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Support your healing with sounds - Workshop in Delhi

Sound Medicine Is Based On Over 5000 Years Of Indian Medicine. According To Ancient Eastern Teachings And As Per Modern Physics The Universe And Mankind Were Created From Sound (Big Bang Theory Of Physics), Therefore Man Is Made-Up Of SOUND. When A Sick Man Is Nourished With A Right Kind Of Harmonic Sound Through Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls, The Billions & Billions Of Cells In His Body Start To Vibrate & Reorganize Themselves According To Divine Blue Print, In A State Of Healthy Being. Sound Healing Helps The Body Remember Its Own Healthy Harmonic Resonance. Once The Body Has Been Restored To An Ideal State Of Wellness And Harmony, On-going Exposure To Healing Sounds Will Assist In Maintaining Good Mental & Physical Health.

Some Ultimate Benefits Of Sound Healing Are :-

* Increase Higher Level of Intuition

* Cure All Mental & Physical Disorder Naturally

* Helps You Control & Balance Your Conscious,Subconscious, Unconscious Mind

* Strengthens Your Immune System

* Helps Establish A Better Emotional Connection

* Improved Creativity

* Cut Past Karma Baggage

* Clean & Enhance Your Aura

* Balance & Open Your Chakras

* Clear the all Negative Toxins from Your Body, Mind & Soul

Join Advance Sound Healing Workshop on 27th January & 17th February 2019 in Delhi & Get the Benefit of This Ultimate Natural Therapy.

For More Information Contact Us on - ( 91) 8700559091, or Visit Our Website -

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