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We may all have used the services of the medical industry at some point of time i.e. pills, surgery, diagnostics etc. Usually natural healing way of life is chosen as a last resort when medicines don’t give us the results we desire. However, living the natural way of life is about self empowerment by learning the laws of nature so we can be in charge of our own health. This article discusses some of the differences and similarities in the approach to wellness between conventional treatment system (what we know of as allopathy) vs. natural healing. It helps you make an informed choice of which path you want to choose, amidst the practical compulsions of life.

Conventional medical system view of disease

Conventional medicine practice uses a ‘system’ approach in the treatment of disease. If you have a particular set of symptoms you are diagnosed as having a specific disease and the prescribed set of medicines are given. There is not much differentiation in the treatment given to individual cases. Disease is looked upon as something which should be ‘treated’ or ‘attacked’ from the outside through inorganic chemicals. The body is made to ‘conform’ to a set of parameters which are termed as ‘normal range’ through the medicinal route.

Conventional medical system – treatment

As the adage goes – a pill for every ill - Each symptom expressed by the body is addressed separately. There is a reliance on external chemicals to effect treatment. The root cause of the problem does not get addressed and over time, treatment gets expensive and difficult as the disease progresses. A person who may have started with a pill for high BP may overtime have to take different pills for heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol etc.

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Natural healing view of diseases

In the natural healing way of cure, the cause of the disease is deemed as arising from ‘within’. The main cause is misalignment with the laws of nature which can be - eating the foods which are not designed for us, sedentary lifestyle and inadequate rest or losing contact with the natural elements like sunlight, air etc. This builds toxins in the body. Hence, Natural Healing treats disease as an indicator – it is the body’s attempt to get rid of toxins and align back to balance in its efforts at proper functioning.

Let’s take an example of a fever. In conventional medicine, the fever is treated with a pill and probably rest is advised till the symptoms pass. In natural healing, fever is welcomed. Fever is treated as an effort by the body to keep its house in order. By elevating the body temperature, the body is trying to burn out and expel the accumulated toxins. Rest – physical, mental and digestive - is the only cure. The mantra is to get out of the body’s way and let it do its job.

As toxins build up in the body due to wrong lifestyle, let’s understand how disease progresses from acute to chronic to destructive stages.

Stage 1 – Acute disease – cough, cold, vomiting, loose motions, fever, etc – These diseases are nature’s way of removing waste material accumulated in the body. It is normal to have these issues & we should support our body do the cleaning up work by providing inputs in-sync with nature.

Stage 2 – Chronic diseases – High BP, joint pain, asthma, thyroid, constipation, obesity, skin allergies, piles, etc – If we don’t provide the right natural inputs to support our body in stage 1 diseases, the accumulated waste stays trapped in body & keeps increasing. This manifests into stage 2 diseases.

Stage 3 – Destructive diseases – Heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, brain hemorrhage, paralysis, cancer, etc - Over a longer period of time, spanning many years, the accumulated waste then leads to stage 3 diseases.

For the common man, understanding medical terms used to describe disease is difficult, but understanding that all diseases are different expressions of toxic build up (toxemia) is easy.

Natural healing – treatment

Natural healing takes the view of holistic treatment – Mind and Body as one organic unit.

Take care of the mind with rest, relaxation, mental poise, social bonding etc.

Take care of the body with Natural foods and other natural elements like sunlight, air, water, etc.

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Conventional medicine treats the disease whereas natural healing treats the patient. Natural healing focuses on building health rather than getting rid of disease. In natural healing, you are required to take an active role in your health by empowering yourself with the knowledge of natural laws. You can read more about the different aspects of natural living by reading the blog on Natural Living is Healthy Living.

Healing is a biological process which all organisms have. Natural healing believes that there are no curative powers in anything outside the body. So all healing is self healing. i.e. given the right conditions and removal of obstacles, the body heals itself. At each stage, we can heed the signals coming from our body, trust in its innate wisdom and make conscious lifestyle choices to align back to nature. As the obstacles are removed, the body gets back to balance through self healing without the use of external medicines. You can learn more about interpreting the signals from your body from the article Understanding body signals.

