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Inner Child Therapy: Let us breathe freely

Remember those days when we danced in the rain and our mothers allowed us to be free and spontaneous? Remember that time when we forgot little worries but life went on fine? Remember the beautiful walk in the mountains, where oxygen was low but our lungs were full and free? Where are those days gone now, when sleep was so fulfilling and deep?

We all know about the fact that we store the emotions in our mind but we are totally oblivious to the fact that our mind is in sync with our body. The emotions which we store by getting affected from day to day activities are stored in various body parts.

When our emotions are disturbed we start getting into the vicious cycle of pain and disease.

In our body, everything works in harmony. Inner child therapy is all about getting in touch with that part of you which is storing a certain emotion - going back to the time when you experienced a feeling of guilt, when your trust was broken when you faced embarrassment or knowing where your anger is stored. Inner child therapy is all about going into the regression and meeting your own little self and embracing yourself with the utmost level of unconditional love.

This idea may feel absurd at first - how can the little child which is inside all of us affect us for such a long time but it is all about letting the inner child get unlocked and breathe in itself and let the past go.

Let us understand how this child is affecting us.

Trust issues

Trust issues are the most important thing nowadays. As we spend so much time in this competitive environment we get suppressed.

Where we are going? Where is the right place to hide? Because somewhere in the past our trust was completely shattered and crushed in a manner that it was becoming very difficult to grow up from it. Even a small incident such as when your mother must have told you she will be always there for you but got busy with chores.

This little incident may have been the start of our trust issues which entered our reality and grew.


Addiction is not all just about getting addicted to alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. It was never confined to only that thing which socially and medically hampered us but also doing things we know is not good for us, for example - Even eating the wrong type of food, again and again, is also a sign of addiction. There is a suppressed emotion which we try to fill in in the form of food.

How to heal our inner child?

Yes, it is going to be a long process, the pain which we have been storing for such a long time will not go back in a jiffy but the art is to surrender oneself to happiness, to acknowledge the pain and release it.

Here are 8 ways which will help you in healing yourself.

1. Penning it all down

Writing helps, writing always helps. Pen it down in a small diary- the emotions which are disturbing you without stopping yourself. Writing will help you release it and this empty slate is ready to fill in the positivity.

2. Being in touch with our own emotions

Only a conscious mind can heal itself.

Once you set yourself in this journey of healing and health, there is no looking back. You automatically get attracted to high vibrational food and healthy living. You feel the urge to exercise and walk in the sun but all this can only happen when you know where you stand.

Staying in touch with your emotions simply means staying with yourself. Knowing how you feel in times of crisis, understanding yourself and knowing your reality is the point when healing begins.

3. Learn a new activity

An enthusiastic kid is still there in you who wants to explore something new, This is the time to give that kid full space to grow. Learning a new activity- for example, if you don’t dance, choose dancing, if you are not artistic, choose painting.

It is all about choosing something completely new and exciting for you.

This is your time to allow yourself to explore more.

4. Set yourself free

When was the last time you allowed yourself to do something which you haven’t done for long? When you did not think about your weight and wore something? When was the last time you forgot about the pigments on your face? We never do as we get absorbed in our work and what people will think of us.

It is time to set yourself completely free and dance in the whirlwind of love and care. It is time to set yourself free.

5. Go green

Yes, the food we eat makes a lot of difference. Emphasis on eating fruits, green vegetables, having vegetable juice, and eating well is what we need. This allows us to be relaxed.

6. Spend some time in Sun

Sun, it is the ultimate source of energy it not only gives us light but also helps in wear and tear mechanism of our body. Sun has a multidimensional effect on our body.

From protecting our skin to increase melanin production, sun exposure helps in treating our sleep problems too. Our mind gets its boost and we start looking forward to a new beginning in life

7. Living the moment

Each and every moment in this life is precious and worth loving. It is the beauty of the soul that it is very accepting and surrendering. We should use this positive attitude in order to live in moment and practice gratitude.

When we are in the moment we tend to feel everything and enjoy the bliss of life and understand the fact that nothing is permanent. So it is time to be spontaneous and be in touch with your own inner beauty.

8. Exercise

Here are some ways in which it is a useful part of this self-therapy of inner-child healing.

Child pose comes from the word, Balasana in yoga which relaxes and soothes our body completely, heals our body from inside out, it relaxes and gives a soothing effect just like how the little child is completely carefree and innocent about the world. Child pose helps us in relieving us from all the pain physically and mentally.

With your body dancing to the beat and getting toned, you shed all the anxiety, fears, and worry of the world. This is how you start healing your own self. Zumba, aerobics, etc are all the types of dance forms that will vibe with you about how beautiful life is.

Help heal your inner child and open yourself towards healing and healthy life.

(About the author: I am homeopath holding a government recognized certification of clinical hypnotherapist which includes inner child therapy. This is a part where I would just like people to help themselves and come out of the pain they have been suffering for so long. It is time to set oneself free and enjoy life.)


Disclaimer: The health journeys, blogs, videos and all other content on Wellcure is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered a ‘medical advice’ ‘prescription’ or a ‘cure’ for diseases. Any specific changes by users, in medication, food & lifestyle, must be done under the guidance of licensed health practitioners. The views expressed by the users are their personal views and Wellcure claims no responsibility for them.

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