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Do we really need immunity?

Understanding disease and taking up the responsibility in disease-causation is the primary key in the attainment of natural wellness.

Each and every disease is caused due to the REDUCED TOXIN ELIMINATION because of the over engagements of the internal energy of the body.
In other words, reduction in the toxin elimination is caused due to the overspends of vitality of the body.
We call it, a state of ENERVATION.
It means, if we just take care of our vitality spends, the toxin expulsion gets better and we enjoy natural wellness.
Now, if already, toxin is accumulated beyond a limit due to prior enervation then? It has to be thrown out of the body through some special elimination process to maintain the homeostasis of the body or the wellness of the body.

  • Fever, Flu, Skin rashes, acute pain etc. are few primary SPECIAL ELIMINATIONS that the body uses when the REGULAR ELIMINATIONS through breathing, urination and sweating are not enough to throw the accumulated toxins out of the body.
  • To trigger, a special elimination, the body needs a lot of conserved vitality.
  • Whenever someone suffers from these special eliminations, in general, the immunity is termed less! Which is a falsified understanding of health.

HEAT is a form of energy and to produce heat to raise the temperature, the needed energy is quite high by the body. That needed energy is attained only through the consistent conservation of vitality! Unless one has a good amount of conserved vitality, the body would not be able to raise its temperature.

A STATE OF CONSERVED VITALITY is always the recommended state of wellness.
Which, sometimes, may trigger discomforting special eliminations to make the body relieved from the burden of accumulated toxins. This state of higher conserved vitality is usually termed as a STATE OF LOW IMMUNITY!
This ‘LOW IMMUNITY’ term often creates havoc confusions.
As if, shielding from those special eliminations is the desired state of health!

We actually do not need suppressions or shields against the fever, ever!
We only need a state of higher conserved vitality.
Let that state may choose whichever elimination it might need to maintain the homeostasis of the body - regular or special.The discomforts during those special eliminations is a way of vitality conservation by the body to complete the triggered special elimination.

Suppressing those discomforts means stopping the body from completing its initiated task to bring the health back!

Fever clears the toxins effectively from within.
This ‘need of fever’ is sensed and decided by our body whenever it is required to expel extra toxin accumulated in the body.
We just need to acknowledge the fever with conscious consistent conservation of vitality, in other words - by resting physically, physiologically and psychologically.

Thank you.

The opinions expressed in this material are based on pure Nature Cure science of health and do not coincide with medicinal theories. PSYsolution does not claim that any advice given, represents a "cure" for diseases. If anyone has doubts regarding his or her health, it is the responsibility of the individual to consult a competent health practitioner. These materials are not aimed at hurting anybody’s belief or philosophy. PSYsolution believes that true health does not need treatment, it needs education. It is an endeavour to educate that “The cure is from within”!
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