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Managing emotions in the workplace

We all go through different emotions while working in the office. At times, these emotions overpower over intellect and make us behave in a negative manner. In this article, we want to discuss more on this topic and understand the simple measures that you can take to manage your emotions constructively.

Why do you need to manage your emotions at work?

Words and swords have the same letters and if used without any thought, they can create harm worse than swords.

Once you start making a public display of your anger, frustration, unhappiness and disappointment a part of your conduct in office, it begins to affect your relationship with your colleagues as well. You are seen as a dissatisfied and pessimistic individual who drains people’s energies with his/her negativity. They not only begin to avoid you in person but also detach themselves from projects in which you are involved.

From the perspective of Nature Cure, these negatives emotions affect our vitality. When angry or frustrated, we spend a lot of our valuable energy in coming to terms with the situation. Once the body’s vitality gets affected, it becomes more susceptible to fall in the trap of diseases due to toxic accumulation. This energy could be used for other fruitful purposes.

How do people usually react?

We’ve all been there, handled that situation. Haven’t we?

You worked hard on a project, only to hear in the end that it got cancelled.

A customer snaps as they (or maybe you) are having a bad day.

Suddenly, business requires you to work with a difficult co-worker.

You are loaded with work, and suddenly your inbox explodes with more work. Voila!

We can imagine you fuming with anger, feeling dejected, feeling disappointed and unhappy in your current situation. And you go a step further and vent your anger on a colleague who just asked you to join the evening tea party or birthday celebration. You isolate yourself and sulk in a corner. You stop talking to people at your workplace.

Later, you feel horrible.

You did not mean to hurt your colleagues due to one unfortunate event, but the situation got better of you. Whatever the reason, it's crucial to deal with these outbursts before these negative emotions seep into your general behaviour and harm your professional reputation.

How can you handle your emotions constructively?

It is essential to govern your emotions before they begin to govern you. Here are some steps that can prepare for your effective management of emotions in trying times at your workplace:

  • Deep Breathing Exercises: When we deep breathe, oxygen’s reach in our body cells deepens, and the circulation of blood is improved. This leads to a more systematic functioning of organs. As a result, we feel relaxed and calmer to handle the influx of emotions. Practise deep breathing pranayama like anulom vilom, bhramri and gain the benefits of these relaxing practices.
  • Yoga: It is one of the gems of ancient India that continues to impact the lives of millions of people across the globe. Take out 20-30 minutes from your daily routine and practise different yoga postures. Yoga teaches you balance and helps you retain a calm demeanour in the face of tough times.
  • Eat nutritious food: Many times, people feel agitated or flustered due to vitamin deficiencies in their body. Make sure that you consume fresh fruits, salads, whole grains like jowar, bajra, ragi and nuts & seeds. Cut out processed food from your diet as it consists of chemicals that put excessive pressure on the digestive system and hinder the proper absorption of food which creates deficiencies.

  • Develop a hobby: Do not make your job your identity. Take time out to indulge in activities that you enjoy. It can be anything: cooking, baking, painting, dancing, playing, exercising, singing, et cetera. Maintaining a hobby will give you a source to channelize your energy by putting your mind into something you enjoy doing.
  • Cultivate your social circle: A man is identified by the company he keeps. Surround yourself with loved ones, good friends. Be around people who uplift your spirits and bring joy into your lives. This also helps in the release of oxytocin hormone which promotes feelings of compassion, empathy and love. You’ll feel better, happier and healthier by spending time with such people.
  • Give gratitude: Whenever you are disturbed by some incident at your workplace that concerns an individual, take some time out and think of their positive points. Be thankful for having good co-workers around you. We all go through ups and downs in our relationship with people. Do not let an instance define your entire relationship with another person.

  • Bond over shared interests: If you are miffed at someone, keep your anger aside and try to bond with them on a topic that interests both of you. You can go for a walk, plan a short hiking trip or play/watch a game of cricket. It will help you in discussing the matter with them when you both are in a better frame of mind and also give you a chance to put yourself in his/her shoes.


Humans need to communicate with each other and form relationships to survive in this world. Imagine how life would become if you had everything you wanted in life but had no one to share it with?

Pretty mundane and morose.

The points discussed above will give you the confidence to conduct yourself in a better manner when you encounter a stressful situation at your workplace. You’ll realize that by not engaging in activities that affect your vitality, you enjoy better health and have more energy to expend on activities that matter to you.

Let us know in the comment section below which techniques appealed more to you.

Do you have any more tips to share?



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