carried so much hate towards her parents that she used to shout at them in her dreams. This changed when she met a friend who had lost his own mom and advised her to go make amends. She started blessing her 6 months back and went to visit her last month. She felt like she was visiting a very different, and changed person. She felt her love for the first time. Her mother now asks about her wellbeing, cooks and serves for her and invites her over for festivals. She is now hopeful that blessing her sister will mend that bond too.
    • Another interesting incident she narrated to me was that she was cheated of a large sum of money from a person which had caused her to slid into depression. I advised her to try her best to recover that but not with anxiety or hate. She started blessing him daily and she realised that she no longer hates him anymore. Circumstances so happened that she met someone else when she was filing her tax who has offered to help her recover that. She believes that she has found her happiness and peace back and she is at peace with whatever the outcome might be.
  • My mom had some fruit trees in her garden and they did not yield fruits for many years. She would constantly shower love and blessing on the trees in her garden and would even talk to them as one would talk to a child. In the next 3 or 4 months, the tree gave a bounty of lemons which were as big as limes. She also experienced the same with the sapota tree.
  • Charitha had a team leader at her workplace who was negative towards her. She started blessing him and observed that the relationship turned neutral overtime meaning neither did he despise her anymore nor was he favourable. So, in a way, she counts this as a positive development. She found a different project over some time and left this team.
  • Nishanth and his wife met me for a different purpose but it turned out that this conversation had a larger purpose. They began their holistic approach to leading a healthy life right away. Their parents also joined them. However, giving up milk-based tea/coffee became the no. 1 challenge for Savitha, his wife. Savitha very sincerely tried alternatives, from almond milk to coconut milk to herbal concoction. But nothing worked as a long term and sustainable choice. The various inputs, talks and alternatives I shared also did not do the trick to change her. Once, Nishanth called me to say that Savitha has a severe stomach issue and was admitted. He seemed helpless. As much as he was concerned for her wrong choices, he could not succeed in changing that. We spoke about this many times when she had fallen sick and I asked him to practice blessing her. I had also told him that help can come in any form. In many cases, if the person had to learn in adverse situations, those would come too. One day Nishanth called me saying she was admitted and I told him to try to educate her on her choices and told him things will be ok. She was advised to immediately go off dairy, by the doctor coincidentally like a blessing disguised as doctors words. Things then fell into perspective for her and she realised (from within), the importance of giving up milk-based tea/coffee. With new vigour and due to the need of the hour, Savitha started skipping the milk-based tea or coffee, throughout the day. This has now become a lifestyle change for her. In Nishanths words - “The Blessings have a very peculiar way of bringing about the change we seek. This is what we experienced first hand. The Master (or the change) appears (or happens) when the student is ready. This has been so true for us. Meeting Smitha and practising Blessings have a very peculiar way of bringing about the change we seek all happening at the right time. This is what we experienced first hand”.
  • In the words of Simran “You have to change the way you see things.. the things around you will change the way they appear to u..!!" These lines inspired meand I applied it too.Smitha came into my life as an angel. She taught me several things which changed me.I was facing a lot of issues, health-wise as well as dealing with the family. I live in a joint family. This has both advantages and disadvantages.Once, My mother-in-law fell sick. I had to take care of her in spite of my health issues. But still, I did take care of her, that too very sincerely. As I’m younger in this house, I couldn't take certain decisions on my own so had to consult other people in the house. Here, I faced a lot of torture from my sister-in-law and co-sister. This made me feel very low mentally.This was the time I got the guidance from Smitha, how to deal with people and got to know about "blessings".I genuinely started blessing my mother-in-law to get well soon and blessed my sister-in-law and co-sister to understand the situation and be good to me and themselves too.Now, I am happy to say this worked!! my mother-in-law is healthy and my sister-in-law and co-sister have accepted me and they are also happy. We are all happy together. I sincerely followed blessings and so noticed the changes very soon. There is a lot of improvement in my health too after following the holistic approach to living healthy.”

(About myself: Formerly I was with the IT industry for 2 decades and also have my own venture on healthy vegan baking. I have suffered life-threatening allergies and survived twice. I learnt to heal naturally and applied the same on both my kids aged 13 &10. We as a family live a healthy, disease-free lifestyle. Based on my experience and what I have gained from reading, I help others in reversing their ailments naturally and holistically.)

Disclaimer: The health journeys, blogs, videos and all other content on Wellcure is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered a ‘medical advice’ ‘prescription’ or a ‘cure’ for diseases. Any specific changes by users, in medication, food & lifestyle, must be done under the guidance of licensed health practitioners. The views expressed by the users are their personal views and Wellcure claims no responsibility for them.

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You yourself are a Blessing in Person, Smitha !

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That reflects your large heart Anju

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