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A Needful Conversation on Soil Theory Vs Germ Theory etc.

Question 1:

According to the Pure Nature Cure (PNC), the TOXAEMIA happens before the GERM infestation. Then how would you refute the GERM THEORY, where a dog-bitten person gets rabies or somebody is bitten by mosquito gets malaria/dengue. Both of the persons were quite healthy, before the bites!


Response 1:

1. Apparent health may not be real health! The presence of severe toxicity may stay subtle for long, till it’s triggered!

2. Pathogens from dog or mosquito are hosted only if the body is TOXAEMIC, prior to the bites. Everyone does not get rabies or malaria, even s/he is bitten!

3. Rabies or malaria are the SYMPTOMS of toxaemic state. While the dog bite and mosquito bite are the TRIGGERS, respectively.

4. It is always if we take measures to suppress the symptoms, while the cause is retained, the health is affected further with the increment of TOXICITY due to the retention of the toxin.

5. In both cases, on the triggers, the body raises FEVER to get rid of the toxaemia. Any measure to suppress the fever may block the infection but broaden the prospects of disease-chronification.

6. The thought process of fighting the infection is superstitious, unnecessary and burdensome for the body.

7. There cannot be any better option than conserving vitality to enable/allow the body to reduce the toxicity and stay healthy and happy.


Question 2:

Do you yourself have enough faith and trust in PNC that you will not take any medicinal therapy for dog bite? If at all, god forbid, you do get bitten.


Response 2:

Faith is a blind approach! I would go with the Trust, which is built on analysis and understandings.I have enough understandings, hence I have the trust in the dialectics of Nature&Life and its mechanism to maintain the homeostasis.


In the past, at the personal experience, this has happened in form of dengue! The infection was automatically stopped when the toxicity was reduced via the protocols and rational choices of conservation of vitality.



THE UNDERSTANDING of the whole phenomenon of Soil Vs Germ theory, is very important before the decision of opting no-medicine, at any stage! Because of the prior medicinal conditioning, the individual might get enervated mentally (even without her knowledge) due to not opting the medicine without understanding. In that case, the health might not improve and it may even get worse!

Hence the EDUCATION should be the foremost requirement, prior to any decision of not opting or stopping medicines.

The call should come from within the individual, only after understanding. Till then, medicine is an available devised facility to get rid of the ‘sufferings’, instantly! It should not be restricted by force...everyone should have their own freedom of choice.

Just that, let’s not consider Suppression as Cure, in understanding level.


Question 3:

So with the understanding and practice of PNC one can confidently walk into cholera/typhoid ward of a hospital, borrow an ill person's handkerchief or eat food with soiled hands without the fear of contraction?


Response 3:

WHY would one do that, please?


Question 4:

So as to prove to the world dialectically that their fears are baseless?


Response 4:

It's not needed for the proposed purpose, I would recommend. The world is largely driven by peripheral engagements and entertainments. The wisdom that we are researching, exploring and talking is a bit deeper.

This deep exploration should be sought, should not be imposed. The takers of this wisdom will NOT be in huge numbers, ever! Hence, I don’t see any need for initiating any proactive fear clearing movement! The proposed exercise of visiting a hospital or staying dirty etc. would expose the individual to unnecessary enervation and furthering the development of toxaemia.

At the individual level, there is no doubt or no need for validation of this dialectical understanding that I see, in respect to accepting Soil theory over Germ theory!


Question 5:

What do you mean by severe toxicity(in Response 1) may stay in a subtle state for long till triggered? Why is the body not informing us with the voice of the organism? Can you give any examples?


Response 5:

Things happen in a quite programmatic way, as compared to human's interpretations of 'why informing or not!'In a lesser toxic state, the voice of the organism is highly sensitive. With little change in the toxicity, the organism gets to know about it, so that the elimination can be facilitated.

In higher toxic state, the insensitivity increases. The voice of the organism doesn't work the way it works in a healthier state (less toxic state). This program is quite dialectic, from the perception of the individual organism. The organism obtains the optimum sense of life under given circumstances until it becomes unmanageable at the toxaemic level.

The triggers (infection, allergens etc.) bring the toxin at the surface with its natural intervention. In a way, triggers are facilitators of eliminating the toxin. Though intentional triggering would lead to unnatural intervention and the health would get complicated at the enervation-toxaemia cycle.


Question 6:

I know a couple of people who went through aggressive chemotherapy for stage 2 cancer (as called by the medical establishment) and are now seemingly loving good lives even with no changes to their lifestyle. Maybe the belief that they are cured itself is quite powerful?


Response 6:

The definition of GOOD LIFE differs at the layers of awareness. We MUST RESPECT individual layers of awareness while identifying the depth of awareness, in general.

Depth of awareness is obtained with the unwinding of the modified(stimulated or suppressed) voice of the organism. It's a journey from being insensitive to sensitive, at tendency(autonomous) level.

Intentional insensitivity/sensitivity is a different aspect, sketched by human assumptions. These create a lot of imaginary burdens (knowing or unknowing enervation)on the names of culture, ethics, religion, tradition, organization, duties, responsibilities, patriotism, sacrifice, charity, etc.


Thank you.


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