Natural healing does not believe a cure is a cure unless the root cause is addressed and corrective action involving the whole lifestyle is taken. One of the basic principles of natural healing is Unity of Disease and Unity of treatment – single cause of disease which is toxin build up and single treatment which is correction of lifestyle. In natural healing, symptoms are not viewed in isolation and there exists no separate treatment for each symptom. Treat the cause and not the symptom is the principle because suppression or symptomatic treatment in one place leads to manifestation in some other form in another place as was discussed in the stages of disease.

When living naturally, many symptoms which were seemingly separate get corrected together. Hence it is a holistic method of healing. In our health journeys section, you can read about many people who healed themselves of diverse conditions after adopting natural living.

Health in your hands

The most wonderful aspect of natural living is that the power of wellness Is placed right back into one’s own hands – where it rightfully belongs. Understanding that there is only one disease and only one mode of treatment is liberating. The person develops faith in the healing power of their own body because he now knows that cure happens from within. With time, as you align your lifestyle to be more and more in tune with natural laws, the need for frequent doctor visits and medicine dosages start reducing. The need for expensive and confusing drug treatments reduce too. This can be incredibly uplifting and liberating.

Diagnostics vs listening to your body

Natural healing is nature oriented and not technology oriented. The target is to improve the overall health. While going for regular checkups and diagnostic procedures is your personal choice, solely relying on medical parameters like height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol as an indicator for health can be misleading and a fragmented approach to health. Health is much more than the absence of disease, it is a feeling of oneness and wellness. Our body is constantly talking to us through symptoms or what we term as disease. You have an internal wellness indicator too. Do a self –check.

  • Do you feel light in your body? Is your body flexible?
  • Do you feel happy and positive or lethargic and miserable?
  • Do you need stimulants to get you through the day?
  • Are you able to sleep well? Can you breathe well?
  • Do you have good digestion powers?
  • Are you free from constant aches and pains?
  • Are you able to concentrate well?
  • Does your skin feel soft and supple?

This list is not exhaustive but just an indicator of how we can gauge our wellness by making it a habit to connect with our body and listen to its messages.

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How to make the practical choice of natural healing?

   “Nature does not hurry,yet everything is accomplished.” – said Lao-Tzu     Chinese philosopher.

  • Natural Healing cures from the root and does not target each symptom specifically. Hence, this may take time especially if the conditions are deep seated.
  • Constant adjustments to lifestyle – food habits, rest, exercise etc are needed to get better results if you so desire. It is an ongoing process and you are required to play an active part in healing.
  • There are no shortcuts. However, Natural Healing practitioners do advise supportive, non invasive therapies like hydrotherapy, massages etc for pain management.

Convergence of the two systems

Though the two systems are different in their approach to disease and treatment, both systems do converge on a few aspects like having more fresh foods (fruits and veggies), stress management, exercise, weight management, adequate rest, spending time in nature and the role of positive emotions. Use the medical system for diagnostic help to reassure yourself on your path to wellness if you must and for emergencies like trauma or accidents when the need arises. As you adopt the natural way of living, you will find the need to reduce or stop medication altogether. Work with your doctor in your healing journey and take his/her help for reducing medication.

The journey to health is evolutionary. It is ever ongoing - from good health to better health, super health and superior health. Aligning with nature’s laws gives the highest level of health. Where is the end? It depends on your commitment and your health goal.

As always, knowledge is empowerment. This is our mission at Wellcure – to help you make informed choices and take charge of your own health.

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07:09 AM | 14-12-2018

Very informative, yes our body has its own healing power.


11:05 AM | 13-12-2018

very well written! natural healing shouldn't be the last resort but the first one. listen to your body as body can heal itself.

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