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I shall start this article with a write-up from my mentor Late Sir Kevin Hinton from our Facebook group: :

Healing is always possible!

Kenneth S Jaffrey was a naturopath and Australia's foremost proponent of nature cure. He lived for decades on Magnetic Island, stating it provided the most appropriate conditions for humans to live in accordance with the principles of nature.

His personal story has been explained by his long term student, Kevin Hinton in this way:

Written and Edited from a personal letter handed to me by my teacher during my studies of Nature Cure - the philosophy of Natural Living and Natural Healing.

A True Cancer Cure of an individual at the age of 23 - diagnosed with Cancer of the liver and given 3-6 months to live.

1. “…I commenced with a preparatory treatment consisting of a natural diet, hydrotherapy, exercise and sunbaths.”

2. “I ate only one pineapple a day at midday.”
This is a mono-diet - pineapples were in season and organic. The reasoning behind this is contained in the law of CONSERVATION of ENERGY.

3. “I swam in the river”
The use of Water/Hydrotherapy to equalize circulation and assist in the removal of toxins.

4. “Had sunbathed”
To absorb the life-giving radiations of the most powerful force on this planet - to restore nerve force within a sick organism and to add to the total vital complement of nutrition.

5. “Exercised”
These were of therapeutic types to assist in lymphatic drainage and keep muscle tone.

6. “Went to bed early”
Rest, Rest and Rest - conserving energy at every occasion.

This preparatory phase of the healing produced a ‘HEALING CYCLE’ - which indicated the time for fasting. He fasted for 49 days and…"On the concluding day of my fast, I KNEW that my cure was complete."

He lived on for another 66 years teaching the principles of Natural Living and Natural Healing.

The only reason that we are printing this most personal of information is to assist you in your understanding of how NATURE HEALS - there is no power in anything outside the human body - No power in FOODS - whether raw, juiced or otherwise - No power in SUPPLEMENTS, SURGERY or DRUGS of any sort.

ONLY the LATENT POWER within the organism can be marshalled and utilized to recover and rejuvenate a sick organism.



Interpretation and comments from the author:

1. The primary aspect of this sharing is LISTENING TO THE VOICE OF THE ORGANISM (V/O).
In every narration, it is subtly mentioned about the V/O. Even in the case of fasting, he meant that he observed bodily indications and then have fasted. I would request all the readers to focus on that specific aspect of FAST ONLY WHEN THE BODY INDICATES.
Please do not fall for the traps of fasting enforcements, rituals or otherwise. Dialectically evaluate your V/O to initiate fasting. Observing your tongue is primary to initiate and conclude fasting.

2. Another aspect in this write up is MIND Vs MATTER!
Which played the primary role here, MIND or MATTER? This is a perennial debate for mankind!
I remember, Sir Kevin and I spent hours on this debate initially where I used to play the role of a devil’s advocate of mind as a psychologist! Sir Kevin used to bat it extremely well and the emergence of understanding happens in me with his patient pursuance.


The structure is the primary while the function is the ultimate reality.


Having said the above, the importance of MIND is not diminished in any way! For an optimal state of health, the mind plays a crucial role! But for the attainment of average health from poor health, without applying much of the MIND, one can achieve it, just by changing the MATTERS. Without changing the MATTERS, MIND cannot play the role of bringing back the health from a poor state of health.

MATTER is primary, here! Then the drifts from average to optimal health are assisted by MIND.
It is something like this, high school education (formal or informal) is mandatory for doing research in any subject, conventionally.
That high school education is equivalent to the improvement of MATTERS.
Obviously, the research achievement is further a MIND-MATTER!

3. NOW, WHY THIS UNDERSTANDING IS VERY IMPORTANT? (Isn’t in the understanding, the mind given the importance?)
Because, by chance, by giving PRIMARY attention to the MIND ignoring the MATTERS, in case, we compromise with the MATTERS, we suffer the blow on our health.
FOR EXAMPLE, I need not name anyone, but there are examples of many saints in every cultures and religion or in general, who were UNQUESTIONABLY achievers in the aspects of MIND. Yet they suffered the blows on their physical health because of the MISMANAGEMENT OF MATTERS.

Nature does not offer any excuse to the people who neglect the MATTERS, as far as the health and wellness are concerned.

Since Homo sapiens is a cognitive species, it has experimented a lot with cognitive evolution where the matter is substantially ignored. Having not done this damage, the role of mind wouldn’t have been raised!

But to reverse the damage, by applying the mind (cognitive capability), the importance of matter as primary can be established dialectically for better understanding. This would enable the species to achieve a better sense of life by accepting the fact that THE MATTER IS THE PRIMARY.

Thank you.



The opinions expressed in this material are based on pure Nature Cure science of health and do not coincide with medicinal theories. PSYsolution does not claim that any advice given, represents a "cure" for diseases. If anyone has doubts regarding his or her health, it is the responsibility of the individual to consult a competent health practitioner. These materials are not aimed at hurting anybody’s belief or philosophy. PSYsolution believes that true health does not need treatment, it needs education. It is an endeavour to educate that “The cure is from within”!

Disclaimer: The health journeys, blogs, videos and all other content on Wellcure is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered a ‘medical advice’ ‘prescription’ or a ‘cure’ for diseases. Any specific changes by users, in medication, food & lifestyle, must be done under the guidance of licensed health practitioners. The views expressed by the users are their personal views and Wellcure claims no responsibility for them.

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