Body Wisdom

Your body has ability to manage your healthy weight.

Human body is capable of managing it's healthy weight. The big question is then why so many people are obese and overweight? If we look at our body it is a miraculous system made by two microscopic cells..sperm and egg. And these two cells which are invisible through naked eye have blueprint of all the systems, structures, glands and even habits we possess. Our systems work throughout life in a miraculous way to keep us healthy and happy. Body,s intelligence is unmatchable. Our body which is so intelligent ,then how it fails to manage it's healthy weight. We are made up of five elements. We continuously gain vitality from these five resources of nature.
1. Space ( Emptiness) 
2. Sun
3. Air 
4. Water
5. Earth
And on other hand we spend vitality on various endogenous activities like digestion, pumping of heart, elimination of waste etc. and some exogenous activities like exercise walking etc.

Till the time body is in positive vitality balance that is amount of vitality gained through five resources of nature is more than the vitality expenditure, our body,s intelligence works perfectly to keep itself happy and healthy.
But if vitality gained is lesser to vitality expenditure i.e. body goes in negative vitality balance then body,s intelligence doesn't work properly. When we are in negative vitality state our metabolism is disturbed and body fails to manage it's healthy weight. This is how our body looses it's capability to manage it's healthy weight.
In next article we will discuss about five elements of nature in details and the ways to keep the body in positive vitality balance to keep us happy and healthy.

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