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NIPAH - A SUBSTANTIAL ANALYSIS (Aspects of mass-sufferings and TOXAEMIA)

In general, I avoid the regular following of Television News or Newspaper readings. Social media is obviously a reason behind this choice. You want or not, news will be pushed to you through social media, for sure! NiV or Nipah Infection Virus – is in the news all over in India! I am sure, like me, all of us are flooded with the information related to Nipah virus. As a nature cure counsellor, I am getting a lot of queries on the reality of Nipah as per Nature Cure.


As per WHO, Fruit-bats are considered as the primary host of NiV.

It is considered that NiV can get transferred from Bats to fruits then to us.

And we would get ‘infected by a disease’!

This is utterly a superficial understanding of disease-causation.

Well, the first thing is that the word 'Infection' is a medically influenced word which means that 'disease' can jump from one physical form to another form and from one person to another person.

This is not in accordance with biology.

What is the cause of the condition?

The lack of hygiene triggers infection!

That’s how nature works.

Nature is programmed to maintain hygiene unless disturbed. If an individual neglects the hygiene himself and retains filth in the body, Nature provisions scavenging of the filth. Pathogens evolve within the body or from the environment to scavenge the filth. The infestation of the microorganisms is an EFFECT of the filth accumulation.

Myopically, we call it as ‘infection’, as if, it is the CAUSE of the ill state of health.

[A reading of Florence Nightingale's book – ‘Notes on Nursing’ is highly recommended in this regard - in which she slams the term infection and postulates the truth of disease.]

Apart from the understanding of infection, we need to answer the aspect of mass sufferings, dialectically.

I would like to remind the readers about the difference between dialectics and data science once again.

Dialectic investigates and establishes the TRUTH.

It does not depend on the data of popularity or of the mass-acceptance.

Now let’s find out what could be the cause of mass-sufferings in this type of cases. There could be two reasons for the mass-suffering of health:

1. A poisonous administration


2. An epidemic


  1. A poisonous administration:

The mass poisonous administration is a situation, similar to the gas leak incident happened, way back, in Bhopal (India), in December 1984, in Union Carbide India Limited, where on a single day, approximately four thousand deaths and six hundred thousand injury-cases happened.

It was a tragic incident occurred due to a man-made situation.

In the current case, an overdose of pesticides cannot be ignored in these mass-sufferings after fruit-consumptions. The cases of chemicals in fruits and vegetables can never be justified but it is often exaggerated for many reasons!

Apart from the precautionary management, we also need to know the explanation of Nature Cure, - ‘How the body deals with the situations of overdose (if any) of chemicals?’

Let’s simplify this, further,

Let's take an extreme example of a Poisonous Snakebite!

What will happen when an individual suffers a poisonous snakebite?

It is evident that the body will fall sick due to the overdose of poison (Toxin)!

Hypothetically, let's say the individual did not have any prior toxin-accumulation in the body. And his lifestyle was extremely well, before.

What will happen here?

The individual immediately will fall sick - falling sick is a sign of vitality.

The body starts working to get rid of the introduced sudden-toxin.

Soonest the body will trigger fever with other possible signs of Healing Crisis!

The fever is a friend in need!

Mismanagement of fever jeopardises the situation which was about to be solved!

If the individual is allowed to REST properly, IFF FEASIBLE, on its own the body will attain the cure!

No work – No Food – Fewer thoughts.

The death is embraced only in the extreme condition, by the body, where the inherent intelligence of the body senses that the returning back to life would be more painful and hazardous.

Let the name of the fever be any, a fever is a fever, and it is an initiative of the body to get rid of toxins. Fever is a sign that the body is working towards the Cure with available and conserved vitality.

Unknowingly and with influences of unfounded fear, we often suppress that initiative of the body.

That is the start of mismanagement of health and welcoming of disease progression or chronification.

Now, let’s talk about the other possible reason,


2. An epidemic

The second type of mass-suffering is usually termed as an EPIDEMIC.

We can easily correlate the terms, infections, contagions etc. with the term EPIDEMIC.

Let’s dive deeper into it…

All organisms are programmed to seek survival.

The SURVIVAL is subject to the availability of SUITABLE FOOD in its surroundings.

For most of the microorganisms, the food is the filth - what we consider as toxins for ourselves. So-called ‘harmful’ microorganism looks forward to surviving and reproducing faster in a filthy environment. They are programmed by Nature to scavenge filths for the greater purpose of universal homeostasis.

Composting never happens without microorganisms.

Hence it is evident that without the availability of filth, microorganisms do not infest.

In any epidemics, we see a mass-infestations of germs, virus etc., commonly called pathogens or microorganisms. In these cases of mass-infestations of microorganisms, the lifestyle patterns of that particular mass will definitely be similar. They must be sharing a lot of things together, starting from the toxic environment, to the polluted water, from the cultural influences of wrong food to the stress levels, everything.

Hence the filth accumulation in that mass of people will be highly common, in nature. Microorganism does shift easily from one person to another person due to the availability of the filth.

These cases are seen for a large number of people staying in similar living conditions!

Hence the crucial factor and the CAUSE, here is the unhygienic living conditions, nothing else!

The pathogens are invited by toxins and they are the EFFECTS of a health condition NOT THE CAUSES.

Another aspect, I must include here is:

  • There are billions of pathogens stay even within our body, 24x7.
  • Without pathogens, we shall perish in no time.
  • The body's repair system never takes rest ever. It is a continuous process.

Therefore, the scavenging of waste materials for the universal homeostasis and recycling process also happens continuously.

All in all, bothering about pathogens is a stupidity!

Those are parts and partials of our existence. What we need to bother, is our lifestyle factor(s) which includes right inputs, right actions and mental poise!

Now let the host of microorganisms be anything! The fruit-bats (for Nipah), the normal bats (for Ebola), the mosquitos (for Dengue/Malaria/Zika) or any other organism, it is our own individual lifestyle which is responsible for the infestation of the virus in question or any other microorganisms.

Let the mass be affected by it, we need to understand that the individuals who are NOT affected (which is always a higher percentage, in these cases) are left unaffected due their better lifestyle factors.

For the affected, conscious vitality management is the only route to cure. Suppressing body’s initiatives (read, fever) of expelling toxins brings some other symptom of ill health, which leads the individual to sufferan aggravated chronic state of health, sooner.

  • Let us work to support our body’s response, not to suppress it!
  • Let us acknowledge the fever occurring in these cases and manage it by opting maximum REST by the organism without panic.
  • Let us feel relieved when the fever gets triggered. Fever is the indication of body’s vitality - working towards CURE.
  • Let us not panic and mismanage the situation.

No panic – more rest – no suppression of fever! – These are the simple rules to be followed!

Thank you.



The opinions expressed in this material are based on pure Nature Cure science of health and do not coincide with medicinal theories. PSYsolution does not claim that any advice given, represents a "cure" for diseases. If anyone has doubts regarding his or her health, it is the responsibility of the individual to consult a competent health practitioner. These materials are not aimed at hurting anybody’s belief or philosophy. PSYsolution believes that the true health does not need treatment, it needs education. It is an endeavour to educate that “The cure is from within”!

Disclaimer: The health journeys, blogs, videos and all other content on Wellcure is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered a ‘medical advice’ ‘prescription’ or a ‘cure’ for diseases. Any specific changes by users, in medication, food & lifestyle, must be done under the guidance of licensed health practitioners. The views expressed by the users are their personal views and Wellcure claims no responsibility for them.

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