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Garbh Sanskar: Recipe to a Happy Pregnancy

We all are aware of the story of the Mahabharata, wherein Arjuna narrated to Subhadra the art of breaking into the Chakravyu when Abhimanyu was in her womb. Later Abhimanyu could use this technique during warfare. This narration from the Mahabharata teaches us how receptive our unborn are when they are still inside the womb!

Another mythological story of Garbh Sanskar is how beautifully Ashtavakra’s mother, Sujata, learnt about the art of knowing more things. Sujata started listening to discourses for theintellectual and spiritual growth of her child right from the womb so that the unborn could perceive more knowledge.

Garbh Sankar means the education and values we inculcate in our kids when they are leaving their foetal life. We know about some facts like how the child’s mind starts conceiving things even in the foetal state. That is why doctors advise a lot on staying healthier and happier during the ante-natal period. The Ante-natal is a period of 9 months before the baby is born, it is the first step towards our baby’s growth and enhancement towards a better life and that is the time Garbha sanskar begins.

The most important thing Garbh sanskar teaches us is the mother-child bond, which brings forth the beauty and the power of exploring your feminity from the maternal side.

Let us understand the benefits of Garbha Sanskar

1. Improves Communication

Communication between the mother and the kid starts right from the period of conception. The language with which the mother and kid connect is the language of their love. You must have noticed many times. Kids tend to easily grasp their mother tongue even without getting exposed to it in their initial years (especially noticeable for people who live abroad). This is a very common phenomenon which shows how the child bonds with the mother through the communication language. Whenever a child is born, the first step is to make mother breastfeed the baby; that is the point when physiologically the bond begins, but scientifically, it is the ante-natal period itself when the bonding first takes place.

2. Understand the Likes and Dislikes of the Foetus

We all are aware of how hormones go haywire in the name of certain types of food cravings during pregnancy. Every day, we crave for a new taste which was previously not even liked by us before we conceived.

Yes, that is where it starts. Our kids tend to develop their craving in their foetal stage where they learn to like and dislike a few things.

3. Nutritional Health

The child is attached to the mother through the umbilical cord and this is the way how the child gets the nutrition from the mother. The placenta provides an abundance of nourishment which the child gets during the conception period.

This is the time when, if one eats the right things, the child, later in life, automatically gets drawn towards healthier options.

4. Mental Attitude

The doctor generally gives a lot of importance towards mental health for the simple reason that if the mother is happier and with a positive attitude, so also the child tends to become the same in his/her approach.

A free-spirited life led by the mother leads to high contentment in the child’s future attitude. The child becomes more aware of the things if the mother reads good things and talk to the child even in the womb to make the connection stronger.

Supraja Janan (Conscious conception)

It is a concept in Ayurveda where the couple gets ready for pregnancy by understanding things like fertility, hormonal balance and menstrual cycle. This includes everything from nutrition to mental, to the physical. This should be done three months prior to the antenatal phase.

Supraja Janan comes from the idea that fertilization between a healthy ovum and healthy sperm gives birth to a healthy baby.

Things to do during Garbha Sanskar

1. Meditation and Music

Music therapy - we all are aware of the power of music on our brain neurons and how beautifully our body is receptive to it. It is the time that you start listening to soul-enriching music so that the energy around the body becomes positive and healthier.

Meditating with positive affirmations is also one of the things to increase positive vibrations.

2. Eat Right!

Kids generally need more nutrition as compared to an adult; that is why we need to understand the importance of nutrition at that time.

Food sources like walnuts, seeds, raisins are important in the development of the neural pathways. Eat an adequate amount of healthy fats as it leads to good lactation. In the antenatal period, more hydrating food like fruits and vegetables with a little bit of high-density food like dry fruits and nuts should be consumed.

If you are under any influence like alcohol, tobacco smoking, processed food it is time to avoid them.

3. Understand the rhythm of your body

Our genes are passed on to our kids in a lot of manners. It includes both our negative and positive traits.

It is time to work on yourself this is how our body’s energy level increases. Know yourself, your mood, and your habits. This is how you will be able to know your kid.

4. Exercise, exercise!

A healthy mind and body lead to a healthy antenatal and post-natal phase. Prepare your body for the time of labour. Swimming, walking and yoga are good exercises for better muscle strength

Sit up, squatting, Lotus pose, war poses are some of the common exercises one can do to ensure good labour without obstruction.

( About Dr Khushbu Suthar: I am a Homeopathic Practitioner with specialisation in Diet Planning and Nutrition from Mumbai. I am holding a degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and by amalgamating these three, my aim in life is to research on mind, Body and Soul. Flamboyant colours of vegetables and Vivid Psychology of Human mind is what enchants me. An avid explorer of healing now practising in Bikaner is learning to get the best of both Beaches and dunes.)


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