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How to quit smoking

Readers will remember the remarks of MARK TWAIN when the cigar-smoking habit badgered him. Often he tried to quit. He realized the harm and the necessity of quitting when he humorously said something like this - "Quit smoking. Why anybody can do that. I quit a thousand times."

One wonders if the same recurrence of desire which caused Mark Twain to quit thousand times, only to return to the habit is a part of all the ‘so-called’ cures that have been offered to destroy the habit.

Here is a system that works since which is physiologically based.

Breathing has always been involved in the smoking habit; whether cigars, cigarettes, pipes or, bidis.

All smokers, when they reach for a cigarette feel deprived of air. The deep inspiration drawing the first smoke into the mouth is an effort to get more air, more oxygen, albeit contaminated with nicotine & whatnot. By the act of smoking, the mechanism of respiration is accelerated and more air is acquired by way of mouth with smoke.

The non-smoker in need of oxygen, without understanding yawns or raises his hands above his head in a good stretch, causing greater flow air, and hence more oxygen.

Smokers are known to be poor stretchers!

Here’s what they should do:

  • To destroy the cigarette habit, whenever you are prompted to reach for a cigarette, instead take a deep breath. But exhale fully before you start inhaling. Then inhale deeply, slowly and rhythmically through the nostrils, and then hold again before inhaling fully. Keep this up for several breaths.
  • If you can do this outdoors all the better since you will get more and good quality of air. Whenever you want to smoke, do the breathing as suggested, and the desire to smoke will vanish promptly.
  • For added advantage, take spinal baths [lying in a tub having 1 and a half to 2 inches of cold water with legs and head out of the water] for 20-30 mins, twice a day for a sure recovery within a short period.
  • The diet should predominantly consist of vegetables, cooked and raw to the extent of 80% of a single meal.
  • The individual should shun other stimulants like tea, coffee, cola drinks and other energising drinks.

On following the above methods, all the withdrawal symptoms will vanish and improve your general level of health, day by day.

Seeds of any future dreaded diseases such as chronic cough, asthma, blood pressure, cancer, and heart disease would also be taken care of.


(About V.S.Pawar: I am a 72-year-old veteran practising pure nature cure for 45 years.M.I.I.N.T (1980) certified. I lead a healthy life free from any disease and share my knowledge with others freely.

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