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Worried about your Child’s Birth and want it to happen the Normal Way?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for an expecting mother. It is also a time when special care of oneself should be taken to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. However, pressure from near and dear ones to go for a normal delivery and shun C-section can add mental pressure on the mother. Is the stress worth it? And what other factors can add to a successful normal birth? Here is my honest account.

The pressure of a ‘normal’ birth experience

To tell you honestly, I was worried and when I think about it in hindsight, it was more because of pressure that the ecosystem, especially ladies around us that is relatives, friends and neighborhood aunts create on you! “Natural way is the best as there is no scaring or baby bump” or “If you have your first baby through Cesarean deliveryor C-Sec, chances of having the second one as normal is next to impossible” are some of the things that one continuously hears and adds on to subconscious stress.

The amount of subconscious stress it created on me for my 1st pregnancy was so immense that it led to High Blood Pressure condition while I was in labour and despite my gynecologist telling me that it was risky and we need to go for C-Sec, I was holding on to Normal Way –bearing the 18 hour labour pain.

In the end, while I had a normal delivery but when I think about it in hindsight, it was not very wise of me especially putting myself and the baby into that extra risk as high BP during labour is known to lead to serious complications. So while we all know that Normal delivery is good for the mother’s body in the short term and long term, at the same time there is no point thinking too much about it and putting pressure on oneself due to societal pressures or advises.

Factors which can help in a normal delivery

In the meantime, there are few things one could do to make sure that the childbirth is normal. Especially about diet and exercises.


A proper diet is most important factor not just for a painless childbirth but also for giving birth to a normal healthy baby. Common myths like ‘Eating for two’ is very absurd and leads to unnecessary weight gain which is very difficult to then get rid of thereafter.

Diet should contain more of natural foods like fruits, raw vegetables, wholesome grains and one should avoid or have minimum intake of today’s processed foods like breads, sugar, non- veg, cakes and pastas. Natural foods contain higher fibre content which are recommended for normal bowels and help in avoiding constipation.


Expectant mother should also do breathing and mild exercises. After the 6th month, one could modify the exercises if need be. Daily walk and normal household chores are advised all up till 8th month. This keeps the muscles of womb and pelvis in good condition and ensure safe and easy child birth. All exercises should be within capacity and any strain, undue stress as well as excitement should be avoided.

3) And of course, NOT TO STRESS about which way would it be as long as it is SAFE and HEALTHY.

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