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'Nature: The Only Healer' book by Acharya S. Swaminathan : Summary

This book gives a deep insight into the world of nature cure. It emphasizes the importance of nature in keeping humanity free from diseases and live a healthy life.


According to the author, the only cure to any disease is the restoration of health back to normalcy by living in tune with laws of health. This is called unity of treatment and is one of the most valuable lessons in the book. The focus of the book is to bring us back to our natural state of being to enjoy a healthy, disease-free life.

The importance of what you are consuming and how you are consuming has also been given due importance. The process of chewing food has been labelled equally important. From cleanliness being as a pre-requisite to health, it delves deeper into the concept of mental clarity as well. He advises his readers to surrender to nature as it has solutions to all our problems.

Towards the end of the book, he has told its readers to live a life full of awareness and joy by inculcating habits that are in sync with nature.

You can find the book here: Nature - The only healer

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09:02 PM | 05-11-2019

A must read for all health seekers, Acharya Swaminathanji is the first and foremost disciple of Acharya K.l.sarma, the father of nature cure in India, writer of magnum opus "Practical Nature Cure "A book every seeker of true health through Natural means should own. The teaching central of the book is that every one should be his own doctor


10:15 AM | 01-10-2019

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08:33 AM | 01-10-2019

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