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Natural treatment of common cold (Coryza)

The common cold produces an itchy, stuffy, feeling and then there is an elimination of mucus. As the watery discharge from the nose contains mucus and pus cells, the blame is put on "bacterial infection"!
Is it often supposed to be, purposeless? Can cold air cause the disease? What causes the common cold? Can 'colds' cause other diseases? These and allied questions will be discussed in the course of this article.

Nature's warning

The common cold, which is varyingly described as "the elusive, indomitable ailment,” "one of the most annoying of medical mysteries of all time," and so on, is merely an inflammation of the inner lining of the nose.
When due to insufficient elimination, the body gets clogged, there is an uneasy feeling; there is a feeling of dis-ease. This is Nature’s warning to the person that the condition is not what it should be and that the mistakes in living (which are the cause of the disease) need to be rectified. It is in such condition that a feeling of heaviness in the head, dizziness, dull headache, absence of hunger and many other symptoms are seen. These are often 'dealt with 'by sedatives, pills and powders or by stimulants.

What causes the cold?
Internal cleanliness is the prerequisite to health. When the body gets clogged with toxins, Nature makes an extraordinary cleansing effort. Elimination becomes acute either through ordinary or extraordinary channels.
The common cold is just one such effort of the life Power; it is the simplest mode of cleansing the body of toxic matter. A safety valve (in human anatomy there cannot be an opening above the nostrils) opens to rid the body of the foul matter. Once the matter is allowed to be cleared quickly, the person should feel all the better for it.
There is no question of "catching" a cold--the cold weather doesn't cause it. It is said that Eskimos(those that inhabit the coldest region of the earth) are not susceptible to the common cold, except when they partake of the "civilized foods” supplied to them by outsiders.

Do colds cause diseases?

There are a number of warnings galore: DO YOU GET FREQUENT COLDS?


That cold may cause or sponsor so many different types of diseases is the greatest myth. What happens is this - The person who suffers from colds invariably drugs himself. This drugging, combined with unhygienic dietetic and other habits increases the toxic conditions of the body resulting in more and more diseases, "cold" in itself is a cure, an acute condition, wherein the body tries to rid itself of much of the toxic matter that has already been formed and retained inside. Colds by themselves, cannot cause disease: drugging and unhygienic living are the sole causes of so many diseases.
The common cold, which is varyingly described as "the elusive indomitable ailment." "One of most annoying of medical mysteries of all time” and so on, is merely an inflammation of the inner lining of the nose, it produces an itchy, stuffy feeling and then there is an elimination of mucus. As the watery discharge from the nose contains mucus and pus cells, the blame is put on "bacterial infection!"

Blame not the poor virus
There are many 'cold 'fallacies, the greatest of them is that the virus causes the cold. The virus, which is said to measure 1/30 000 000th part of a millimetre, is blamed as "the tiny particle that has made the whole world miserable for thousands of years, "
Virologists honestly admit that it is not possible to eliminate these viruses and conclude that the common cold IS AN INESCAPABLE CON-COMITANT OF URBAN EXISTENCE.

Drugs have no role to play

An advisory by the US FDA recommends over the counter medications to relieve cold symptoms, but there is still no cure for one of mankind's most familiar maladies.
1. The Expectorant, which is supposed to help bring up mucus in the bronchial airways so that it can spit out is not recognized as safe and effective.
Then there are bronchodilators, "which enlarge the bronchial passages to make it easier for people with asthma to breathe." Use of these will affect the respiratory tone and could worsen the condition.
2. Then there are 'anticholinergic, which dry up the watery discharge in the nose and eyes, but not without health hazards
3. Next comes 'decongestants 'which opens up the nasal passages may provide temporary relief, but may worsen the condition
4. As for 'Antihistamines' a class of drugs to "relieve" sneezing and watery and itchy eyes usually associated with allergies "they would weaken the nervous system.
5 As for the "antitussives" (cough suppressants), it's common-sense that anything which suppresses the acute effort should be a poison.
It should be clear that the above over-the-counter "cold remedies" do not treat the cold, but only alleviate its symptoms.
If the cold, in its early stages, is sought to be treated by medication would lead to a chronic affliction known in medical circles as allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, atrophic rhinitis, polyp in the nose, deviated septum, asthma, etc.
Some years back "A leading daily from the UK" pointed out editorially." There is no treatment for the common cold except the exercise of common sense". This is the truth.

The practice of health culture is the only way out

When the law of Vital Economy is faithfully followed, catarrhal accumulation cannot form, and then there is no question of getting a "cold." No one who is perfectly clean and healthy inside can catch or develop a cold or even any other so-called infections.” The real solution then lies in hygienic living. Living in tune with the law of Nature.
If due to some errors of living, cold sets in, fasting--not 'stuffing 'is the only sure method to quicken the elimination. During such fasts and even afterwards, small quantities of raw vegetable juices (ash gourd, snake gourd, banana pith, cucumbers carrots chaulai, etc.) may be taken twice daily.
The practice of health culture methods, i.e. .positive dieting, sunbathing, pranayama, relaxation the right way, hot foot bath, brisk walking, etc. Will promote health in the individual. This is the way not only for preventing colds but for preventing all other diseases.

(About the author: V.S.Pawar is a member of the Indian Institute of natural therapeutics, 1980)

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