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What (in your opinion) is the single largest problem that Nature Cure healers face in order to heal the people through this science and grow that number? Is it the lack of trust of people on this science due to lack of organised scientific evidence, difficulty in changing current food habits or lack of funding, operational and marketing support or any other reason? Give 1 main reason and then other small reasons.



  • ‘Nature Cure Healers’ is a hypothetical term.
  • If someone is claiming to be a healer, she is not following Nature Cure.
  • Growing the number of people who follow will never be huge due to non-availability of instant relief option. This option can never be achieved in Nature Cure.
  • The lack of trust always needs the support of Education.
  • The real education cannot be driven by commerce but by deep conviction and motivation of the stack holders.
  • Bringing commerce in the forefront would malign the imparting of education.
    Commerce may stay but should stay at the back-seat of all the educational initiatives, including Nature Cure.


There cannot be a single sentence response to this question. Let’s analyse the scenario.

I shall respond to this, under the light of PURE Nature Cure (PNC).

Let us first start with the understanding of PNC:


  • Pure Nature Cure (PNC) is a vitality management science which helps mankind to analyse, understand and sync life with nature.
  • PNC is dialectically evidential science.
  • It is established on argumentation and counter argumentation on the basis of observatory analytical science of Cause & Effect.
  • It does not need any lab-based experimentation.
  • Neither it accepts anything on its face-value of perpetual existence, tradition, religion, culture, scriptures nor even the narratives of popular personae, without analysis.
  • It even does not care about the data based establishment of the facts, blindly!
  • PNC does never offer aninstant remedy of health problems.
  • PNC helps to develop an analytical approach to decipher the meaning of LIFE, physically, physiologically and psychologically to better the overall state of health and happiness.


  • The only aspect which works to embrace PNC for an individual is the analytical knack of going deeper about Nature & Life.
  • Peripheral interpretations of the aspects do not contribute to exploring PNC.
  • This knack, as a fact, exists in very few people due to the lack of use and suppressions of cognitive activities.
  • This knack cannot be executed, if the individual is under the urgency of getting rid of his symptomatic health problems.
  • This knack can never be imposed.
  • This knack can be triggered through dialectic dialogue.
  • Triggering needs a seeking initiative by the individual who needs it and ideally to be supported with facilitation of a PNC practitioner to quench the thirst of inquisitiveness.
  • In this fast-paced world, expecting this knack, in general, is an irrational expectation.


  • A PNC practitioner can/should never claim herself a healer but an educator.
  • A PNC practitioner can/should never offer a quick-fix to any problem.
  • A PNC practitioner should have this understanding of the fact that this domain will always have fewer TAKERS as compared to other quick-fix solutions and will remain so.
  • A PNC practitioner, at her personal level, will have very less manmade materialistic needs. This would reduce the commercial needs and the urge of going for huge numbers of takers those who will ask for quick-solutions.
  • A PNC practitioner will unbiasedly make herself available to extend the available knowledge and education whenever a seeker seeks it.
  • Hence, if the objective is to increase the numbers of true followers of the Pure Nature Cure, then the measure can just be focusing on the availability of needed education.


Commercial success in PNC can only be possible if the profession is taken up as an EDUCATION BUSINESS,not as a HEALTH/HEALING BUSINESS.

Let us see the three aspects explained below:

1. An Entrepreneur founding a company:

Even if the Entrepreneur is a PNC follower at the core, under the current state of civilization, forming and running a corporate organization successfully, with raised investments, multiple employees and office space etc. is IMPOSSIBLE!

It may sound dogmatic, but the fact is a fact!

Because the pressure of investors, salary of staff, maintenance of the office etc. apart from the pressure of company profit will not allow the entrepreneur to run the company in a relaxed state.
An enervated business is an unhealthy business.
The business will either fail commercially or compromise with the principles of PNC.

In both cases, it cannot be termed as a commercially successful PNC venture.

2. A Voluntary Group Formation:

A non-invested voluntary organization with only PNC-motivated volunteers can run the organization successfully, even commercially.

This would happen due to the overall synergy between the stack holders and chosen lifestyle of syncing with nature, consciously, by all in the organization.

Having said this, I must add, for an ideal voluntary organization, commercial success never counts more than its missionary goal(s)!

3. A Self-employed Individual:

An individual professional can succeed in the following scenario:

A. Walk the talk: A full-time professional practising PNC principle at her philosophical level, in terms of life’s needs, will succeed commercially, as well.
The success is always measured in terms of the correlation of DEMAND Vs SUPPLY!
Mostly we consider the increase of SUPPLY will fetch us, the success but in this case, rational understanding and assimilation of the right DEMAND of life, will get the individual a sure-success in this profession including a commercial saturation due to lowered demand in relation to the sustainable supply.

B. A Second Career: If the individual opts this profession with conviction, after successfully spending some time in any other profession, the chances of sustenance and commercial success will be higher.
The support of the financial savings from the past profession would initially back up the individual till she gets a foot-hold and prominence in her PNC-education business.
A relaxed approach is mandatory in this profession which is supported by the first profession.

C. A Part-time Career: If the individual picks up PNC-education business as an intense part-time profession, it would give her relaxed pursuance of the career.

Ultimately the integrity of the person would emerge the success in PNC-education business, similar to any other self-employed profession.


  • If we look back at the Question, it is not a problem of the health domain but of the education domain. Obviously, the solution would end up solving most/many of the problems of the health domain, too.
  • Therefore, none of the options included in the question can be chosen as a real problem.
  • Because education is the flowering process, it neither can be imposed nor can it be dealt with in the data-driven pseudo-capitalistic approach.
  • The fact of less-takers of PNC is actually not a problem but a process.
  • The PNC-professionals need to be elevated in their conscious level to get over the manmade number games and just be available to spread the realised awareness to attain an unending expansion of self-image.

Thank you...


  • The opinions expressed in this material are based on pure Nature Cure science of health and do not coincide with medicinal theories. PSYsolution does not claim that any advice given, represents a "cure" for diseases. If anyone has doubts regarding his or her health, it is the responsibility of the individual to consult a competent health practitioner. These materials are not aimed at hurting anybody’s belief or philosophy. PSYsolution believes that true health does not need treatment, it needs education. It is an endeavour to educate that “The cure is from within”!

Disclaimer: The health journeys, blogs, videos and all other content on Wellcure is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered a ‘medical advice’ ‘prescription’ or a ‘cure’ for diseases. Any specific changes by users, in medication, food & lifestyle, must be done under the guidance of licensed health practitioners. The views expressed by the users are their personal views and Wellcure claims no responsibility for them.

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