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Amongst a few Dos and Don’ts of pure Nature Cure counselling as a profession, this is the most important one.

No to Food-business!

Nature Cure counselling is an endeavour to reach out to the intellect of the person so that there is a change in the philosophy and perception. Peripheral ecstasy (the sensual ones) cannot be dealt in this route, unless the intellect is reached out, first.

Organisms are peripherally activated for their existence.

In the sketch of Nature, this is programmed perfectly.

We have our senses at the periphery.

Senses drive us to the good and the bad aspects of our survival and harmonious existence with Nature.

The experiences of our senses which are good naturally, are to be accepted and the experiences of our senses which are bad naturally, are to be rejected as per the patterns of the program of Nature.

The disharmony starts when we indulge in artificial enhancements of the good experiences and artificial suppressions of the bad experiences.

A pure Nature Cure(NC) counsellor is the person who educates people about the Voice of the Organism and explains how to recalibrate our responses to the good and bad experiences of our peripheral senses.

Many NC counsellors, along with the education, do the endeavour of extending their help to the people to opt good food, as well. While doing this, they end up competing with the existing food businesses.

Existing food businesses target the peripheral senses and lure the taste-buds with varieties of creations of artificial indulgences.

If the NC counsellor wishes to keep his/her food-venture not as a commercial profit-venture but an educative gift-venture, then the initiative is acceptable.

Otherwise, the future would be unpleasable.

There are two possible outcomes of the FOOD-BUSINESSES by a NC counsellor.

Possibility 1: FINANCIAL LOSS

The NC counsellor ends up incurring a financial loss of his/her investment made in the Food-business. Because winning the competition with the existing food business is impossible.

By-default people would be peripherally attracted towards the artificial luring tastes in comparison to the comparatively mild-tastes available in the natural food business.

If the individual buyer is intellectually elevated to understand the difference between the health-impacts then also the chances are less that the individual will be dependent specifically on the food-business of the NC counsellor. Because the pure Nature Cure teaches us to become independent. That includes the food specification too.

The limited shelf-life of the natural food items is another reason for incurring financial loss.

Possibility 2: DRIFT FROM NC

In the run of ‘protecting’ the business, the NC counsellor may drift from the path of pure Nature Cure and indulge in enhancing the taste and shelf-life of the food. This would jeopardise the whole initiative and the counsellor himself/herself will not remain a NC follower.

In both the possibilities, the outcome is disappointing.

Hence, a NC counsellor should limit herself in the business of ‘Educating people’ and assisting them to become independent ONLY.

The ‘repeat-customer-formula’ and pure Nature Cure do not coincide!

In Food-business without having repeat-customers, sustainability is impossible.

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