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There was a time when diabetes was rare among children. A man of 50 or 60 could be a victim, and that too would be taken as an old age disease. Times have changed. Science has ''progressed''. And hence disease also MUST. NOW we are told that children are also developing this dreaded disease (in fact the mother of all diseases or is it a gift of civilised, unhygienic life, to children). The clever term used is ''Juvenile'' diabetes, shows it was not there long.


Why do children develop diabetes?

It is a serious question. Nobody seems to realise the gravity of this situation. Why on earth, should children be afflicted by it?

There are four possible reasons:

1. Born with a weak pancreas/liver.

2. Indiscriminate feeding of children with heavy starches and sugar; unhealthy and filthy baby foods.

3. Inoculation, vaccines and drugging during acute diseases, like, fever, cold diarrhoea measles, etc.

4. Psychological disturbances.

Further explanation -

  • Congenital- When one becomes sick, he usually searches for causes (though the cause is within himself).When none can be found, he usually finds his parents or grandparents afflicted with similar disease and he ''consoles'' himself by saying that he has inherited the disease. It is far from the truth. No disease is inherited. The placenta does not allow any poison to get into it (of course, modern killer drugs do penetrate this powerful placental barrier). If the Langerhans - the part of pancreas which produces insulin, is originally defective, the child might develop diabetes in early stages.
  • Indiscriminate feeding- Parents, in general, do wish their children to grow fast and healthy. This is more due to the wrong propaganda by baby food manufacturers, through various form of advertisement. The human child is not intended to grow asfast as some animals whose life span is far shorter. A human being is designed to grow in 20-25 yrs. while a cow grows fast in 2-3 yrs. We give a lot of animal products (milk, meat eggs, and fish), starch & sugar to children. In the beginning, the vital organs do protest through acute diseases, which are suppressed by heavy drugging. Later, vital organs get completely exhausted. Diabetes in children is due to exhaustion of pancreas and liver in dealing with huge intake of starches and sugars & other devitalizing baby foods.
  • Most importantly, a no. of so-called preventives (prophylactics) are given to children right from birth (considering them to be a panacea).

All of them are dirty and nothing else. They might damage one or more vital organs.

In our view, most of the complicated diseases of children can be attributed to these reckless preventives. These preventives act only in (prevent disease by giving disease) theory, the absurdity of which can be realized by the individual.

Treatment –

If it is congenital, very little can be done. But if 100%NON-STARCHY vegetables, like leafy vegetables, germinated grams, a small quantity of coconut scrapings/coconut milk or ragi malt are given, the child can live a reasonably healthy life. If instead of that, insulin, or other drugs are administered and rice, wheat etc., are consumed, slow deterioration will take place & life will become miserable.

Along with diet reforms, a few leaves of bilva and 2 oz. of ash- gourd juice once or twice a day will give an added advantage (Bilva juice contains natural insulin & is very effective in all diabetes cases).

Kindly give it widely to the public.

(About V.S.Pawar: I am a 72-year-old veteran practising pure nature cure for 45 years.M.I.I.N.T (1980) certified. I lead a healthy life free from any disease and share my knowledge with others freely. Read more on:

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08:29 PM | 12-09-2019

Wonderful article, these days I see small kids eating unhealthy chips, candies, fast food. My heart breaks when I see their small faces covered with glasses. Diabetes is terrible lifestyle disease which can be treated without any medication or insulin injections.


11:25 AM | 11-09-2019

Brilliant msg sir

Vijai Pawar

11:25 AM | 11-09-2019

Thanks Smitha, you are most welcome. Stay blessed

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