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How to Handle Jet Lag Naturally?

The power of technology has made it fairly simple for individuals to cross boundaries across nations in the matter of a few hours. Even though air transport has ample benefits, it also brings a new issue for all of us to deal with: JET LAG. Let’s discuss more about this topic by viewing it through the lens of Nature Cure and find effective natural solutions.

What is Jet Lag?

Jet lag is physiological condition that results from disturbance to the body's inbuilt rhythm caused by rapid long-distance. It occurs when people travel across different regions that have a large time zone difference.

We all are aware that our bodies have a natural body clock called circadian rhythm. Our bodies are governed by the cycle of day and night which is responsible for regulating our sleep cycles and which maintains other bodily functions. The body takes cues from these circadian rhythms and follows a schedule to perform its functions – wake up, sleep, hunger among many others. Whenever there is a disturbance in syncing with these rhythms, the whole system of the body gets disturbed and faces a sudden change in its normal flow. Suddenly the body has to re-access its environment and align itself according to the same. This period of adjustment taken by the body to re-align itself with the new cycle of day and night, light and darkness is described as Jet Lag.

How it affects our body?

We need to understand what actually happens to our body when we enter into different time zones across the globe. The circadian rhythm is naturally present in all living organisms and helps them to respond to the environmental cues in the best possible manner. When we enter into a new time zone, the sleep-wake cycle or our circadian rhythm gets desynchronized due to the sudden rapidity of change. This creates a direct impact on the energy distribution in the body. It disturbs the natural vitality of our body and creeps in extreme fatigue, along with mood swings, digestion issues, dehydration, headache and lack of concentration.

How to handle it naturally?

We all have been endowed with an exceptional capacity to recuperate and adapt to any change in our surroundings. All we have to do is give rest and time to our body as it makes the adjustments on its own.

Following are the ways in which you can cope with jet lag by supporting your body:

  • Give your body digestive rest a day or two before the day of the journey by consuming foods which are easy to digest i.e. fruits, fruit juices, smoothies and raw vegetable salads. Keep up the hydration by having an adequate quantity of water, coconut water or lemon water. If you are consuming cooked food, have it with a large plate of fresh salad.
  • Make sure you get enough shut-eye and you are well rested before embarking on a long journey.
  • Considering the fact the food items available at the airports and on flight are mostly packaged, you can carry easy to make snacks that last for longer duration.

Check out some recipes here:

  1. Jowar Almond Biscuits
  2. Makhana Munchies
  3. Ragi Flour Snack
  4. Shakkarparre
  5. Tikkha Sev
  • During the course of the flight, eat and drink only if hungry. In case you were not able to carry homemade snacks mentioned above, keep an eye for coconut water, lemon water, fresh fruits, unprocessed fresh juices, nuts and seeds. Stick to the best meal plan or drinks available. Focus on having a restful journey.
  • Once you have begun your journey, reduce inflight entertainment as it can be addictive. It can make you lose track of time and further hamper with the body clock’s process of performing its functions. Make use of the time to take frequent naps to restore your energy.
  • During halt at different spots, avoid all sort of junk food and acidic beverages like tea, coffee, colas, alcohol etc as they put a further load on digestion and dehydrate you.
  • Try deep breathing exercise. Usually, air travel is linked with a drop in oxygen levels in the body due to low cabin pressure. Breathing deeply can help you to centre yourself.

How to resync once you’ve reached your destination?

Once you’ve landed at your desired location, you can realign to your routine by doing the following:

  • Help your internal rhythm to readapt by taking in the morning and evening sun. The goal here is to move away from artificial sources of light and absorb natural light.
  • Add little mobility to your routine. Go for a brisk walk, a light cardio session, or yoga to get your endorphins moving. Release of endorphins helps in calming the nerves and recover from side-effects of jet lag. It also relaxes the muscles which may be stiff due to continuous sitting for a long duration.
  • Continue your consumption of fresh fruits and salads as it will give the digestive rest to your body and support it better in recovering from jet lag.
  • Try not to jump immediately into work or meetings. Spend time in nature as it will help you calm your senses. Once you get in touch with nature, your senses start picking sensory cues from the immediate surroundings and it helps to resync your body clock faster.
  • Give your body proper rest. Meet your natural doctor – sleep!


Jet lag is a condition that can be managed with effective planning and taking care of your mind and body before, during and after the days of travel. Not getting enough rest or being stressed out or dehydrated prior and during the travel can make jet lag worse. Our body has a self -correcting, self-syncing mechanism. We should just aid it in its efforts. The methods discussed above can help you not only handle but also recover from jet lag like a pro; that too naturally and sans any medication/supplements.

Do let us know how you tackle jet lag in the comment section below!



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